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Description: "The man lying there?" "That's my body." "Jiong!" The peach stepped back, "it's not rotten yet." After thinking about it, no, it hasn't been refreshed yet. ……” In fact, she also wanted to ask this question. Who so convulsed, put her body into the crystal coffin, sprinkled with vulgar petals. Peaches and goblins searched for a long time, but found no trace of BOSS. Curious to poke the silk face, elastic, as if just dead. "It takes a lot of effort to preserve it so well. Is that what my sister means?" Sisi guessed. Is your sister good-looking? The peach began to reason. Better than the two of us put together. “…… Don't add me in every time. More than the sum of two people, that is very good-looking, "will every time she sees you, she will get a great sense of satisfaction in her heart, so use you to feel sorry for herself?" “…… Don't follow my train of thought to guess! The light burst out, and she wanted to have a hand, and she wanted to hold her forehead. Perhaps the voice of silk shouted loudly, another entrance in the center of the maze, suddenly turned in a man, to be exact, a mermaid, his upper body is a male body, the lower body is a fish. The face is gorgeous and the glabella is very gloomy. Intruder! The voice of the man fish is as beautiful as the sounds of nature, bewitching people's listening bones, but the murderous look contained in it is not so beautiful. Siren! Shouted in surprise with a bright light. Silk? Is that you? Where are you The merman's face shone like a sunrise over the sea,ceramic bobbin heater, and his eyes shone as blue as the sea. It's like sucking people to the bottom of the sea. Not as decadent as just now, but like a Siren who seduces sailors. …… I'm here, Peach. Take me out quickly. I know this man. He is the servant of the Sea King. Sisi said excitedly. The peach obediently took out the pearl and gave it to the siren. The siren took it carefully and rubbed it gently on her face. …… Finally waiting for you, Sisi. Servant to maid, these two are having an affair. Peach felt that there should be no need to look for the Sea King, because the task had begun to flash, indicating that she had completed it. Siren and silk talked a few words, the siren impatiently put the pearl on the top of the silk body,steatite c221, read the incantation that could not be understood, the white light gradually wrapped the silk body, the peach was stabbed by the strong light to squint, and so on to look again, the sleeping person on the bed slowly opened his eyes. The siren hugged Sisi excitedly, and they hugged each other and cried. Siren, have you been here with me? A hoarse opening. The siren gently wiped the tears from her face and nodded. You are so stupid. Sisi hugged the siren again. Peach was very happy to see the tail of the siren fish being held in his arms. The siren's eyes smiled into a crescent moon and hugged back tightly. A thousand years of waiting, harvest the fruits of happiness, the siren and so on to the silk, silk also see clearly, who is worthy of her love, time has proved the immortality of love, two people fly away ~ "Peach, this pearl is the task reward. Take it. Let's go." Sisi waved goodbye to peach in the siren's arms. Peach responded, looking at the two disappeared figure, happy smile, the heart is also happy. After the silk and the siren left, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,ceramic igniter electrodes, the peach began to play with the fate of missing. Strange The system did not remind her to harvest fatalistic thoughts as she did when she picked up tender thoughts. The Peach Blossoms of Online Games The Peach Blossoms of the Main Text 187 Anecdotes of the Construction Association Peaches are looking at the task reward, the door and stumbled into a face like the siren, but no fish tail, and luxurious clothes, there is a strong magnetic field of the superior. He threw himself in front of the crystal coffin with a mournful expression. The ring on his body tinkled sadly. His slender fingers stroked the petals of his lost master and closed his eyes painfully. The air around congealed with sadness and remained silent for a long time. "Adventurer," restrained heartache, he stood up straight, restored the usual noble pride, back to the peach said, "you resurrected her, what reward do you want?" "Are you the Sea King?" The peach asked uncertainly. I am the God of the four seas. What can I do for you? The Sea King's voice was loud and dignified, and he was slightly dissatisfied. You've been watching Sisi? Peach shrank her head and continued to ask questions. The Sea King turned sideways, his long hair hanging down, stretched out his white and glittering fingertips from his brocade wide sleeves, and rubbed them carefully on the crystal coffin, his eyes touching and shaking his head slightly. Fighting all over the world, where there is time to accompany her. Tong has been taking care of, oh, that siren, my doppelganger. Peach wink, could it be, the sea king likes silk, the sea king's servant also likes silk, silk thought the sea king did not like her, silk was moved by the servant, finally silk and the servant eloped? Sighing, Peach asked, "You don't like her sister, do you?" Sea King looked up, eyebrows asked precipitation of sadness, the tone of the misty opening, "like." Peaches want to speak and stop, then what are you sad about, what are you doing with the silk corpse. The Sea King dropped his eyelashes and murmured, "It's good to go. It's not happy to follow me.". Ha ha, just this four seas territory, after missing the sea, I don't know how lonely it will be. You are lonely, peach heart murmur, this sea king has a problem, obviously deeply in love with silk, but also like silk sister, er, the legendary playboy, love, playboy? If that's the case, his suffering is really not worthy of sympathy. But seeing the faint grief under the noble and cold mask of the sea king, the peach could not bear to touch the pearl given by the silk and handed it to the sea king, "This medium that the silk once lodged, give it to you as a thought." She dared to give it out because she felt in her heart that the pearl might be a fake like the false tender yearning in the hands of the Elf King. The sea king was stunned, holding the pearl in his hand and gazing at it for a long time without saying a word. "I have a sea pearl in my hand, but you have always stayed by my side." Peach was at a loss. She saw the shining tears falling from the corner of the sea king's eyes. Did they miss each other? The sea king can't give all his love to Sisi,ceramic bobbin element, but he loves her most. Eternal yearning, the final destination. Want to see the struggle as if not seen, love and heartless.

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