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Description: Guan Lehua took a sip of water and said, "When Guan Zang saw him bullying me, he knocked him unconscious.". I'm afraid he'll wake up and hide, so I'll, I'll- "She held something in her hands and made a gesture of plunging down:" He's a bad man! Bad dad! A bad father who beats his children! Don't blame Guan Zang. I'm afraid he'll know that his mother has done something terrible and tell him that his father is on a business trip! Only then did she feel sad. "I stabbed him several times!"! Will Guan Zang be afraid of me if he knows? "No, no, no." Ma Qianjia crouched in front of her and comforted her, "Lehua, are you sure you did that?" Guan Lehua nodded slowly and earnestly, carefully describing how she killed her husband, with a firm expression: "I can't be a timid mother any more!" Ma Qianjia held her hand and hung his head. He breathed a sigh of relief, but began to dyspnea again. Dr. Ma? Guan Lehua did not know why and gently touched his head. Ma Qian's family cried out after all. Why would anyone think mom killed my dad? Guan Zang looked at the needle on the back of Guan Jingyuan's hand. Guan Jingyuan tilted his head and looked at his grandson in a wheelchair. "You know it's me." "It's your mother." Guan Jingyuan answered with a lisp-he did have a physical problem, in order to avoid disaster to hide in the hospital, but a sudden stroke, hemiplegia. Mom was fantasizing that I had stabbed the knife-I was sure that Grandpa just thought that this statement would minimize the blow to the Guan family, right? A family of two madmen can't even have a grandson who is a murderer. "The truth is your mother!" Half of the body can not move, but still the momentum is amazing, there is no depression. Guan Zang chuckled. "Well, let's not argue about that.". Grandpa,plastic pallet manufacturer, when Grandma died, when Mom died, did you ever regret it? Your mother is my own daughter! Don't you think I'll feel bad?! Guan Jingyuan stared at him and shouted in a low voice, even if it made him drool involuntarily. Have any of you ever understood my difficulties? "Your grandmother-that year's situation, I do not do that, our family of three can not live, you have not experienced you do not understand!"! I can do that to save her life, to save your mother,plastic pallet supplier, how many things I did behind my back, none of you know! You and your mother were beaten. Do you think I don't feel bad and angry? If he doesn't correct himself, can I let him live with your mother again? Speaking of your mother.. Your mother is pregnant with that foreigner! Have you ever thought about how to live in the future when this thing gets out? Guan Zang smiled and said, "Why do you want to think about it? My mother doesn't care. She only cares about you, Grandpa.". You still didn't answer me-do you regret killing your mother? Guan Jingyuan's nose fluttered and his lips trembled, trying to retort, but he did not speak for a long time. Yan Keji pulled up a chair and sat in front of Ma Qian's bed. "Why did Guan Zang's mother die?" Ma Qianjia still stared at a point in the void and said softly, "Cancer." Guan Lehua had to go to the hospital because of hemoptysis and emaciation. Examination results have been stage IV lung cancer, spread to the liver, lymph and bone, can not be operated on, physical function can not withstand chemotherapy, can only go home, collapsible bulk container ,wholesale plastic pallet, because of bone pain and a large number of morphine painkillers. According to the nanny who took care of Guan Zang's grandmother, her grandmother probably died of this disease. But there is no autopsy, direct cremation, there is no way to know whether it is or not, and Guan's immediate relatives overseas, I heard that there is also a history of cancer. Yan Keji was silent for a moment and said, "So, if it wasn't for-" "If it wasn't for the fact that his mother had been locked up for several years, it wouldn't have been discovered until the tumor spread!" Ma Qianjia roared. He told Guan Jingyuan that Guan Lehua had a cough, but at that time, the death of Guan Zang's father had just come out, and the storm was rising. Guan Jingyuan would not let Guan Lehua step out of the house, so he bought his own medicine to treat the inflammation. By the time we had to go to the hospital, it was too late. Before the funeral parlor came to pick up people, I saw you crying beside your mother, "Guan Zang stared at the liquid medicine in the medicine bag, and it was almost finished." He cried very sadly and said, 'Dad is sorry for you'. ” Guan Jingyuan closed her eyes, her chest rose and fell, and she did not speak. In fact, mom never hated you. She didn't hate anyone, not even my dad. When she died, she was still happy, saying that Alice and Alice's father were always by her side, telling me not to be afraid, and that she would fly up and accompany me immediately. Guan Zang helped Guan Jingyuan cover the blanket on his knees and held his arm gently. "I'm actually very grateful to Alice's father. He at least brought Alice and gave her a beautiful vision." "What about Alice? Does she really exist?" Yan Keji asked, "No one has ever seen Alice, a little girl, and no one knows that she lived to be eight years old?" Ma Qianjia finally looked up at him, as if laughing and crying, slightly frowning, "In fact, I have been thinking for so many years: a little girl out of fantasy, and a little girl who lived to eight years old and no one knew, which is more cruel?" Yan Keji could not answer, Ma Qianjia answered, "I wish Alice was just a little girl in fantasy!" Chapter 48 Alice was born in an incubator, small and crumpled. Ma Qian's family was so busy that if it weren't for the different races, they would have almost recognized Alice's father. If one day I can't see this child, I will die. Guan Lehua's words blocked Guan Jingyuan's idea of abandoning the hybrid. Alice has a weak heart and can't say how old she will live. The local hospital could not perform major heart surgery and had to go to Beijing. Guan Jingyuan could not take them there. When Alice could come out of the incubator, she took the three mothers back to her hometown. Alice's only range of activities was home, and she never went out of the house, went to school for a day, or studied for a day. Like a flower that never sees the sun,foldable bulk container, it blooms in the corner and then withers, quietly, no one knows.

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