Dae Jang Geum

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Description: "One is Cui Shanggong, who comes from a family specializing in training the most noble palace, and has learned superhuman cooking skills since childhood.". The other is Han Shanggong. Han Shanggong is talented and good at distinguishing the original taste of food. Before the maidservant retires, wants to let them two carry on a competition, how does the king think? "Competition?" Zhongzong seemed to be very interested, and his eyes were shining. The three Shanggong looked surprised at the same time. Through the competition, we can urge everyone to strive to improve their skills. And after they compete fairly, I can retire cleanly and leave a good tradition, don't you think? "Oh, that's interesting.". Is it all right for me to lend you a mouth and choose talented people? "But, Your Highness." Just as Tiao Shanggong was about to interrupt, Changfan's Chamberlain echoed in an exaggerated way, blocking Tiao Shanggong's mouth. Sure enough, it's a good idea, and it's best to use it when choosing other ministers. All right, that's it. Even so,stainless steel squatting pan, Ding Shanggong, don't think about holding the competition as soon as possible so as to leave me as soon as possible, do you know? "Yes, Your Highness, I will encourage them to be fully prepared and strive to do their best." All right, that's it. I'll just wait and see. After leaving the inner hall,Flushometer valve, the Supreme Shanggong called Han Shanggong to reveal his ideas. Food cannot be used for any purpose other than food. I must correct this and then leave the palace, which is my only wish before I die. The voice of the Supreme Palace began to tremble. Han Shanggong felt his throat warm. She is her master in the way of doing things, and her mother in the way of feeling. Such an important person had to consider retirement because of her illness this year. When she cleaned up her long and difficult life before she left, she entrusted her last wish to herself. I believe you can fulfill my wish. But I won't treat you in vain just because I believe you. In that case, won't we be no different from the Cui family? I don't know what entanglements you have had with them before, but I hope you can win the game fair and square with your strength and sincerity in cooking. I don't know why, but it sounds like a last word. Back in the room, Han Shanggong called Jang Geum. She relayed the meaning of the Supreme Palace to Jang Geum and revealed her ideas and decisions. She went on to say that since Minyi left, there was a sense of frustration that had never left, which made her extremely ashamed. After the sincere confession, Han Shanggong spoke his mind. I've made sure you're the one on the table. From now on, I will teach you the trick. Jang Geum was surprised, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, but said nothing. Why don't you answer me? "I don't have the ability!" "No ability?" "Yes." Jang Geum said clearly, Han Shanggong still did not believe his ears. Although Jang Geum's work is often unexpected, most of the time it is satisfactory, and this time she must have unspeakable difficulties. You're not the kind of kid who doesn't like to do things or is afraid to do things. What's the matter? I lost my sense of taste. It's been like this ever since I was paralyzed by ginseng and nutmeg. The chowder at the birthday party of Tidiao Shanggong was made by me, and I thought it was just right, but it turned out to be like that. I have brought great shame upon Mammy the Most Noble. I really don't have the ability. "Let's go to the doctor!" I have looked for it. She said that the paralysis would gradually disappear, let me wait for a period of time, and gave me acupuncture treatment, but it has been many days. Under such circumstances, how can I fulfill the wish of the Supreme Palace? "Didn't the doctor tell you to wait?"? If you have to wait, you should wait. Why do you think you can't do it in the first place? "I know the mind of the most noble palace very well, so I'm even less competent this time." Why did you give up so quickly? It's not like you? If you don't help me, no one can help me anymore. Even though you've lost your sense of taste, you're better than the kids who have it, I believe. Besides, the sense of taste will come back soon. ” "But if you can't recover." "Shut up!"! Now that I know, I won't stand by. I'm going to ask the Supreme Palace to leave the palace. You go back first. The next morning, Jang Geum was pulled out of the palace by Han Shanggong. They changed into the clothes of the common people, passed the market, walked far away, entered a dark alley, and then saw a pharmacy. You suffer from dysgeusia and ageusia. People with dysgeusia may feel that sugar is salty or meat is sweet. Are you like this? The doctor carefully felt the pulse for Jang Geum and asked. It's not. "Gustatory decline, as its name implies, is the decline of taste.". You have to eat a lot of sugar to feel the sweetness faintly, and if it's serious, you can't even feel anything. Jang Geum's symptoms are like this. Doctors say there are two things that can lead to loss of taste. One is poor health after an infectious disease caused by eating too little. The other is damage to the blood that controls taste caused by a stroke or by taking herbs or poisonous herbs by mistake. The second condition is very difficult to treat, and it takes at least ten years or more than twenty years to restore taste, which is unpredictable. Leave out, Han Shanggong still do not give up, insist on all the pharmacy asked a circle, looking for a doctor with higher medical skills. All the people shook their heads and sighed, and when the doctor they visited by boat with their last hope shook his head, Han Shanggong's remaining hope was dashed. Sitting on the returning boat, Han Shanggong and Jang Geum tried to avoid each other's sight. They were far away from each other, one sitting on the left and the other on the right, their eyes fixed on something, but they didn't really see anything. The wind rocked the boat,Flush Retrofit Kit, and the boat moved slowly across the waves. Jang Geum still focused his eyes on the water and asked. All the doctors spoke with one voice, saying that they did not know whether to wait ten or twenty years. "So maybe it will be back tomorrow." "Mammy, you must win!" "I couldn't have won without you!" "You can't go against the wishes of the Supreme Palace because of me." ? cnkexin.com

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