Leftover Men Are Poisonous: Senior Officials Occupy Young Wives

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Description: Xiao Ke began to hate me because of my accident! Later, Qian Dai was sent away, I never saw her again, the incident caused a storm in the city, Qian Dai's parents later moved away! During that time, Xiao Ke went crazy to look for her everywhere, but he still couldn't find her anywhere. Xiao Ke seemed to be depressed for a long time. It was not until three years later that I learned that the Iraqi family had emigrated to Canada. Still later, Xiao Ke went to Canada to look for Qian Dai, and when he came back, he brought the portrait of Qian Dai. Only then did I know that Xiandai had committed suicide in Canada. She would never know how much Xiao Ke loved her. Xiao Ke, 21, loved Xiandai, 15! The death of Qian Dai made me live in self-reproach all my life! I owe Qian Dai, I owe Xiao Ke, you know? Xiao Ke asked me to settle accounts. At that time, I had already started the college entrance examination. For the first time, Xiao Ke locked me in the room. I missed the first day of the exam and failed naturally. In the second year, I did it again, but it was still like this. I missed two cultural courses, and I couldn't get the score line at all. The last time he showed mercy, I didn't miss the exam! At the age of twenty, I finally went to college! I can't leave, not that I don't want to, but I want to wait for him to torture me enough, I think it's OK! Think I don't owe him, and then leave! Three years, I don't know if I've had enough! Just now I said it was over, but he didn't agree! In fact, I understand that Xiao Ke and I were doomed to be entangled in my life when Qian Dai left, and I want to pay off my debts! When he lost his girlfriend, I was his bed warmer. When he thinks of Qian Dai, I am the tool of his violent emotions! Lose Qian Dai, I have always been a tool,lycopene for skin, Xiao Ke no longer need love. I am humble as dust, low to the dust can not be lower, but not in exchange for his fixed point of love! In fact, so what? There's nothing wrong with being tortured by him. At least I feel at ease. I feel more and more that what I owe them is almost finished. In this way, very tired, tortured but also down-to-earth. Cheng Lingbo listened to these words quietly, not knowing what to say. Does Xiao Ke treat Yang Xiaoshui like this because of Yi Qiandai? If you love Yi Qiandai, why do you want to be with Yang Xiaoshui? Xiao Ke is really a person who can't figure it out! "You owe Yixiandai, not Xiao Ke!" "No!"! I owe Xiao Ke, whether it is the matter of Qian Dai or the economy! Without Xiao Ke, I could not study in the Academy of Fine Arts and pay for the expensive study fees! When my mother was ill, Xiao Ke paid for the medicine. He was fierce to me, but still respected my parents! So you're going to go on like this? He did this to you, and you're gonna keep paying? The more you indulge him, the more he will have no degree in the future! It doesn't matter, Lingbo, thank you! I like this, ghana seed extract ,carnosic acid price, this may feel better in the heart! I haven't seen what kind of means Xiao Ke used to embarrass people! Don't worry, I'm really good, I should be grateful that he made me strong inside! But you, he may really be determined to pursue you! Because you are a bit like Qian Dai, you both have a pair of cat's eyes, and you both look very cold! Cheng Lingbo's face was expressionless. "That's none of my business," he said! If you can use me, you can ask, I can help you! "Thank you, Lingbo, I'm very happy to know you!" "I'm not a stand-in for Elaine. Don't look for spiritual comfort from me!" "I know you are Cheng Lingbo!" "Just know!" Cheng Lingbo shrugged and climbed onto the bed, intending to lie down for a while and wait for Pei Qiyang to pick her up. After Yang Xiaoshui tidied up the garbage, he came back and climbed into bed. Neither of them had eaten. Cheng Lingbo said, "If you don't go to the canteen again, there will be no food!" Yang Xiaoshui rubbed his head and said, "No, I have no appetite!" Cheng Lingbo wanted to say something, but seeing her tired eyes closed, he said nothing more. Pei Qiyang's car drove outside the school and stopped behind Xiao Ke's car. He sat in the car all the time, looking at the red sports car in front of him, and then squinted at it. However, after waiting for a long time, Xiao Ke did not get out of the car, Pei Qiyang thought, that rotten man must not have seen his car in the back! He got out of the car and walked toward Xiao Ke's car. Then he went to the co-driver's seat and opened the door. As soon as the door opened, a strong smell of tobacco suddenly came out, which made Pei Qiyang frown. Shit! Are you dead in the smoke? Opening his mouth without hesitation, Pei Qiyang frowned and waited for the smoke to disperse before sitting in. Xiao Ke did not lift his eyelids, and a pile of cigarette butts had been lit in the ashtray in the car. Shout! Don't talk and play deep? Pei Qiyang opened his mouth again. Suddenly, he found bruises on his face, as if he had been punched, and he was very happy: "Oh, was he beaten by Yang Xiaoshui?" Xiao Ke frowned, turned his face to look at him, cool eyes, fundus is angry, is complex, that complex seems to be envy and jealousy, all kinds of emotions in it. What's the matter? Do you want to commit suicide for love? Can't you get over it when you are in love? Or do you fall in love with me and hate me if you can't get me? I was beaten by a woman and became angry from embarrassment and hated me? "Why don't you die?" Xiao Ke spoke coldly. If I die, who will stop you from being an eyesore? "Don't pretend to be God in front of me!" "Xiao Ke, you are really like a grandson!"! You're the only one who can do that to a little girl! Come on, what happened this time? Do you have to rob a woman with your buddies? "I want her!" Xiao Ke looked at Pei Qiyang, looked at him without blinking, and said. Pei Qiyang smiled and laughed sarcastically, "Xiao Ke, I find that you are really arrogant and conceited. Do you think everything in the world is in your applause?"? Even if you have this ability, her spirit wave, whether her person or her heart, is not controlled by you. Xiao Ke's hand slightly stiffened, looking at Pei Qiyang's earnest and firm eyes, slightly narrowed his eyes, "did you move your heart?" "I really have nothing to do with you, my woman,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, my woman you can not touch!" Xiao Ke smiled, held his head high and said in an irresistible tone, "I said I would go after her!"! I have the freedom to pursue her every day before she becomes your wife! ? prius-biotech.com

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