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Description: "You know, this feeling is like a face covered by fate, if I have to describe it, that is, when I woke up that day, I felt that the world was full of malice towards me!" Song Zhengqing looked at her quietly to vent, and when she finished gnashing her teeth, he whispered: "Fate sometimes always plays tricks on us. Before that, I never thought that someone would use such a way to harm me. In the past ten years, I have been assassinated countless times. There are too many people who want to kill me. But to be honest, it's the first time that someone has bewitched me, Li Gangfeng said." "But there is a solution to every trick." When he said this, his eyes lit up when he saw Sun Qinghao, but he just added helplessly: "Except for love, they know that for me, I can find a magic teacher who is hard to find. If it can be solved, it can't hurt me. Love is the only choice." "I never thought I would be tied to a strange woman for the rest of my life, and you weren't the only one who suffered." "You can let me go." "Think for yourself if it's possible." Sun Qing stopped talking. The director and the leading actor came to the stage to speak, thanking so many people for coming to see the premiere and so on. With a burst of applause, she suddenly asked Song Zhengqing a bitter question: "You said I should try to accept you,plastic pallet supplier, then do you accept me?" "I've always thought of you as my girlfriend." Song Zhengqing's surprise was too obvious. "Is there anything I didn't do well?" Sun Qinghao turned his head sideways and looked straight into his eyes: "Is being good to me equal to loving me?"? Have you ever loved He Chuyun and Fang Xuexin? Have you ever loved me? Song Zhengqing wanted to say something, but found himself speechless. He was speechless. It's true that you're nice to me. You're even nicer to me than my boyfriend, but. You may not love me. As the film ended and the crowd dispersed, her voice sounded erratic. "I don't hate you anymore, but as you said, if I love you, please love me first." Song Zhengqing pressed her arm when she was ready to get up. His eyes were clear and rational: "If you want me to love you from the bottom of my heart, it's not something I can do alone. It's not fair that I'm working hard alone." She shrugged and said nothing. At the end of the film,plastic pallet box, two people were left sitting in the corner of the audience, silent for a long time. The author has something to say: I find that people have a lot of opinions about the man. They think he is a scum. Let me talk about it. If he loves someone else and is a scum, I'm sorry, this reason is not valid. None of us can guarantee that we only love one person in our life. In fact, we usually fall in love with different people at different times. We all have a past. Isn't it fair? Qinghao used to like her ex-boyfriend very much. Loving someone else is not the reason for a man's slag. Reality is not a fairy tale. The man is almost 30 years old and is so innocent that he has no first love. This is unrealistic. He has no woman. I have opened Goldfinger. Don't blacken him because he loved He Chuyun. Although he tolerated He Chuyun, it's just because of his old love. You loved a woman, but now you don't love her. Instead, she is used to please a new lover. I don't like this kind of behavior. I feel very fickle and chilling. He Chuyun was hit in the face, only because she really did something wrong, the man will not show favoritism to her, rest assured, but what he did was to forget her and let her go, not to use her to show how much he loved the incumbent. If it is because of Fang Xuexin that he feels that the male protagonist is a slag, er, stackable plastic pallets ,plastic pallet bin, well, there is one thing that Song Zhengqing did not do right is that he could not put down He Chuyun and wanted to start with Fang Xuexin. He cheated Fang Xuoxin from the beginning, but there was sincerity and affection. He did something wrong, so later he tried to make up for it. The best way is naturally to make her happy. But unfortunately, He Zicheng is not a good person. He can only destroy her marriage. See? This is a repeat of the same mistake, so he is tragic again. Actually did not write out, Fang Xuexin incident is Song Zhengqing to see clearly, put down the turning point, because of her, he and the heroine's love, so arranged this plot. You don't want the black male protagonist, he is really not easy, so outstanding person, but emotionally frustrated again and again = = Although the male protagonist in the soul is particularly pure to the extreme, but it is special after all, the past will always exist, no one will never make mistakes, flaws are beautiful, this sentence I also said when I wrote Huai Guang. The author thinks that a man who has no flaws is not perfect, so I like to give the man flaws, some black history and so on _ (: ~) _ In my works, only the man who left the soul was spared. Others, including Huai Guang, Ease, Gu Lang, and Rong Jingyun, have taught us how to love a person correctly ~ Alas, never expect to have a handsome, rich, gentle and considerate tall, rich and handsome man who has never been in love and has no woman just to wait for you to appear. From then on, a pair of people will live forever. Although this is essentially a Cinderella story of a sparrow turning into a phoenix, if I really write like that, I will feel ashamed and cover my face. Chapter 37 chance encounter. "Go." Song Zhengqing took the lead in standing up and reaching out to her, "If you want, I can accompany you to go shopping for a while." Sun Qinghao felt that they were making meaningless attempts. Obviously, it was so easy to fall in love. Why did it become so complicated for them? But she still handed him her hand and stood up with his strength. Song Zhengqing took her hand, just like all lovers. As soon as they walked through a corridor, Song Zhengqing stopped and pulled Sun Qinghao to hide in the storage room, which was usually used by cleaners to place cleaning tools. It was small and narrow, almost no more than one square meter. The two men crowded inside and immediately clung to each other. In the dark storeroom, Sun Qinghao felt familiar. She even approached him on her own initiative and asked in a low voice, "What's wrong?" "Shh-" Song Zhengqing pressed her lips, opened the crack of the door, and the conversation outside came in clearly. It was Mou Ruoshui's voice: "Director Liu, I can do nothing about this." "Ruoshui,wholesale plastic pallet," a man's voice is very anxious, "we have not cooperated once or twice, what do you mean by refusing to answer my phone?" ?

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