One in ten thousand love

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Description: How did you get so rich? She couldn't help asking. The question sounded a bit sophisticated, and he raised his lips lightly. "You may not believe it, but the island was very cheap when I bought it, and my friend bought it for me." It was Paul's idea to buy the island, and the three of them would come for a vacation every year when they were free. Besides, he hasn't been here with anyone else, and she's the first woman he's brought here. All right, I'll treat you to dinner tonight. For the next two days, you can play whatever you want, and remember to pay attention to your safety. He told her. OK?” She ran excitedly to the balcony, looked out at the tropical plants in the room, and enjoyed lying down on the lounge chair. The next morning, when she went to the dining room for breakfast, she did not see him. After breakfast, she saw that there were four or five very beautiful swimming pools in the hotel, and there was no one in them, so she went upstairs and changed her swimsuit. This swimsuit was a new bikini I bought yesterday. I had brought a one-piece swimsuit, but the new one was always more beautiful, so I took it out to wear first. When we got to the swimming pool, Luo Haoyu was there. In a big swimming pool, just him and her. He greeted her first: "Hi!"! Do you also come to swim? He was standing on the edge of the swimming pool, holding the steps on both sides with his hands,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, and there were little drops of water on his head and body. This man, with dark skin and only black swimming trunks, has a good figure to shoot men's perfume advertisements. She was wearing a bikini with very little cloth on her body, and when she saw him like this again, she was suddenly a little embarrassed, so she simply nodded to him and swam away. After swimming a few laps, she realized that the straps on her body were not suitable for long-distance swimming at all. The straps were about to loosen, especially the upper body,stainless steel shower tray, so she stopped and lay on the edge of the pool to adjust the shoulder straps. Nice swim! Luo Haoyu's voice rang in his ears. She turned nervously and looked at her chest first. Fortunately, she was not naked. He followed her gaze and glanced at her chest. The time that that look stays is very short, but Cheng Xinlei still is seen by him a little face is hot rise, then pretend to ask calmly: "Do not know you had heard a story?" "What story?" He raised his eyebrows. It is said that when a hotel was recruiting employees, three male applicants went to the interview. The examiner asked them a strange question: What would you do if you opened the bathroom of the guest room and found a woman taking a shower inside? The first one said that he would answer "sorry" and then turn around and walk away. The second one, he said, "Excuse me, ma'am," and closed the door and left. Third, he said, Excuse me, sir, and closed the door and left. Guess who got in at the end? He had some idea of what she meant when she told the story, but he still smiled and asked, "Who?" "The third applicant." Well, that's what she meant to say, Manual Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, so he replied, "I wouldn't say that if I were you.". I don't think any woman would be happy if a man mistook her for the same sex. "This is.." Well, what would you say? "I'll say," he looked her in the eye, "you're in great shape, lady." "But in fact, my figure will not be better or worse because you look at it!" She put her hands on her hips and said angrily. Looking at her like this, he burst out laughing, and after a long time, he stopped laughing and said: "However, to be on the safe side, I suggest you change to a more conservative one and swim again." "That's what I mean." She glared at him and walked quickly to the pool steps. When she walked away, Luo Haoyu's eyes became deep. Looking at her just now, the white skin and beautiful curves made him desire her. He has a lust for her! Stay away from her, stay away from this woman! When Cheng Xinlei came down again, she found that he had gone. In the following time, I didn't meet him again. The next morning, she met Luo Haoyu in the restaurant and said to him excitedly, "Today Jacky said he would take me to sea to play!" "You know Jacky, too?" Jacky is an old gardener and very welcoming. "Yes, I went to his house for dinner last night, and the whole family was fine." She is very good at enjoying herself and making new friends easily. By the way, would you like to come with us? She asked again expectantly. Ok He had wanted to stay away from her yesterday, but now looking at her like this, he agreed without hesitation. As a result, it was found that there were others in the same trade, adding up to more than a dozen people. It turns out that Jacky also works part-time as a tour guide, which happens to be a tour group. Luo Haoyu thought she might not like to be crowded with so many people on a private yacht, but she said happily: "Well, I like a lot of people, so lively!" They are going to another island in the distance for sightseeing, which takes about an hour by boat. In addition to the two of them, there was a white couple, an Arab family, two couples and a child, a total of seven people, the youngest of whom was said to be only two years old, a very lovely girl. There is also a young Vietnamese woman who is very comely. Of all the people, only the Vietnamese woman's expression has been very melancholy. The weather was fine at the beginning of the day, but then it suddenly clouded over, and in the middle of the ship, it began to rain heavily. The yacht is not sheltered from the rain, and there is a roof on it, which is actually used to shade the sun. Many people were caught in the rain, Luo Haoyu pulled Cheng Xinlei to the place where the rain could not be caught and sat down, sitting on the periphery. At this time, Xinlei saw the little Arab girl shivering in the rain and invited her to sit on her side. Are you cold? She asked the little girl in English, and the other nodded carefully. She took a heavy life-saving jacket piled in the middle, helped her put it on,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, and said with a smile, "This will be better." The girl looked at her and said softly in English, "Thank you." "You're welcome." ?

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