Harem Complaint _ Wanyi Imperial Concubine Unfinished

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Description: It was so tiring to explain to him that I almost tied my tongue and made myself confused. Suddenly he smiled. "Then you like me. I see. You don't have to say more." Then he suddenly took out something from his body and put it in front of my eyes, saying, "This jade ring is a tribute brought to our country by the emissary of Persia. It is extremely precious. Having this ring is the wealth of splendor and the dignity of status." Take a closer look at this jade ring, it is exquisite and exquisite, and the jade is white and transparent. In the sunshine, like a circle of light gold halo, the brilliance of Zhuo Zhuo shines brightly. I wonder: "You …" Where did this come from? "The emperor rewarded me, and now I give it to you." He answered neatly, and the clear eyes made it impossible for me to doubt the origin of the ring. Why did you send me? "Because you're going to be my wife." ( Chapter 9 of the main text Chapter 9 Anger again: "I told you a long time, what are you listening to?"! I don't want to talk to You. I don't want to waste my time here with you. ^ www.kanshuge.com ^ ^ Look at the book pavilion. I'm leaving. He said that I was trying to get up from the ground, but he suddenly pulled me, and my body sat heavily back in place, feeling a cool ice spring lingering on my ring finger. When I came to my senses, the ring had caught my finger. Hello! Will you stop pestering me? I don't want this! I wanted to pull it out, but the ring seemed to have grown on my finger and would not fall off. He smiled rather strangely,deep draw stamping, with a mysterious smile hidden in his clear eyes and a thick midsummer flowing in his handsome face. Suddenly, he took my hand again and said meaningfully, "It really fits." Seemed to understand his words, back to God, forced to play away his hand,alloy die casting, straight to stand up and stare at him angrily: "You good rascal!" " Instead, he stood up smartly and patted the dust on his desk. "No one has dared to talk to me like that since I was a child," he said with a sly smile. "You are really special. |-www.kanshuge.com ^ read book pavilion "slender fingertip is in my face outline is delimited gently, frivolous way:" Hum, not bad, the flesh is slippery and delicious. I like "Get your dirty hands off me!" I opened his hand without mercy. He rubbed my red hand and said innocently, "You are so fierce. It seems that you can only be my wife. Otherwise, I'm afraid you won't be able to get married in the future. I'm good for you." "So I don't need your kindness!" I gave him an angry look. His handsome face was a playful smile, with a withered grass in his mouth and his hands on the back of his head, a handsome and unruly look. Alas, I was afraid that the emperor would not like you, die casting parts ,Investment casting parts, so I followed the little bean, and I would give you good food and clothes. I clenched my fist and suddenly changed my expression. There was a touch of coldness hidden in my earnest smile. "Really?" With these words, he suddenly waved his clenched fist at him while he was unprepared. I just didn't expect him to be good at martial arts. He grabbed my fist easily and said with a bad smile, "My daughter-in-law is not a good wife if she is not obedient." "You!" Speechless for a moment, he struggled: "Let go of me!" "Yes, but don't go back on your words, or you won't be my good wife." He said and let go of my hand. Uh I nodded obediently, and when he let me go completely, I spat at him and said with a bad smile, "You are the little fool." Then he quickly turned and fled. He fled back to the courtyard where he lived in a mess. It was time for dinner. Wanruo is back. Bing Rong smiled and watched me step into the threshold. Look at the other two people at the table and hide the hand with the ring behind them for fear of misunderstanding. Well, today.. I won't eat. I'll go back to my room first. I avoided their sight and went back to my room. The first thing I did after returning to my room was to find a way to pull out the ring on my hand. There are many ways to use the things that can be lubricated in the room, but none of them work. Just as I was trying to pull it out again with my hand, I suddenly heard the door "bang!" As soon as there was a sound, my heart suddenly jumped like a thief, and my hands kept shaking. The washbasin on the shelf was shaken over by me and spilled all over the floor. It was a mess. I turned around and saw Qiao Yuxi and Du Ziyue standing at the door of the room. Du Ziyue saw me in a panic and walked over with her head held high. "I just guessed. Why is it so strange today? As soon as I came back, I didn't eat, so I hid in the room in a panic. There must be something unspeakable." Chapter 10 of the main text Chapter 10 I calmed my flustered heart and said calmly, "What nonsense are you talking about?"? Who told you to break into my room? According to that unbridled and unrestrained, I went straight over and wanted to grab my hand hidden behind my back. "If you have the ability, let us see what you have in your hand.". \ www.kanshuge.com \ Read-Book ^ Pavilion "Please be respectful. Now you and I are equal. You are not qualified to search me." She snorted coldly: "Hum, wait for me to catch the unspeakable secret on your body, isn't the identity of you and me different?" "You-don't go too far." Qiao Yuxi also walked slowly, and her haughty Danfeng eyes looked down on me. "If you hadn't done anything guilty, there would be nothing to be afraid of."? If you want to prove your innocence, show me the evidence. Bing Rong just arrived at my room, listened to their words, came over to persuade: "Wanruo, you give them proof, I believe you will not do anything.". Reading www.kanshuge.com. "I.." I was at a loss for words. Namely Du Ziyue echoed, suddenly while I was flustered, while I was unprepared, grabbed the hand I hid behind me, twisted it hard, and showed it naked in front of everyone. The magnificent crimson of the setting sun came through the window lattice and sprinkled on the ring on the finger,metal stamping parts, dyed into magnificent colors, glittering and translucent luster, beautiful things. Tut! Why did I think there was something we couldn't see? So there is such a good thing. ? autoparts-dx.com

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