Intelligence Quotient Is an External Thing--He Lingjing

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Description: How much do you like Kong Ye? Do you want to be his girlfriend? Or for one night? Or get married? "To be his girlfriend, if his family has money and can buy villas and cars in Luohu as betrothal gifts, they can consider getting married." "Then if I tell you that he meets your requirements, you will chase him seriously and tie up his body and mind, right?" Ge Mei was in a trance for a while and said, "I will chase him. I just don't know how much he likes me. He said he likes someone, but I don't believe it." Lance continues to hypnotize him to induce: "Say the person that the sky also likes is you?"? You are such a lovely girl that you should have confidence in yourself, shouldn't you? Ge Mei did not struggle in hypnosis, in fact, she almost thought so in her heart: "Yes, I also think he is playing hard to get, I will not give up, yes, I will work hard." Lance entered the final induction: "So, in order to be able to marry the lover, you can stop at nothing, if he really likes someone, you will stop at nothing to snatch him." Ge Mei nodded: "Yes, by hook or by crook." Lance ended the hypnosis with satisfaction and patted Ge Mei on the shoulder. "Good girl, go back. Your time will be back in a few days." So Ge Mei seemed to be sober, but in fact she went away with the book in her arms. Hypnosis is divided into short-acting and long-acting. The short-acting is like the last time the empty hypnotic nurse got a receipt for herself, and the long-acting is like this time Lance hypnotized Ge Mei to take the empty as the goal and seize it for a long time by all means. The principle of hypnosis is to stimulate human nerves with the natural sound waves of the devil, so as to tempt others to follow them. However, due to the different perseverance and mental strength of each person, the success rate of long-term hypnosis is not 100%. If you want to improve the success rate of long-term hypnosis, first of all,High Speed Nail Making Machine, you need to understand the other person's mind, and follow the other person's wishes in the process of hypnosis. The other person is more likely to follow the instructions given after being followed. Secondly, the best object of long-term hypnosis is a person with stubborn ideas, just like Ge Mei. Lance did not know where her confidence came from. With her personal condition, she would think that a devil was playing hard to get. And in Lance's years of observation, there were many such men and women. It seemed that in every grade of every university, there would be one or two. Truth asked for half a month's leave, and fortunately, the next two days were weekends,wire nail machine manufacturers, which was equivalent to seventeen days. On the thirteenth day, because of the hard work of the truth, he returned to normal ahead of time, and then slept with the truth. The truth knew that Lance's people had been watching secretly these days, but he didn't want to hide. He was happy to let Lance know that he was sleeping with someone else. Even if the empty is asleep, the strength is still amazing, clinging to the truth, like protecting food, if not for the truth is too tired to care about, it is estimated to jump up and kick the empty a few times. Too much physical exertion, the truth slept for two days and two nights without waking up, this time white Jane did not dare to help him bathe and clean up, because as soon as he approached, the air would wake up from a deep sleep very discontentedly, looking like killing people, white Jane shrank. Empty also officially sober half a day earlier than the truth, and then white Jane was shocked to find that empty also seems to have changed a person. First, he carried the truth, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,iron nail machine, who had been discomfited by himself, into the bathroom to clean up the bath very gently, then wiped it clean and carried it back to the bed to turn on the heater and massage it carefully, so gently that the truth did not wake up at all. After an hour's massage, he went to the laundry room to wash the underwear and his clothes that Bai Jane had hoarded for more than ten days. Next, he rubbed the mop and mopped the house from inside to outside, from the underground warehouse to the balcony on the fourth floor. After mopping, he washed the cloth and wiped things, tables, chairs, railings, cabinets, chandeliers, and even the wires behind the TV set. Then I went to the yard, pulled out the weeds in the yard, watered the flowers, washed the outside of the car, wiped the inside with a rag, sprayed perfume, and opened the window for ventilation. After all the things were done, I also went out to buy vegetables, and by the way, I dumped the garbage that Bai Jian had hoarded for more than ten days. Bai Jane is confused. This guy, he's not bewitched, is he? Half an hour later, Kong also came back. He bought Truth's favorite custard buns and shrimp cakes, as well as a lot of hot pot ingredients to nourish the body. He first soaked black tea and cooled it. In the five minutes after Truth woke up, he served black tea, custard buns, fried shrimp cakes and steaming radish and sparerib soup. Truth woke up and suddenly saw such a luxurious battle, and for a moment he could not react. What's wrong Kong also introduced one by one in a low voice: "You first drink some black tea to moisten your throat, custard to pad your stomach, and then you can eat shrimp cakes with oil, sparerib soup, stewed with radish, radish to warm your body." Truth opened her eyes a little wider. Who taught you that? Empty also or low head, did not dare to look at him: "I Baidu, should be right, not dark cuisine." This truth is believed, empty also in addition to too much strength, cooking is still possible, which dish should put what ingredients, put how much, how long to cook, read once to remember, just like his study of those science and technology professional books, that is, to learn. Truth sat up and quickly reached out to help him. By the way, he put a cushion on his waist. Then he took out his clean glasses from his pocket and put them on Truth. Then he picked up a soft steamed bun and handed it to Truth's lips, which were a little bloodless. "Here, I washed my hands." Truth didn't ask any more questions. With a sound, he lowered his head and took a bite of the steamed stuffed bun. He felt that it was neither hot nor cold. It was just the taste that could be eaten. Empty also saw him eat, hurriedly continued to feed, forked a small piece of shrimp cake with a fork, carefully stuffed into the mouth of truth, eyes did not blink to observe the look of truth. Seeing that he frowned slightly, he immediately reached out and stroked his back,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and then gave him the black teacup. Truth usually does not eat as uncontrollably as Kong. He does not have much energy in his body. In this way, he is really exhausted. Even if Kong does not prepare delicious steamed buns and shrimp cakes for him, he will get up and eat whatever he catches.

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