Fairy Sword Villa

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Description: As soon as Deng Yan saw that the man was dressed in dog skin, he couldn't recognize who he was. When he heard this, he saw Zhuge Zhao, who was fighting back Ma Tianxiao with the Five Elements of True Qi in Yulongtan. He became angry from embarrassment. He shook his left shoulder, and a black golden sword light immediately flew up. He said angrily, "You ignorant boy, last time the grandfather spared you because of the difficulties of his friends. How can you not be a good man?" Put on a dog's skin and come to look for trouble? The dogskin Taoist said with a smile, "You are a shameless demon. You have the face to talk big. I really don't know who spared whom last time.". To tell you the truth, I've come to this White Crane Temple today to find you evil spirits, to calculate the account of making up for the harm, and to deal with you animal-like things. I'm ashamed to meet you if I don't put on dog skin! With these words, as soon as he clapped his sword bag, a golden light of the sword flew up and went straight to meet the seven evil spirits. With only one twist, Deng Yan felt a shock of True Qi. Fang said it was not good. The dogskin Taoist laughed, and his hand was a five-element thunder. With a bang, he could not help shaking Deng Yan out of more than ten feet. There was a big hole in the wall behind him. The whole hall was shaking and falling, and the dust of bricks and tiles fell to the ground. Deng Yan's left arm was broken several times, and the internal and external injuries broke out together. Only then did he realize that it was serious. He quickly shook his body and turned it into a black golden light and a sword light, and flew out of the hall. Just outside the mountain gate, I suddenly heard another shout: "Where is the shameless sorcerer going?" Then a blue sword light blocked the way, Deng Yan heart under more anxious,Time Delay Tap, one side with seven evil spirit mourning door sword forward a block, only to hear the clank repeatedly, the True Qi and a big shock, almost unable to support. Looking at the golden light flying out of the hall behind him, he knew that once the two swords met, they would have no physiology. He quickly bit the tip of his tongue and spurted out a mouthful of fresh and straight, turning into two incarnations. With a sharp roar, he went to meet the two swords. On the one hand,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, he took advantage of the situation to hide his true body and fled to the rear hall. When the two dogskin Taoist priests in bronze robes saw the method of blood separation, they had gone far away, and even the black golden sword light had disappeared. Fang said, "So the Thirteen Venerable Men of the White Bone Sect are nothing more than that." Suddenly saw a bright, midair, suddenly flew a large dark purple brilliance, sandwiched with ten thousand points of blue and cold stars under the hood, the sound of wind and rain deafening. Then he shouted, "How about you two juniors tasting this again?" The dogskin Taoist priest hurried to meet the Tongpao Taoist priest and released the five elements of True Qi to protect them. Then he looked up and saw two sorcerers standing on the corner of the roof ridge. One was in his forties, of medium height, with a face of purple flesh, thick eyebrows, and bulging eyes. He was wearing a black Taoist robe unique to the White Bone Sect. The other was more than nine feet tall, with a bright purple complexion and a bright red flame Taoist robe. He was kneading the formula and practicing the method. He knew that he was an expert in the White Bone Sect. The copper-robed Taoist in the back quickly shook his body, and after a clanging sound, Time Delay Faucet ,stainless steel toilet, the copper-robed suddenly turned into five thousand forty-eight short swords, which passed through the five elements of True Qi and flew in the air, like a large spark of Venus, straight under the cover of the two sorcerers. The two sorcerers were Wu yuancheng and Wang Biwu. Wu yuancheng still relied on Wang Biwu's purple flame and thunder, which were very powerful. The other side was just two unknown people, and it was absolutely difficult to support them. Wang Biwu, however, knew the goods and recognized that the flaming light of Venus was the golden sword robe of the old man of Cold Iron in the past. He was shocked. He quickly took out a demon banner and shook it in the wind. Immediately, the ghost chirped and countless skeletons appeared. Each of the seven orifices spurted blue flames, forming a dome of white bones to protect them. While practicing the law, he urged the purple shadow thunder and millions of blue stars to explode together, laying down the dogskin Taoist and the copper-robed Taoist like a volcanic sea of thunder. At that moment, the 5048 dagger was in contact with the dome of bones. With a sharp cry, the skeleton was destroyed by smoke. But after the first layer was destroyed, the second layer was added. It was so fierce that although the dagger was powerful, it could not be attacked for a while. On the other hand, although Wang Biwu's purple flame and thunder shocked the world, the momentum was extremely fierce, because the dogskin Taoist and the bronze robe Taoist had turned the two swords into a golden blue light building, covering the five elements of True Qi, but he could not do it for a while, and the two sides became locked in a stalemate. As soon as Wang Biwu breathed a sigh of relief, he saw that the two new orthodox disciples not only had their own treasures to attack and defend, but also had amazing skills. He could not help shouting: "Who are the two younger generations here? Since they dare to come to the door and bully people, they should be sensible enough to report their names. Your grandfather can also be lenient. Otherwise, under my purple flame and thunder, It will soon turn into fly ash, and both form and spirit will be destroyed. As soon as the dogskin Taoist priest heard that it was Wang Biwu, one of the four heavenly kings in the Western Demon Sect, he expected that the other sorcerer must be Wu yuancheng. He couldn't help sneering and said, "So it was you, the shameless sorcerer, who escaped from Master Huiyin of the Jade Dragon Pool. You wanted to talk big and scare people in front of your own door. Isn't it ridiculous? With your leader and ghost mother Pan Tao, I've been in her soul-destroying and bone-eroding demon array for seven days. Why do I care about your little tricks?" Only then did Wang Biwu and Wu yuancheng know that the man was Zhuge Zhao, who had seen the battle with the ghost mother Pan Tao at the mouth of the Green Phosphorus Valley. They were both surprised and angry. They immediately destroyed the evil flame and thunder. The Tongpao Taoist also used the 5048 daggers to make them more and more deified. They stabbed the countless skeletons like a storm. Both of them were desperately locked in a stalemate. On the other hand, upstairs in the back garden where the two peach sisters lived, Jin Yeer and Yang Jichun were also inextricably entangled. In addition to laughing, he took off his upper body clothes completely, leaving only a bright red bra. He hugged Jichun with bare arms and touched Jichun up and down with his hands. His eyes seemed to be on fire, and a cherry mouth was kissing Jichun's face. But after Jichun took Tieshi pills, no matter how she teased her, she was indifferent at all. Like an old prison in the palace, she turned around and provoked Jin Yeer's desire to vent. She grabbed Jichun's right arm, took a bite and planned to suck the cream straight. The little peach couldn't help but be impatient. She turned her back and pretended to look at the moonlight outside the window. She secretly took the spirit amulet given by the heart seal and threw it out of the window, only to hear a big thunderbolt and a hundred feet of golden rainbow rising. Not only Jin Yeer, who was upstairs, was so frightened that he let go and fled downstairs naked, but the two kings of Wu,Flush valve price, who were in front of the mountain gate, also came from behind the Taoist temple. They were afraid that the fundamental place would be lost, and they were even more anxious. cnkexin.com

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