Exorcist II

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Description: Therefore, it is not difficult to investigate the situation from the perspective of people, but to give others a sense of security and dependence. Of course, he did not forget to tell them not to mention that he often came here. After all, he is a "security guard", and he is not allowed to "slack off" and "chat up", and he can easily be fired. Sister Lin, have you ever seen this man? When there was no one in the lounge, Bao Datong asked a Miss Lin sweetly. Dongnuan Pavilion has just opened, and Miss Lin has been working here. She is a senior person. This kind of person often knows all the dirty things that are bright, dark and shameful. It took Bao Datong three days to determine that she was the best target from a large group of female employees. She was older than Bao Datong, but Bao Datong called him Sister Lin, and she loved to hear it. You're not here to work, are you? "Sister Lin didn't take the picture and didn't look up." Someone asked me to ask about something and make some extra money. My sister won't help me, will she? Miss Lin looked at Bao Datong and hesitated for a moment. She has been working for a long time, and she has read countless people. The man in front of her is not as mean and dirty as other men,75 inch smart board, nor as sanctimonious as those rich men. He is a gentle and reliable man, and he is also very handsome. He belongs to the best that is hard to meet. Many sisters are eager to be taken in by him so that they can leave here. That's why he is so popular. But judging from his demeanor, temperament, speech and behavior, he is definitely not an ordinary person, let alone a small security guard. Sisters with brains should be able to feel it. But his methods of geomancy and exorcism are really very useful. Le Gong is not very peaceful recently. Everyone feels safe when he is here. He must have come for a purpose, but she felt that he was not a policeman,interactive touch screens education, nor was he malicious. Perhaps he was hired by the women behind the wealthy businessmen to investigate a little bit of lace, which she had seen a lot, and it was okay to reveal it. It's just that when he knows what he wants to know, he'll leave, right? What if something strange happens here again? "My sister will help you." She sighed. Such a man would not have belonged to them, because he had tried to help them, no matter what the purpose is, return him. After taking the photo, she looked at it for a long time, and then frowned. "This man is a member of Dongnuan Pavilion, but he doesn't come often.". Sisters all know that this person is difficult to serve, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,interactive flat panel display, can not be touched, a touch of anger, as if very misogynistic. Because he is so special, almost everyone knows him, but he hasn't been here for a long time, more than a month, right? "He's dead." Bao Datong said calmly. Sister Lin was taken aback. "Dead?"? He's so young! "Are there any ages for illness?" "So he died of illness!" "Sister Lin heaved a sigh." Did he deserve a violent death? Bao Datong's eyes are shining. Who the hell are you? Sister Lin understood that she could not pry into other people's privacy and never said much, but today she could not help it. Bao Datong smiled and understood that the woman did not believe that he was a security guard, and that everyone had a tacit understanding with each other, so he comfortingly patted her hand, "No matter who I am, I will not harm you.". Believe me, there's only one thing I need to know. Sister Lin did not speak, but strangely believed that the man in front of her was a woman's instinct and could never be wrong. I really don't know about him. He seldom comes here. Even if he comes here, it's to entertain guests and friends. He just stays and leaves. "Is there no girl who is close to him?" Bao Datong frowned, and the answer was beyond his expectation. Sister Lin shook her head firmly, "absolutely not.". Everyone felt that he was a little scary, even his skin seemed to have no luster and elasticity, like a dead fish. No?! Resentment spirit appeared here, Sun Han and other three people's death is related to pornography, all evidence shows that there should be a woman and Sun Han and other three people in this place had a relationship, why there is no clue? Could it be that the spirit of resentment is a female guest, or its service personnel, or a passer-by? She met Sun Han and others here by chance, and then something terrible happened? "Then look at these two men again. Are they frequent visitors to Le Gong?" He also took out the photos of Wang Leyan and Zhang Zhong, because the photos of these two people were taken from the newspaper, so Sister Lin immediately understood that these two people were also dead. "I haven't seen it." "Are you sure?" Sister Lin looked at it carefully again and nodded with great certainty. "I'm sure these two people haven't been here.". You know, the cost here is very high, even if there are many rich people these days, there may not be many people who can afford to come here. Bao Datong took back the photos of the two men, looked at them in disappointment, and suddenly had a flash of inspiration in his mind. Sister Lin said that Sun Han's skin feels like a dead fish, and the two people's skin feels very similar. Is it the problem of the angle of the photo? "Are there any girls here who suddenly quit?" He asked, "I'm not saying that the waiters of Dongnuan Pavilion left collectively a few days ago, but that in a month or so, is there anyone here who doesn't do it?" Sister Lin shook her head and didn't even think about it, which showed that the answer was certain. But her eyes twinkled, as if frightened,classroom interactive whiteboard, and she whispered with difficulty, "The waiters resigned collectively because they saw something unclean." "Oh?"? Tell me about it. Don't be afraid, I will draw an amulet for you to protect you from evil things. He's a very capable wizard. ? hsdsmartboard.com

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