Basic classification and working principle of rock drill

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Description: Original title: Basic classification and working principle of rock drill A rock drill is a tool used to mine stone directly. It drills holes in the rock formation so that explosives can be placed to blast through the rock to complete the quarrying of stone or other rock works. In addition, rock drills can also be used as destroyers to break up hard layers such as concrete. Rock drills can be divided into pneumatic rock drills, internal combustion rock drills, electric rock drills and hydraulic rock drills according to their power sources. Basic classification: Wind type Pneumatic type uses compressed air to drive the piston forward in the cylinder, so that the steel drill can chisel the rock, which is the most widely used. Electric type In the electric type, the electric motor drives the hammer head to impact the steel drill through the crank-connecting rod mechanism to chisel the rock. The internal combustion type uses the principle of internal combustion engine to drive the piston to impact the steel drill and chisel the rock through the explosive force of gasoline. It is applicable to the construction site without power supply and gas source. Hydraulic type Expand the full text The hydraulic type relies on hydraulic pressure to impact the steel drill through inert gas and impact body to chisel the rock. During the return stroke of the percussion mechanism of these rock drills, the steel drill is forced to rotate by the rotating drill mechanism, so that the drill bit changes its position and continues to chisel the rock. The piston is driven to impact the steel drill by the combustion and explosion force of the diesel oil, so that the steel drill is continuously impacted and rotated, and stone chips are discharged by the powder discharge mechanism, so that a blast hole can be chiseled. Internal combustion type The internal combustion rock drill does not need to replace the internal parts of the head, but only needs to move the handle according to the requirements. Has the characteristics of convenient operation, time saving, labor saving, high chiseling speed, high efficiency and the like. The hole can be drilled vertically downward,Borehole Drill Bits, horizontally upward less than 45 °, and vertically downward to a maximum depth of six meters. The machine can be used in high mountains, flat land, hot 40 ° or cold 40 ° below zero. The machine has wide adaptability. The internal combustion rock drill has the functions of splitting, crushing, tamping,dth drill bits, shoveling and chiseling in mining, drilling, building construction, cement pavement, asphalt pavement and the like, and is widely used in mining, construction, fire fighting, geological exploration, road building, quarrying, building, rock drilling tools ,fastest dth hammer, national defense engineering and the like. How it works: The rock drill works according to the principle of impact crushing. During operation, the piston reciprocates at high frequency to continuously impact the bit shank. Under the action of the impact force, the wedge-shaped drill bit crushes the rock and chisels it to a certain depth, forming a dent. After the piston retracts, the drill rod turns a certain angle, the piston moves forward, and when the drill rod tail is impacted again, a new dent is formed. The fan-shaped rock mass between the two indentations is sheared by the horizontal component of force produced by the drill bit. The piston continuously impacts the drill shank, and continuously inputs compressed air or pressure water from the central hole of the drill to discharge the rock slag out of the hole, thus forming a circular drilling hole with a certain depth. Operating procedures: 1. Before rock drilling, check the integrity and rotation of each component (including rock drill, support or rock drilling jumbo), add necessary lubricating oil, check whether the air and water paths are smooth, and whether the connecting joints are firm. 2. Knock the side and ask the roof near the working face, that is, check whether there are live stones and loose stones on the roof and the second side near the working face, and make necessary treatment. 3. If the working face is flat, the blasthole position shall be tamped in advance before rock drilling to prevent slipping or displacement of the blasthole. 4. It is strictly prohibited to drill dry holes, and wet rock drilling shall be adhered to. During operation, the water shall be boiled first, and then the air shall be turned on. When the drilling is stopped, the air shall be turned off first, and then the water shall be turned off. When opening the hole, first run at low speed, and then drill at full speed after drilling to a certain depth. 5. Drill supporting personnel are not allowed to wear gloves during drilling. 6. When using the air leg to drill, pay attention to the standing posture and position, never rely on the body to pressurize, and do not stand under the drill rod in front of the rock drill, so as to prevent people from being injured by the broken drill. 7. In case of abnormal sound and abnormal powder discharge and water discharge during rock drilling, stop the machine for inspection, find out the cause and eliminate it before continuing drilling. 8. When withdrawing the rock drill or replacing the drill rod, the rock drill can run slowly. Pay attention to the position of the drill rod of the rock drill to prevent the drill rod from falling off automatically and injuring people, and close the gas circuit in time. 9. When the air-leg rock drill is used for rock drilling, the tip shall be firmly supported to prevent the tip from slipping and injuring people. 10. When the upward rock drill is used to shrink the support, the drill rod must be held to prevent the drill rod from automatically falling down and injuring people. 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