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Description: "What nonsense are you talking about?" Said Liu Yanhong with a smile? Just a friend. Zhang Yang said, "If he wants to chase you, your rank is much worse. You are at the vice-ministerial level, and he is a deputy hall." Liu Yanhong said, "The more you say, the more energetic you are. They all say that you are ordinary friends. I understand that rumors are created by people like you." Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Sister Liu, you are the dream lover of countless men in the system. If anyone catches up with you, he will have a prosperous career and a bright future.". (Hand-made Chinese 724 hours of uninterrupted updates pure txt hand-made novel m) Liu Yanhong spat, "If you talk nonsense again, I'll drive you out of the car." Zhang Yang said with a smile, "I'm not talking nonsense. I just want to remind you to keep a clear mind and not be confused by sweet words." "Don't blame me," said Liu Yanhong. "What happened to you and Yan Ran?" As soon as Zhang Daguanren heard this, he had a big head: "That.." Sister Liu, I'm here. Just put me down by the side of the road. "I want to go now. It's not so easy to be honest. Have you been in touch with Yan Ran recently?" "Sister Liu, I'm afraid of you. Give me a break." Guoquan and his entourage in the afternoon … When Zhong arrived in Dongjiang, Governor Song Huaiming personally went to the airport to greet him. After getting on the train, Guo Quan said with a smile,ultrasonic handheld welder, "I didn't expect the snow in Dongjiang to be very heavy." Song Huaiming said with a smile, "It seldom snows so heavily in Dongjiang. I read the weather forecast that the snow in Beijing is very heavy. I was worried that the premier's plane would be late." Guo Quan said: "The snow stopped last night. When I came here this morning, the runway of the airport had been cleaned up, and there was not much impact." Song Huaiming said: "a timely snow promises a good harvest. This snow is very important to alleviate the drought in Pinghai." Guoquan nodded. "Secretary Qiao is waiting at the provincial party committee," said Song Huaiming. "Would you like to go and meet him?" Guo Quan said with a smile, "I came to Pinghai to investigate, not to catch up with my old friends." Song Huaiming said,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, "Why don't you go to the provincial government guest house first and have a rest?" Guoquan shook his head and said, "Let's go to Dongjiangkai District. I want to have a look." Song Huaiming was stupefied for a moment. Guoquan did not inspect Dongjiang Kai District on his trip. Guoquan raised this matter as soon as he got off the plane. It seems that he came to Pinghai this time with the idea of killing them by surprise. Now that Guoquan had made a request, Song Huaiming, of course, could not refuse. He smiled and said, "Well, then go and have a look." National power is obviously prepared, And before doing enough homework, The first place he went to is the construction of the Korean industrial park. DongJiangKai area Korean industrial park project in the past has been by the director of the investment Lei Guotao is in charge, But the real identity of Lei Guotao is a spy selling state secrets. He joined hands with the Korean party planned Jinghai Korean trade city terrorist incident, It almost created a tragedy that shocked the world. It was because of that incident that the plan of the Korean industrial park was shelved. However, the construction of the industrial park began as early as last year, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic cutting machine, and now the construction is still in progress. The biggest problem encountered at present is to attract investment. Accompanied by others, Guoquan walked around the industrial park and pointed to the Korean Industrial Park on the wall of the construction site, saying: "How many Korean enterprises are currently stationed in the Korean Industrial Park?" Song Huaiming was somewhat embarrassed. He coughed and said, "At present, it is only a project under construction. The Korean Industrial Park is only a preliminary plan. The positioning of this area is an industrial park, not only for foreign investment, but also for local enterprises. The project under construction you see is only a small part of the whole project. With the increase of enterprises stationed in the park, the project will be completed." We will continue to expand the area of the industrial park. Guo Quan said with a smile, "That means setting up the stage first and then singing the opera." Song Huaiming said, "If you don't set up a good stage, how can you invite famous actors?" Everyone around him laughed. Guoquan said, "It's a pity that there are only a few famous actors and celebrities. All parts of the country are busy setting up stages. There are more and more stages, and soon there will be no one on the stage. Since the reform and opening up, the wave of building open zones in China can be described as higher and higher, but there are not many open zones that have really been built. We must take this as a warning." The crowd nodded. Song Huaiming looked at Guoquan with a smile. He knew that Guoquan did not have feelings, but came prepared. He took this opportunity to pour cold water on the overheated construction of open areas in China. Indeed, the construction of open areas in China has fallen into a relatively blind stage. Take Pinghai for example, every city has open areas, and every county has open areas. But many local leaders do not understand what is the purpose of the establishment of Kai District. Their original intention of establishing Kai District is not to enliven the local economy, but to follow the crowd. It is euphemistically called in line with the times, but to a large extent, it is to seek political achievements. On this point, Song Huaiming and Guoquan have similar ideas. He believes that the construction of Kai District in full swing should be slowed down. Pinghai provincial party secretary Qiao Zhenliang sitting in the office, although he did not go out, but he is still concerned about the country's every move, the country came to Pinghai the first thing is not to rest, nor to visit him, but directly to the Dongjiang Kai District, in the country's planned itinerary does not have this link, Qiao Zhenliang lost in thought, the country came to Pinghai to inspect, Under the banner of inspecting industrial and agricultural exhibitions in East China, what is the real purpose? What was the focus of his inspection? Does going to Dongjiang Kai District mean that he is dissatisfied with the construction of Pinghai Kai District? Still At this time, the door was knocked. After Qiao Zhenliang promised, Yan Guotao, secretary general of the provincial party committee, came in. He reported to Qiao Zhenliang: "Secretary Qiao, the vice premier has left the opening area and is going to stay at the provincial government guest house. He is expected to arrive in 20 minutes." Qiao Zhenliang nodded and said, "Get ready. I'll visit him." Yan Guotao said, "Tonight's reception banquet has been prepared." Qiao Zhenliang said: "According to normal standards, don't be extravagant and wasteful." Yan Guotao understood what Qiao Zhenliang meant. He said in a low voice,ultrasonic dispersion machine, "The vice premier went to the Dongjiang Korea Industrial Park and expressed some views on the projects under construction." Qiao Zhenliang said with a smile, "It seems that the vice premier came here this time mainly to inspect the opening area." Yan Guotao said, "Lanshan is the most outstanding place in the construction of Pinghai Kai District. Isn't the schedule already arranged?" ?

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