Nine-Year-Old Demon Queen (Finale)

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Description: But now Ming Chunfei's mind is only constantly flashing that they will not go to the country of Miro, that is, the aunt's illness may continue to drag on. She could not and could not see the unusual expression of Leng Wanwan, just thinking about how she could persuade them to change their minds again, or to follow her to the country of Miro. See the night, there are other men's line of sight are around the cold bend in the turn. The confused head suddenly woke up, and the woman in red was the key. Only if she goes, brother Chen will go to the country of Miro. Although some are not willing to Chen brother actually will be separated for many years relatives after this woman, but at present the key is to persuade her. This elder sister, I beg you to go with the imperial concubine. Only if you go, brother Chen will go. And when Chen's brother went, my aunt had the hope of a full recovery. Bloody eyes blinked and looked pitifully at Leng Wanwan. Leng Wanwan raised his head and looked at her coldly. Don't go She is in a bad mood now, so don't bother her if you are sensible. Otherwise, even if it is a girl, even if it is a girl who looks like her, she will not show mercy. Ming Chunfei's empress aunt needs Ye Chen, but she knows that there are people waiting for her in Yaocheng now. Even though she was not breathing, she believed that her soul was calling her, waiting for her return. "Why?" Ming Chunfei was stunned and then looked at Leng Wanwan. Why is this woman so unfeeling, all said that the queen's aunt was seriously ill and could not wait too long,plastic pallet bins, and didn't she want her brother to reunite with his family as soon as possible? Didn't you promise to go? Why go back on your word? You can't break your word. Too much, the blood pupil stared at Leng Wanwan. "If it wasn't for Brother Chen's insistence that she go, why would he beg this cold, unapproachable woman?" You're very noisy. I won't go if I say no. Leng Wanwan stood up, half a head taller than Ming Chunfei. He looked down at her a little and said coldly. The flaming red skirt is charming, with cold pride and sadness hidden in the fundus. Looking back, his black hair fluttered and he said to the night. We'll go back immediately. "Yes." Night Chen,collapsible pallet box, four young people, night charm, night soul nodded. Although they were all curious about the contents of the letter, it was out of concern for their master. But they know more about leaving her a space, only to keep their own duties, if the master wants to say, they will naturally understand. Wait, you're really leaving? Ming Chunfei stretched out her hand to stop several people, and the blood-colored eyes looked incredible. How could they really leave as soon as they said they would, instead of going to the country of Miro? Brother Chen, how could you do this? Don't you miss your family at all? Turning to the night, she found it hard to accept such a night. In her more than ten years of thinking, Chen brother should be a gentle and calm excellent man, not in front of such a ruthless. I don't know how sad it would be if my aunt knew that Mingming had found him, ibc spill containment pallet ,drum spill pallet, but he refused to see her. No, she can't let him go. Think so, stop a few people more resolutely. Get out of the way- "said Leng Wanwan coldly. She didn't want to attack her." Unless you come with me to Miro. Ming Chunfei said firmly, "otherwise I won't let you." Blood pupil also stared at Leng Wanwan and refused to give in. Leng Wanwan glanced at her coldly, and suddenly his fingers touched her acupoint like lightning. In spite of the disbelieving eyes of Princess Mingchun, she turned to Night Soul and Night Charm and said, "Take her with you." "Yes." Night charm and night soul, one left and one right, hold Ming Chunfei. The fiery figure walked forward, a few steps away from the crowd. The bright red dress actually revealed a bit of sadness, only to hear her say lightly: "Nurse, let's go." Moon announcement area volume two chapter seventy-five nurse cause of death The fiery figure walked forward, a few steps away from the crowd. The bright red dress actually revealed a bit of sadness, only to hear her say lightly: "Nurse, let's go." A group of people traveled through the night and returned to Yaocheng the next night. The moon is on the treetops, and the stars are sparse. Hazy, like sadness in the air. Da-da-da The sound of the horse's hooves tore the silence of the night, and the lights of the General's Office were bright. The carriage stopped in front of the general's mansion, and the sharp-eyed guard saw that it was not the carriage of the third young lady? Hurriedly ran towards the carriage, not forgetting to report loudly: "Third Mistress is back." They have been used to calling Leng Wanwan as the third Miss, even if she is now respected as a queen, in their eyes, she will always be the third Miss who is so powerful that they fear and worship her. The carriage door was pushed open with a creak. Cold curved white figure appeared, light moonlight, seems to be covered with a layer of cold silver light. Waist-length black hair cascaded down, swaying beautifully with her movements. A stunning face without any expression, ink pupil faint, thin lips lightly pursed. Hearing the guard's question, she raised her head. There were two white lanterns hanging on the eaves outside the General's Mansion. The dim light reflected the two big black'Dian 'characters on the lantern skin. The nurse really went. If it is just an ordinary servant, naturally it is not so valued by the master. But the nurse is different, because of Leng Wanwan's respect and love, her location in the General's Office is almost equal to the master. Third Sister. The cold moon heard the voice of the door army and ran out of it. Seven years, she has a woman's maturity and elegance, she followed her husband Su Zhan, he is also more mature and stable. Leng Wan got out of the carriage and looked at them, but nodded faintly. She was followed by Ye Chen and the four teenagers. But the night soul, the night charm is took the bright pure imperial concubine to walk the crescent moon building. Where is the nurse now? Passing the cold moon, she asked as she walked inside. The nurse's coffin stood in the back hall, where her father and Princess Lingxue were guarding it. Because Princess Lingxue was about the same age as her, even if she was nominally her mother, she could not call her mother. And the princess is generous and straightforward, but she doesn't mind. On the contrary, he got along well with the cold moon. Let's go Leng Wanwan nodded and walked toward the back hall. The night wind lifted the hair of all the people, all dressed in a white robe to win the snow,plastic pallet containers, walking in the black clothes in a hurry, the face is calm, and the night is also infected with sadness.

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