Guan Luo Feng Yun Lu

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Description: Cut open the blind mirror ? to change to knock to look at the stupid Qian to antagonize the aphid to tear the Qi ? to dredge the lute to wield the evil? Jokingly come out alive. The city of two thousand people walked away with a smile! Di made Zhong Lingwei to prevent work, and he kept turning his eyes away from her front and fell on the big girl. But the youthful demeanor of his bad maturity made him jump again, and his eyes hurriedly moved to the side outside, where he saw nothing but the Holly village of potted plants above the corridor. Embarrassed, he withdrew his eyes and slipped through the fields of Yuegang Meizhi. She gazed at his assumed composure, at his inexperienced innocence and frankness, and felt a little pity, like a mother who sees a little mistake in her child and clumsily conceals it, and feels a great deal of pity for him! Her heart was full of hatred for Zhong Ling, to the extent that she could kill him without regret, but now she seemed to understand something, she did not feel sorry for the hatred that had happened before, he was a beautiful and innocent big child, she commented on him like this, and she already lacked something about him. The sound of laughing and talking in the hall, the noise of children, the intermittent sound of firecrackers outside the hall, and the red light everywhere, which is a symbol of good luck, the smell of incense and candles floating everywhere,collapsible pallet bin, as well as some smell of gunpowder and sulfur, constitute the unique smell scene of the New Year. They parted without saying a word! Zhong Ling walked out of the porch by himself, took a few deep breaths of fresh air, and smiled pitifully at himself: "What a pitiful role I play here!" He thought in silence: "The joy of the floating explosion in the hall will never belong to me!"! Now I have nothing! If you don't gain anything at the beginning, you can guarantee that you will never lose anything! What kind of pressure am I under now? Although I could knock down a wall with one hand, or kill several people with one punch, the angry Buffalo had to kneel down and gasp before me at once, and could not struggle. But these powers,plastic pallet suppliers, to fate, are simply incomparable. He smiled bitterly and leaned wearily against the railings of the corridor. He knew that many people had passed behind him, but he did not look back. Over the past few days, he has assiduously practiced the Bodhidharma Sitting Skill and the three serial moves. Not only has he realized the mysterious power of the three serial moves, but he has also greatly improved his internal strength. Although his internal injuries are still not healed, they are much better. He knew this, and if the use of true force did not last too long, the internal injury would not occur. It put him in the same mood as a prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment, suddenly given some hope of freedom and release, and the joy was indescribable. But on the other hand, he seemed very lonely and melancholy, silently counting the days that had passed, the days that were coming. He himself called it so, knowing in his heart that on that day, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet price, or before that day, he would encounter a major decision, which he did not know how to make at home, and what the consequences would be. Zhong Ling and Li Yuejuan's wedding date is set on the fourth day of February. The happy and lively impression of the New Year has not yet disappeared in the hearts of Li Fu's family, and this happy event has come again. Since the Lantern Festival, he has performed excellent flying skills every night and inspected the country several times. He had to be extremely careful, because Yang Xu, the famous Taiji player, had come to Li Fu, and he had seen Yang Xu perform Taiji Sword. Although most of his performances were for the sake of beauty, and he did not use the kind of really vicious tricks that were used against the enemy, how could Zhong Ling keep his eyes on him? His body, hands, steps, and eyes were all just right. This showed that this man's skill was extraordinary, and it was by no means comparable to that of the three pustules guarding the courtyard. Therefore, he had to be more careful at night, because if he found out, his behavior would bring endless trouble, and his life experience might be found out. He found that Yang Xu was also secretly inspecting the whole mansion every night, with special emphasis on the two tall buildings. Perhaps the young lady was often sleepless at night. Looking out of the window, he found some clues. He always insisted on paying attention to the movement of the building. As expected, Sun Huaiyu, Jin Rui and Qu Jun came back before his wedding day and brought a lot of local products in Shu, proving that they had indeed traveled to Langmei Mountain in Shu. Three people still live in Yingxiang Restaurant. Sun Huaiyu looked as usual, and Qu Jun even had the color of secret joy. Jin Rui showed a very disappointed and desolate look. Yang Xu has always been in the south of the Yangtze River. When he saw Qu Jun, he was surprised. He dared to see that Qu Jun had a unique skill. However, he did not say it, but secretly he was gratified. Li Fu is very busy now, Li Guanghong's grandnephews and grandsons are still at home, plus these three residents, every day Qiong feast flying touch, Pingtong walking horse. Especially Sun Huaiyu these three people, the appearance is gentle, in fact, energetic, play a lot of tricks, pull Zhong Ling all day, making Zhong Ling too busy to be melancholy. From the bottom of his heart, he was happy for Yuehua, with such an open-minded, young and elegant childe. From then on, he stubbornly refused to let himself think about Yuehua. Sun Huaiyu had long known that Yuehua was gorgeous and gaudy, and that the heart of the orchid was pure, so he tried to go to Houguo to have a glimpse of it, and as expected,plastic pallet manufacturer, he was very happy with the legendary Dang You. All the people in Wanliuzhuang had seen Sun Huaiyu and Zhong Ling traveling together. Except for the short Qu Jun, they were all young men who were romantic and mobilized. They really envied killing many daughters, but they didn't know that there was such a tortuous and complicated inside story! ? Until the day of Cheng Ling. Yuejie was very quiet. Gu Zhi didn't come back to Xi Xing to tell her the truth. Today Zhong Ling is very suspicious and unfathomable. He doesn't know how to close the cave tonight.

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