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Description: Liu Yunyang was surprised that the girl was not only amazingly beautiful, but also shocking in her intelligence and wisdom. Looking up, Liu Yunyang looked at the beautiful face in front of him and smelled the charming girl's fragrance. He looked calm and said, "There has never been any relationship between us. Why should we consider it?" At this moment, he learned from Xiao Canghai that he was not surprised when things happened, and he played a few points. With a sharp smile, the girl suddenly approached him, and the distance between them suddenly changed from one foot to three inches. Liu Yunyang was so surprised that his eyes were flustered and his body immediately moved back. Seeing this, she smiled. The girl's beautiful face was somewhat charming. She asked, "Since it doesn't matter, why do you avoid it? I won't eat you." Liu Yunyang looked at her in amazement and said in a deep voice, "You have changed. I remember the first time we met. You are not like this." The girl smiled indifferently, put away the charming smile, the whole body exudes the holy gas, the whole person appears euphemistic and reserved, giving a lady's temperament. Do you think I have changed now? Light as the eyes of the spring, containing but not revealing deep feelings, all with fatal temptation, deeply shocked Liu Yunyang's heart. Looking at the girl blankly, Liu Yunyang said, "You, what's the matter with you? Why are you so changeable and unpredictable?". Which one is the real you? The girl smiled and said,phycocyanin spirulina, "In fact, everyone is changeable, but some people have a small range of change, which is not impressive, so people who know him feel that his character is the same.". And some people change greatly, changing at any time and anywhere, even familiar people can not figure out his mind. This kind of person is unfathomable at best and insidious at worst. Liu Yunyang was shocked, and the girl's words made him suddenly realize that he had a deeper understanding of the world. Looking at the girl,ghana seed extract, Liu Yunyang was moved and said, "The girl's insight is extraordinary. Yunyang has benefited a lot. It's really admirable." The girl looked at him frankly, her eyes were charming but not charming, her smile was beautiful but not gorgeous, just like a fairy falling into the world of mortals. Superficial words are not enough to be praised. It's just that I have a question to ask, and I hope you can answer it. Liu Yunyang looked at the holy girl and felt a strange feeling in his heart. He found that the girl's holy spirit was slightly different from that of the water dream mark that day. The girl in front of us has a kind and friendly atmosphere in her sanctity, while the body of Shuimenghen has a dignified atmosphere that people dare not desecrate. The two seem similar on the surface, but there is a fundamental difference in essence. "If the girl has something to say, please say it. If Yunyang can answer, he will never refuse." The girl said softly, "Which one do you think is more acceptable to you, me now or me just now?" Liu Yunyang a stay, then indifferent. He never thought that the girl would ask the question so directly. Carefully considering the girl's words, Liu Yunyang hesitated for a moment and opened his mouth: "At present, as far as I am concerned, turmeric extract powder ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, you feel better at this time." When the girl heard this, she smiled and said with some feeling, "For you, I am better now, but have you ever thought about the reason carefully?". When people get along with each other, they will keep a certain distance from each other under the influence of the secular world and the constraints of ethics. The distance shows the relationship between the two sides, and an important factor affecting the distance is the character of both sides. To put it simply, people's personality is divided into introversion and extroversion, introverts are silent, not good at communication, always like to hide their hearts in the corner, not to be touched. Extroverts are eloquent, hospitable, and like to show off their talents and ask about other people's secrets. When two introverts meet, they keep a safe distance from each other because of their personalities. When two extroverts meet, they are congenial and quickly get closer. When an introvert meets an extrovert, in the introvert's heart, he always feels that the other person is advancing step by step, or is getting to the bottom of the matter, touching his hidden heart and rejecting it, so he should pull away and use indifference or ruthlessness as a mask to refuse the other person's approach. In the hearts of extroverts, they feel that the other side is too restrained, always hoping to melt the other side's indifference with their own enthusiasm, so that he can release his heart and face himself openly. In this way, in the heart of an introvert, in order to protect his fragile heart from being touched, he always hopes that the person he meets is calm and introverted, so that he does not have to wear a mask of indifference to hide his heart. But if he meets an extrovert, he must always be vigilant and keep a distance from each other, so as not to be approached and discover his fragile mind. Therefore, subconsciously, if an introvert has a choice, he will choose to get along with introverts rather than extroverts. That's why you think I'm better now, and I made you a little wary or worried before. Liu Yunyang looked at her with a complicated expression, and his heart was shocked. The girl bent a circle and said a lot of words, which was nothing more than saying that she understood what she was thinking and what she was worried about. Baidu Search Bubble Book Bar to read the latest and most complete novel/WWw. XiAosHuotxt. COM. Chapter 11 pressing step by step. And Liu Yunyang has to admit that he does have such worries. Before, he had hesitated for a long time when he answered, hoping that the girl could keep her present appearance, get along with each other lightly, and keep a certain distance. But at the moment, the girl spoke out his mind without reservation, which made him somewhat embarrassed while he was surprised, and he could not find words for a while. In the night sky, the invisible smile of the sea said with a wry smile, "This girl is not simple. She is much more powerful than Yan Feier.". When Yunyang meets her, most of them will fall into her gentle trap. Li Yunxiao said with a smile, "Love is unpredictable. The girl's cleverness is far from that. It's just that whether she can melt this ice or not depends on her fate." Xiao Canghai nodded and said, "You're right. That day Yan Feier openly expressed her love, Yunyang could calmly refuse. Although this girl is intelligent and beautiful,akba boswellic acid, she may not be able to move his heart. It's still a hard thing to say." In the moonlight, the waterfall flows endlessly, and the roaring sound of the water drowns each other's breath. prius-biotech.com

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