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Description: After cleaning up the work, the power team continued to move forward, and the road to the next level was easily found by them. After all, this was only a research Institute, not a maze. Originally, the Oriental Soul had never thought that it would have such a day. Of course, it would not build the research Institute like those game scenes. It needed to solve one puzzle after another. To open the door to the next level. When Han Yu followed them down to the elevator door, the heart could not help but twitch, the body sense flow, Han Yu knew that this was his own sense telling him that in the next layer of space, there is a potential, incomparably great danger. Han Yu at this time, the expression began to solidify, the waist of the two big bore revolver has been pulled out by him, tightly in the hands. Han Yu's original Desert Eagle had no ammunition and was discarded by Han Yu as a burden. Han Yu's weapons now are only two or three fragmentation grenades and two small steel cannon-like revolvers, but fortunately, Han Yu's dumdum bullets with explosive warheads are still very abundant. Seeing Han Yu's dignified look, Szeto Haodong also began to be alert, although Szeto Haodong is not very aware of Han Yu's current strength, but he also knows that Han Yu has an instinctive ability to predict danger. Han Yu will show this appearance, proving that they may face a very terrible enemy. At this time, people see Szeto Haodong and Han Yu like this, also can not help but be moved, this line down,Horse weight lbs, they for Han Yu this person, has been completely changed, although Han Yu has not revealed any shocking strength, but with his just cold-blooded as (some people are like this, for doing the same thing, if you think others are wrong, But will not think they are wrong), they have been very sure,cattle weight tape, Han Yu is also a hand blood, galloping battlefield characters, such a person, there will be such vigilance, they have reason to believe that this is absolutely not groundless. This time, they are still the same as just now, 11 of the group of powers out of a growing burly, should be a big man with power powers, suddenly, to remove the iron door outside the elevator, a group of people will go down directly from the elevator shaft. Just out of the elevator entrance, Han Yu although in the dark, but clearly feel this space, a pair of covetously looking at their own line of sight, just at this time, another power on the wall button randomly pressed for a while, this layer of lighting equipment was turned on. When the light entered their eyes, Pi tape measure ,Adhesive fish ruler, they could not help but hold their breath at the same time, fully alert, ready to fight at any time. Because they see here, there are many iron cages, and the cages are locked with thigh-thick chains, many monsters. The sudden light infuriated the monsters a little, and many of them began to roar at the group, struggling so hard that the chains on their bodies clanged. When people saw the scene on this floor, their first reaction was that they had traveled to the Colosseum in ancient Rome. The huge cage in the middle of the floor, surrounded by locked monsters, made it easy for them to guess that this was the place to test the fighting power of these monsters. On this floor, the chains that hold the monsters and the cages that hold them are obviously made of special materials, not as fragile as the prisons on the previous floor. However, even so, those monsters still give people a feeling that they will break out of the cage at any time and attack them. Originally in this layer, Huang Zilong has always been in charge, Huang Zilong himself and those monsters, can be regarded as the same kind, but also among them, can be said to be the strongest one, Huangzilong do not know when to start, there is a bloodthirsty ability, is able to be devoured by him from the enemy body, to obtain energy, to make their own continuous evolution, stronger. And this is also the place where Huang Zilong and his "pets" usually "play". Their usual entertainment is naturally to act as Huang Zilong's opponent, and then be killed and devoured by him. For a long time, Huang Zilong also slowly produced a kind of domineering, this domineering, like the king of beasts, so that these monsters can not help but submit at the foot of Huang Zilong. But Huang Zilong, the "king", is definitely a ferocious tyrant! Even the Oriental Soul itself has not yet had time to discover this. He did not expect that he had been committed to creating an army of monsters that he could control, but let Huang Zilong, his own "work", take the lead and do it vaguely. This is why Huang Zilong was somewhat lonely after he learned that the Institute had been attacked. Even a tyrant who has lost his subjects is a king of subjugation. And now, although this group of powers have more powerful than Huang Zilong, but there is no Huang Zilong the kind of king of beasts domineering, this group of monsters lost suppression, the resentment accumulated for a long time burst out, nature is more ferocious than the original, in the face of this group of uninvited guests, they are all ready to move. At this time, as if to calculate the time, looking at their own arrangement of the motorcade has been evacuated, standing in the distance of the Oriental soul suddenly showed a puzzling sneer, and then slowly from his pocket, took out something like a remote control, opened the switch key above. The remote control of the Oriental Soul was not a detonator, and he did not leave any destructive explosives in the Institute, but the remote control did not control the whole Institute to be closed. The Oriental Soul knew that it was impossible to trap these powers. The most real function of the remote control in the hands of the Oriental Soul is to turn on all the switches in the Institute. When Dongfang Bo pressed the button, the model receiver he left in the Institute got the information,Surveyors tape measure, connected the power supply, and all the doors in the Institute opened immediately. And what is opened is not only all the doors in the Institute, but also the bondage of many monsters. Section 295 is full of dangers.

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