Emperor Phoenix's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine a Cai 108

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Description: But the long princess is not very happy, Duanwang little prince in the courtyard where Feng Jin lives, as long as you go in, you can find someone. Duan Wang's men said so, absolutely on purpose, and then in the name of looking for the prince, the whole princess mansion was turned over. Bastard! A guy who eats inside and picks outside. At this moment, the long princess still can't figure out who is behind the hands and feet, then she doesn't have to mix. Sure enough, Prince Duan smiled coldly and ordered again: "Search, continue to search.." Every corner of the princess mansion is not spared. Even if you dig three feet into the ground, you must find out the prince. Feng Qingchen knew clearly what was going on outside the Princess Mansion. He took a gentle look at the small dumplings that were gathering together with Xiao Fengjin and Snow Wolf. Feng Qingchen sat leisurely watching the play. Revealing the news to Tianyu is really the best choice, and Tianyu's work is not generally beautiful. Prince Duan smashed it in the mansion of the long princess and told outsiders that it was the long princess who did it. As for the evidence? He doesn't want to take people to prison. What evidence does he need? I hope Prince Duan's men are capable enough to find out the people who raise evil spirits. That would be even better. Across the courtyard, Feng Qingchen muttered to himself, while on the other side, Prince Duan also lived up to Feng Qingchen's expectations and carried the ghost doctor out in a corner. The ghost doctor struggled desperately, but apart from his medical skills,faux ficus tree, his other abilities were only three-legged cats. He was no match for Prince Duan. Prince Duan carried the ghost doctor like a chicken. Even such a person, you can also eat, tut tut. Xiaosan, your taste is getting stronger and stronger. In a word, Prince Duan described the ghost doctor as a gigolo raised by a long princess. No, he's.. The eldest princess was about to explain, but Prince Duan interrupted first: "You don't have to worry about the third child. The king won't say anything and lose the face of the royal family." Ignoring Princess Chang's fire-breathing eyes,artificial coconut palm trees, Prince Duan picked up the ghost doctor and threw him into the group of bodyguards behind him: "Throw him into prison, so as not to let people know that Princess Chang is a man, and raw meat is not taboo!" The long princess blushed with shame and wished she could tear Prince Duan's mouth. [] Emperor Huang's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine 1825 Prince Duan's mouth is really cheap! Words to readers: It seems that there is no guaranteed monthly ticket today. Wood thing, when you see the account has a monthly ticket, remember to vote for Ah Cai. Clench your fist, a hard-working girl like me, how can you not vote for the lottery, right, right. Since the Han Dynasty, the emperor's daughters were called princesses, sisters were called long princesses, and aunts were called big long princesses. Words to the reader: The fifth more presents.. Let's start with the fifth watch today! The sun is out and I want to go out for a walk. Update fast plain text Registered members can get a private bookshelf, artificial banyan trees ,silk olive tree, which is more convenient for reading! [59 Literature Permanent Address: www.59to.com] [Text 1826 Restraint, can it be saved?] After the princess mansion was smashed and all the suspicious people were carried out, Prince Duan let the long princess go and took the people to the hospital where Feng Jin was admitted. The evil spirit has finally gone. The housekeeper of the long princess's house "touched" the cold sweat on his forehead and looked at the mess of the princess's house. His head was as big as an ox. As soon as he looked up, he saw the long princess's murderous eyes. The housekeeper was in a panic. He knelt down straight and wailed: "Your Highness, what can I do.." The long princess's face was like frost. She gnashed her teeth and said, "Prepare the chariot. I want to enter the palace." "Yes, yes, the slave is going." The housekeeper rolled and crawled and ran out. The long princess turned her head, took a look at the direction where Feng Qingchen lived, and went out bitterly. Even if there is a little prince in her house, since Feng Qingchen came in, she has not been to Feng Jin's small courtyard, there is no one to tell her, she does not know! [] Emperor Huang's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine 1826 The eldest princess did not care at all. Her clothes were disheveled at this time, and she was in such a mess that she went to the palace overnight. When Prince Duan knew it, he only said, "Let her go." Just smashed a princess mansion, the emperor can not ask him to pay for his life. If you want to pay for your life, you have to pay for the lives of his son and his subordinates first. This prince is really not simple. "The first time Feng Qingchen got the movement of the princess mansion, he praised it, and Prince Duan and his party broke into the house." Give me my son. The sound comes before the person arrives. It was a pity that the people in the room didn't take him seriously. Prince Duan frowned and was about to let someone rush in when Chunhui opened the door and came out: "The maidservant pays her respects to Wang Ye. My girl asked the maidservant to tell Wang Ye and ask Wang Ye to be gentle. It's not good to frighten the little childe." Xiaotuanzi's illness, Feng Qingchen let the left bank through "dew" to Xiling Tianyu know, and let him say more serious, Prince Duan came in a hurry, must be aware of it. Sure enough, as soon as Chunhui's words came out, Prince Duan ordered people to retreat. His tough and arrogant attitude was replaced by self-reproach and guilt: "My son, is he all right?" Prince Duan asked carefully for fear of hearing bad news. An iron-blooded battlefield, killing thousands of people without blinking, is just an ordinary father at this time, a father who worries about his son, a father who blames himself for not protecting his son. Not very good. Unable to glare at such a father, Chunhui sighed softly and said persuasively, "If you want to see the young prince, you'd better restrain your momentum. The young prince is afraid of men approaching him and doesn't like people to touch him." "Good." Prince Duan threw the knife out of his hand and said, "Catch it." Pow. The lieutenant outside the courtyard steadily caught Prince Duan's sword, followed by armor. Prince Duan took care of the armor with his own hands every day and maintained it carefully. He stripped it off with two or three strokes and threw it to the guards in the outer courtyard. Before going in, Prince Duan took a deep breath and tried to pull out a smile, hoping to soften his cold and hard five views and weaken his murderous look, but. Chun Hui would like to say: Wang Ye,decorative palm trees, you'd better not laugh at the latest chapter of the Wolf Tooth! Prince Duan pushed the door and entered. Although his face was not obvious, he was extremely nervous. He was afraid to see his son's angry eyes, and even more afraid that his son would look at him with fear and indifference. hacartificialtree.com

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