Honghuang Xuan Song Dao

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Description: Shi Ji became angry from shame and said in a harsh voice, "If you don't wash Chen Tangguan in blood today, I swear I won't be a man!" Then he went to kill Nezha with his sword. [Chapter 5 Section 8 Rebirth of Nezha] After all, Zha was no match for Shi Ji. After dozens of rounds of killing, he was attacked by Shi Ji. Fortunately, Nezha had the "Huntian Aya" given by Nu Wa to defend himself, which saved his life. However, the Huntian Aya was the realm of Lingbao after all, and could not stop the "Taia Sword" of Lingbao the day after tomorrow. Nezha only spurted blood and lay on the ground unable to move. With a sneer, Shi Ji came to Nezha step by step with his sword. Seeing this, Li Jing shouted, "Don't hurt my son!" Killed over, but after a dozen strokes was Shi Ji a sword stabbed in the shoulder, blood left more than, fortunately, life is worry-free. On weekdays, Li Jing was dignified and loved the people, and was deeply loved by the people of Chen Tangguan. Although Nezha used to bring disaster to his hometown, he was only a child after all, and everyone didn't care about it. Besides, Nezha's temper turned better later. When the foot soldiers of Chen Tangguan saw that Li Jing and Nezha were in trouble, they all came to Shiji with swords and guns. However, ordinary people how is the stone alum opponent, see stone Ji every sword raised, immediately a blood fog flew out, dozens of people fell to the ground. Nezha was a proud man. He said in his heart that this matter was caused by himself, but now he wants innocent people to die. How can he endure it? Then he shouted, "Stop!" When they heard this, they stopped! Nezha looked at the hundreds of people on the ground who had been killed by Shiji. They had broken their legs and lost their hands. It was too horrible to look at. Only two lines of tears flowed out. He said, "Nezha will never forget the kindness of all the villagers to him even if he dies!" "Shi Ji," said Nezha to Shi Ji in a harsh voice, "it was I, Nezha, who killed the Biyun boy under your seat. Today I will give you back your life. What does it have to do with the people of Chen Tangguan?" With that, he took a decisive look at Li Jing. Li Jing is only frightened. Suddenly he remembered something,jacuzzi bath spa, and his face was flushed. Regardless of the pain on his body, he shouted, "Nezha, my son, don't!" He rushed to Nezha. A red shadow flew out of Nezha's body and stopped Li Jing. It was the mixed silk. Then the circle of Gan Kun on the ground flew up and fell straight down on Nezha's head. But it was Nezha who did not want to involve the people of Chen Tangguan today and was determined to pay for his life with his life. People how to stop and. As soon as he heard the sound, Nezha's skull was cracked by his own circle of heaven and earth, and he could not live. The people of Chen Tangguan sighed at Nezha's bravery, and all of them cried. Li Jing is over there after the death of Nezha. Naturally, Li Jing broke away from the mixed silk. He walked up to Nezha and remembered that if he hadn't broken Nezha's magic power when he was born, how could Nezha have suffered such a catastrophe today? At that moment, he regretted and felt guilty. As a father, he cannot save the life of a child from death, and what face does he have to stand between heaven and earth? Thinking, pick up the fire-tipped gun on the ground. He was about to kiss himself, but his wife Yin came over and hugged him with tears. Yin Shi was resting at home when he heard that there was a fight outside the main road before he came to check. All the way, I remembered that last night my husband Li Jing was still happily talking about his child Nezha. It is said that Nezha was able to pull open the striking bow left by Emperor Xuanyuan, the treasure of Chen Tangguan. I will be able to glorify the Li family in the future, jacuzzi manufacturers ,hot tub spa manufacturers, and the Yin family will be very happy. I only said that the feud between father and son for more than ten years should be over. Who knows that there will be a sudden disaster today. Nezha died, and Li Jing wanted to commit suicide. After holding Li Jing, Yin Shi was so angry that he fainted to death. Li Jing also sobered up a lot at the moment. When he saw his wife fainted, his desire for death faded a lot. He hugged Yin Shi with one hand and Nezha with the other. He said to Shi Ji coldly, "Shi Ji, you are a man of cultivation. If you kill the ordinary people of Chen Tangguan today and force my child to death, you will be punished by God in the future!" With that, he walked to the mansion without looking back. Shi Ji just under the anger, where to think of these, at the moment to listen to Li Jingdao, is also a Rin in the heart. Originally, the ability of monastic people is strong, but it is the most taboo to hurt innocent ordinary people, if not so, then the world is not monastic people? Therefore, this move is not allowed by Hongjun Heaven. In the past, the demon clan that ran amuck in the flood and famine had the innate treasure Chaotic Bell and the innate Lingbao Hetu Luoshu to suppress Qi Yun, but it was also because of the refining of the sorcery sword that tens of millions of innocent people were killed, and Qi Yun was broken. If it hadn't been for Li Song's rescue later, the demon clan would have been destroyed in the Lich War. With this in mind, Shi Ji's intention to kill was greatly reduced. Besides, now that Nezha was dead, Shi Ji went back to the White Bone Cave on Skeleton Mountain. Nezha committed suicide with the circle of Qian and Kun. His body was destroyed, but a trace of his true spirit was preserved. That silk true spirit did not have the body to rely on, seemed to be dizzy and heavy, only floated in the air, and flew to the place where the teacher of Gan yuanshan, Taiyi Zhenren, was. When I was walking, I vaguely remembered what Li Song had said that day on the East China Sea: "If you have something to do in the future, you can come to Xuanmu Island to find me!" So he turned around and looked at the Xuanmu Island. Empress Nu Wa, the sage in the palace of Nu Wa, was also paying close attention to the matter of Nezha. At first, she only kept her brows. At this moment, when she saw the true spirit of Nezha running to Xuanmu Island, her brows finally loosened and she threw something down. It was the afterbirth that Nezha was born in that year. It turned out that in the future, Nezha would be the Grand Marshal of the vanguard of the attack on Zhou, and naturally he would not stop fighting. Stop, and take this physical body to become a God, cultivate into a positive fruit. Therefore, fate is destined to have cause and effect, so when Shiji made trouble at Chen Tangguan, Nu Wa and Nezha's teacher Taiyi Zhenren did not stop him. Otherwise, with the ability of stone alum, how can it be so swaggering? As for whether Nezha Zhenling wants to go to Taiyi Zhenren or rebuild his body on Xuanmu Island, this is Nezha's own choice! Li Song was sitting in Xuanmu Mansion at the moment. The afterbirth thrown by Nu Wa just flew in front of Li Song. Li Song only showed a wry smile. He secretly said that he was really restless. He reached out and took the afterbirth. With a wave of his hand, he ran out. Moments later, the green air flew back, wrapped in something, which was a trace of Nezha's true spirit. "Now that you've come to me, I won't let you down," Li Song said to Nezha. With that, Li Song took out a drop of the blood given to him by Zu Wu Hou Tu that day and said, "Get up!" The true spirit of Nezha was dissolved in that drop of blood. Li Song released the seven-color light of merit on reincarnation, slowly lifted the drop of essence and blood, and placed it in the afterbirth sent by Nuwa. After receiving the essence and blood,hot tub manufacturers, the afterbirth was quickly wrapped up, and only the red light inside was shining, which was indescribable. monalisa.com

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