Emperor tyrant

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Description: Also do not know how long to drift, finally sleeping Li Qiye drifted out of the Tianzhu ocean, from this endless Tianzhu survived. When you look back again at this time, you will see that Tianzhu Ocean has been left far behind. After Li Qiye got through the Tianzhu Ocean, he drifted out of the Tianzhu World and drifted into a void. In this void, there was nothing, no sun, moon and stars, no heaven and earth. It was still a dead silence here, very quiet, as if he was going to step into another world from here! Chapter 2188 three shadows go together. ? The void is ethereal It seems that this is a silent world, no matter who is here, it seems that it will become silent, it seems that this is a world without any life, if there is no strong enough heart, wandering in such a world, will make people crazy. Li Qiye wrapped in a huge cocoon, drifting in the void, silent, it seems that at this moment he is also like a dead man, without any sound, without any movement, he drifted in the huge cocoon, like a rock in the sky, cold and silent, even time has not left a trace here. The void is endless, there is no sun, moon and stars here, there is no sunrise and sunset, it seems that there is nothing here, not even time, so Li Qiye drifted in such a void, no one knows how long it has been drifting, perhaps a thousand years, perhaps ten thousand years, perhaps it is only a moment, or perhaps, he has been drifting for millions of years. In such an empty and cold time, time has become no longer important, it seems that everything here will become the same, millions of years ago, today, the future will be the same. Finally,ultrasonic generator driver, I do not know how long, the wandering Li Qiye finally drifted to the so-called other shore. See the front is fairy light huff and puff, even if it is far away, standing in this void, still can see, it seems that there is full of vitality, it seems that there is full of vitality, there seems to be a very lively world, there seems to be a very prosperous earthly world, there, as if everything is so lively, everything is so desirable, let people pursue. Li Qiye drifted slowly, getting closer and closer to the fairy light, and he was about to approach the world. Finally, when approaching the fairy light, the wandering Li Qiye stopped, and the giant cocoon floated there, as if it had arrived at its destination, waiting for Li Qiye to wake up. Also do not know how long, Li Qiye slowly woke up, he opened his eyes one after another, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic molten metal, although he did not know how long he had drifted in the ocean and the void, but he seemed to have just slept, of course, Li Qiye also knew that time was passing, because his body had changed a lot. Zheng, Zheng, Zheng.. A sound of metal sounded, at this time interwoven plate covering Li Qiye's body of ten thousand laws slowly relaxed, one by one receded, Li Qiye sat up from the huge cocoon of ten thousand laws, he was really awake at this time. At this time, Li Qiye looked down and saw that the human skin on his body was already a thousand white holes, and had been smashed by the sky, so rotten that he could no longer wear it. You know, this body skin is unbreakable, and now it is beaten to pieces by Tianzhu, just like a rotten clothes that can't be more rotten to wear on Li Qiye, which can be imagined how horrible Tianzhu is in the ocean of Tianzhu. Li Qiye took off the tattered human skin. Fortunately, the original life of Taichu below was safe and sound, which made Li Qiye breathe a sigh of relief. The original life of Taichu was the original life of Taichu. Once it was interwoven into armor and worn on the body, there was nothing to break. Had it not been for Taichu's original destiny, I'm afraid Li Qiye would not have been able to stick to it until now. After all, the law of ten thousand ways and human skin can not completely protect Li Qiye, and the law of ten thousand ways and human skin also weaken the power of Tianzhu. Li Qiye smiled and took a deep breath. Anyway, he finally got through the most difficult threshold. As long as he got through the sea, everything would be all right. At this time Li Qiye stood up, turned around and looked forward, only to see the front of the fairy light filled, a wisp of fairy light standing in the void, each wisp of fairy light is billions of feet long, when such a wisp of Fairy Light hanging there, it seems to be a fairy gas filled world, as long as through the world in front of us, it seems that we can reach the place where immortals live. Looking at the wisps of fairy light hanging there, Li Qiye walked slowly forward, not slowly, but not fast, step by step, just like a world step by step. When Li Qiye walked forward step by step, every time he passed a wisp of fairy light, the light of fairy light flashed, as if he was scanning Li Qiye, and when the fairy light jumped, it seemed to be testing Li Qiye. Li Qiye turned a blind eye to Xianguang's reaction and just walked forward quietly step by step, as if nothing had happened. Li Qiye did not know how long he had walked, but when he passed through the void with wisps of fairy light hanging vertically, there was a fairy flame floating in front of him, as if it were a colorful world. At this moment, in this world of fairy flames, a figure appeared, a figure stood there quietly, as if he had turned into an ancient, as if he had stood there when the world was opened up. This figure is very blurred, can not see his face, but his body is jumping with immortal flame, this light immortal flame is like fire, this fire is very light, but it seems to be able to burn through everything in the world, it seems that a little spark can burn the emperor immortal king, it seems that this is the supreme immortal king, and this figure seems to be the figure of immortals. When the figure stood there, Li Qiye also stood there quietly, looking at the figure, looking at each other, as if to see through each other, as if to insight into all the mystery behind each other. Looking at the figure in front of him, Li Qiye just smiled faintly, because this figure Li Qiye was not a stranger. At that time, when he was in the study of the Academy of Heaven,ultrasonic spray nozzle, before the dwarf peak, when Li Qiye realized with human skin, this figure had appeared. fycgsonic.com

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