My heart is full of you.

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Description: He went into the bedroom, and Anyi knew that it was over on the set today, and went to the bedroom with the gift in her arms. It took her two trips to get the gift, and Nie Yan's face, sitting on the bed, was still a little awkward. Anyi grabbed his tie and said, "Brother Nie, do you mind?" Nie Yan snorted nobly and coldly. How can not mind, mind a lifetime, do not mind is not a qualified boyfriend. Anyi took advantage of the situation to pull off his tie and put it aside, and reached out to unbutton his shirt. Nie Yan's face was tight and his face looked like an uncle. Anyi unbuttoned four of his shirts, revealing her strong chest. Her face was flushed. She found a new shirt from her bag and put it in his arms. "Wear it yourself," she said. Nie Yan held her hand in a deep voice with a hint of ridicule: "Didn't we agree that you would change it for me?" Anyi just came home to find Nie Yan is not at home, in order to hook Nie Yan back, crazy to Nie Yan ambiguous text messages, one of which is to strip Nie Yan,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, put on her new clothes. Anyi didn't feel anything when she sent the text message, but she felt embarrassed when she really undressed him. Did you read all the news? Nie Yan raised his eyebrows: "You sent it to me." Anyi thumped him on the shoulder. "Why didn't you reply to me after you saw it?" She thought he was angry and didn't even read her news. She clenched her fist and was about to take the initiative back into her hands. Nie Yan coughed lightly and reminded her: "Today in the crew, I am very angry." He stretched out his arms. "You can start." In that way, it was especially like the emperor waiting for his concubines to come to bed in the palace drama she was acting. Anyi can see that he is really angry today, so soon the anger went down, angry is concerned about themselves,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, calm down is also concerned about themselves, Anyi was very happy, she took off her shoes and climbed onto the bed, kneeling behind Nie Yan to take off his shirt. Nie Yan was quite dragging, but after being undressed, his body was obviously stiff. Anyi knelt behind him with his new shirt and touched his back from his shoulder. Stand up. I can't dress you like this. Anyi patted him on the back, Nie Yan stood up honestly, he turned to face Anyi, Anyi was pressed on the shoulder. Hey, turn around. Don't look at me. I'm shy. Nie Yan heard her say she was shy and gave a muffled laugh in her throat. Anyi looked at him standing with bare arms as if he had been punished to stand, covering his mouth and laughing. Nie Yan waited for two minutes and did not wait for Anyi to dress him. He turned around and found Anyi laughing at himself. As soon as his eyes changed, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, he pressed Anyi directly on the bed. He was already familiar with this action. Ah Anyi gave a cry of surprise. Nie Yan's lips came up and put his arms around her waist. His voice was low and hoarse. "Don't you want to clean up?" Anyi hid to the side, Nie Yan's lips fell on her neck again, Anyi felt his warm breath, some itching on her neck. Get up. Nie Yan said meaningfully, "I think you like the way I look without clothes. Since you like to see it, let you see enough. How about not wearing it?" He grabbed her hand and put it on his waist and abdomen. He often worked out. His abdominal muscles were smooth and beautiful. Anyi was afraid to see him pressing on his body and breathing heavily. Her collar was picked open by him, and there were traces of his intimacy yesterday in her collarbone. Anyi deeply felt that she had suffered a loss. How can I be bullied when I am angry and coaxed by him? If he is angry, I will coax him or I will be bullied. Nie Yan buried his head in yesterday's traces of two, Anyi wanted to speak, he blocked the lips, the kiss of panting was released. She heard Nie Yan whisper that he would sleep together tonight, and since he met Anyi's parents, he had been thinking about it. Anyi subconsciously shook her head. Nie Yan's face sank leisurely. Anyi shrank down, put her arms around his waist and rubbed her head against his chest. Nie Yan pressed her head, dumbfounding, but pulled her arm to lift her up: "You are not willing to ah, or deliberately seduce ah?" Anyi smiled and said, "You haven't tried what I bought for you yet." An Yi is pushing his shoulder to urge: "Go to try quickly, I have picked for a long time." Nie Yan bargains: "You help me wear." "Wear your own pants." "All right.". ” Nie Yan readily agreed, to Anyi to buy that pile of things to find pants, also do not shy away from, in front of Anyi's face to change pants. Anyi said he was a hooligan. He raised his eyebrows and whistled at Anyi. Chapter 39 Anyi was dumbfounded, saying that he was a hooligan, and that he was really whistling like a hooligan. An Yi picked out several sets of clothes for Nie Yan, and Nie Yan just took one. When did you get off the set today? "Five o'clock, what's the matter?" Five o'clock, oh, it was only seven o'clock when she started to send him messages crazily. There was still a long way to go from the crew to the mall. In the middle, she went to have a meal by the way. In such a short time, she picked out so many sets of clothes and wearing articles. She had the nerve to say that she had carefully chosen them. As soon as Anyi looked at his face, she knew what he was thinking. She quickly said, "Because you have a good figure and are handsome. When I went there, I felt that every set of clothes in that shop was particularly stylish and beautiful on you." Nie Yan half squinted at her. An Yi leaned sideways on the bed. A string of red marks were printed on her white skin. She waved to Nie Yan with the corners of her eyes bent: "Take the tie and I'll tie it for you." Anyi's waving posture exudes maternal indulgence and spoiling all over her body. Nie Yan used to be dignified in front of her. When he scolded her, he was like a girl. Anyi sometimes had a feeling that he was her father. He was also a superior in the company. His momentum was always very strong. Today, he suddenly lost his temper, which made Anyi feel that he had the breath of a teenager. Nie Yan stood still, and Anyi sat up on the bed,Sex Enhancement Powder, her long eyelashes blinking. Two people deadlocked for a moment, Nie Yan turned to get the tie. Anyi stretched out his hand. Nie Yan handed the tie to Anyi. Anyi sat on her knees and still couldn't reach Nie Yan's neck. She smiled and said, "You bend over." ?

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