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Description: However, Tianfeng's magic power was so strong that he waved the banner repeatedly and vowed to kill Yang Haoxuan. Tianfeng, you go too far. Yan Ya in the air could not bear it any more. She made a move. The clothes on her body were windless and automatic. The cold air instantly infected the whole audience. Then, a pair of ice skates attacked the Demon Conquering Banner of Tianfeng. Damn it, you're fighting me for the devil? Tianfeng immediately angry, the beloved woman unexpectedly so, how to let him stand, a pull of the demon banner, change direction, unexpectedly attacked Yanya! Chapter 349 underground palace (for collection). Words Yang Haoxuan suddenly felt behind the relentless pursuit of the raging fire suddenly disappeared, immediately the body is very relaxed, this time, he found himself all over has been sweat, fear again and again, Tianfeng flame, more powerful than his fire dragon dance, if entangled, immediately may be burned into powder. At this moment, also dare not curious to go up to see what is going on, but continue to dive below, but also a little worried, thought: "Yanya just came forward for me, now do not know if there is anything!"! "Don't worry, Yanya is also a true disciple of Qingmengzhai. Ordinary people dare not attack her. At least, no one dares to kill her. Otherwise, Yunxia Xianzun of Qingmengzhai will play a big game. Although QingmengZhai is only the seventh Zhengdao sect, Yunxia Xianzun is the top ten masters in the martial arts world." Wing suddenly flew out, accompanied by Yang Haoxuan around, said: "Yunxia Xianzun, is not the reincarnation of the ancient emperor,tin beneficiation plant, but when she was in ancient times, she had already existed. When I still had the will, she had already made a name for herself in ancient times. Young rookie still exists today. Think about it yourself, how terrible her cultivation should be!" Yang Haoxuan Wen Yan, can not help but think of the original in Qingmeng Zhai to see all kinds of Yunxia Xianzun, that kind of intrepid strength, but also only an incarnation, the real body is ten thousand times stronger. Then, he shook his head, identified the direction, and continued to dive down. In the soil,gold shaking table, he was like a fish in water, thanks to his magical power of the earth system. However, the more he went down, he found that there were many kinds of iron ores under this blessed land, and they were extremely precious. His magical power of the earth system could not melt at all, and his action slowed down. First, he gave himself an elixir. Yang Haoxuan said again, "It's really strange. There are so many disciples coming down from the Demon Way, but now I haven't seen any of them. I'm not in the wrong place, am I?"? If it weren't for my countless elixirs, I wouldn't have to worry about flying back to the ground without magic power. I'm really afraid at the moment. Complain and keep driving down. Suddenly, Yang Haoxuan eyes a bright, because in front of him, he felt a vein, and this vein, the above is actually a piece of diamond-like ore, extremely hard, the eye of insight, immediately frightened. Originally, this kind of ore, called the earth white stone, Portable gold trommel ,Carbon in Pulp, is now extremely rare in the martial arts world, but here, it is actually a large number, around here, more or less there are hundreds of earth white stone veins. This alone is enough to prove how rich the resources of Tianfubaodi are. Yang Haoxuan also sighed and said: "It turns out that Tianfubaodi is not only about the aura, but also about the rich resources. If I master the veins here, the veins here are all mine. If I refine them, I can refine countless treasures and even Taoist utensils!" "Yes, this Tianfu treasure land is really good, ordinary Tianfu treasure land is also a few veins, but here actually reached thousands, no wonder the demons have shot, Yang Haoxuan, if you can get this vein, you must get it, otherwise, even if you wait another ten thousand years, it is impossible to have such a Tianfubao land!" The winglet held up his chin and was surprised. They are underground, but the soil all over their bodies automatically separates, so that they have a circular space. Suddenly, Yang Haoxuan looked at his feet and said in surprise, "It's really strange. Where are all the people of the Demon Way going?"? If we dive like this again, we may dig into the core of the earth. If we are not careful, we will become slag! "Yang Haoxuan, you also have to be careful, now the right way wants to kill you, the evil way can not find a reason to kill you, you are now caught on both sides, can not go up, go down to meet the evil way, I use up all the essence of five thousand thunder and lightning, can not help you is also trouble." Little Wing said worriedly. Don't worry, in this underground, although I dare not claim that no one can catch up with me, but my speed is to believe. Yang Haoxuan doesn't care: "Let's dive for a while." Soon, thousands of meters passed in a hurry. On the way, there were all kinds of mineral veins that were more noble than the white stone. Yang Haoxuan was overjoyed. However, he could not lock the mineral veins. Moreover, he really could not see a demon disciple, as if they had disappeared. Boom, boom! At the foot of Yang Haoxuan, it was already the surface of the earth's core. The temperature was frightening. Before he went in, he was sweating profusely. He was so frightened that he shook his head repeatedly: "The following is really a crisis. If you are not careful, you will die." "I know, Yang Haoxuan, I know where the vein is!" But unexpectedly, the winglet suddenly jumped up and his face was full of excitement. Where is it? Yang Haoxuan immediately asked. I don't know exactly where it is, but I can tell you how to find it. I've just seen the resources of Tianfu Baodi. I thought that even if the aura leaked and was not noticed, the veins below should have been discovered for so many years. So I guess, in fact, before that, this Tianfu Baodi was completely blocked. This practice was very common in ancient times. Often, they will refine the veins into palaces or objects of various shapes. Little Wing began to explain, "Didn't you see a disciple of the Demon Way?"? It's very likely that they have entered the vein, that is, the palace and other places, so you can't see it! Yang Haoxuan Wen Yan is also a stupefied, did not expect to have such a statement, but also very much believe in the winglet, eyes everywhere looking, sure enough, soon after, he found in the core of a place where flames erupt more frequently, a palace floating parked there. That's him! The winglet saw it immediately and pointed immediately. Yang Haoxuan thought for a while, then rushed down, at the same time repeatedly waved several palms,gold CIP machine, the formation of the palm strength, the magma flame all down, but soon rebounded up. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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