Plain Hands Cover the Sky _ Pai Pai Novels

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Description: Then she looked up, only to be slightly startled. On the opposite side of the river, there is a cherry tea field. In early winter, it is the season of cherry blossom, and the bones created by the continuous war are scattered in the earth, tightly entangled by their soft vines, absorbing the nutrients inside, making the flowers more strange. Overflowing the eyes of the fiery red, burning in the wind, because it is too red, in the moonlight, it looks a little blue. When the breeze blows the delicate and beautiful flowers, it seems that there is a faint and ethereal song singing in a low voice. In this colorful scenery, Zhou Rong's voice sounded faintly, but there was a very astringent feeling, "Orange born in Huainan is orange, born in Huaibei is.." Cherry also has such a strange temper, after the White Dragon River, not a plant grows. "Ten years ago, there was no such word as'Gao 'in front of Gaotang. It was the orthodox regime of the Central Plains, and the other side of the river was also the territory of Eastern Qi. The relationship between the two countries was at daggers drawn. Both sides sent troops to guard and patrol. Every winter, they cut through the ice on the river surface for fear of sneak attacks." "But when people get sick,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, they have to be cured, so some people take the risk of smuggling cherry into the territory of the Tang Dynasty. It is said that the profit is very high. One plant sells for only ten taels in the Eastern Qi Dynasty, but it can be sold for more than three hundred taels here." "Ten years ago, my grandfather was old and drunk, and finally one day he slept in a chair and never woke up.". My mother attended the funeral, took me with her, and continued to practice medicine everywhere. Later, when I got to the boundary,4 person jacuzzi, Niang suddenly fell ill. I knew it was a heavy throat, so I went to find medicine for her, "Zhou Rong went on to say." Although my mother has excellent medical skills, she is soft-hearted. She has a lot of medical bills. People really can't afford to pay for them, and they don't want them. Sometimes she pays for medicine for patients, so she is always short of money. "I knew the cherry was very expensive, so I had no choice but to take the account book and go door to door to beg and collect it. They knew it was my mother's illness, so many people smashed pots and sold iron to collect the money. Unfortunately, after all, they were all poor families. It took more than a day to collect three hundred taels." "I hurried to the pharmacy.". However, people are silly when they are in a hurry. I always remember walking around the soldiers, but that day, I didn't see five or six of them wandering around-that day, maybe I really couldn't see anything. "Those people were dressed up as soldiers of the Tang army. You know, in this world, a family of soldiers and bandits, massage bathtub manufacturers ,jacuzzi swim spa, when they see me wearing bulges on the ground-with copper coins and broken silver, can they not be bulging?"? They gathered around me and pushed me. I hit the back of my head on something. When I woke up, the money was all gone. Wan Sufei noticed that when Zhou Rong spoke, although his tone was flat, his eyes were already secretly dotted. Chapter 58 Wolfsbane I was so frantic that I Wan to beg for it from that people who had taken it away, but I even went to ask the sick people for money for their faces. They might not have any more, and I didn't have enough time. I Wan to cross the river to steal cherry blossoms, but on the bank I saw a smuggler who had been disembowel, and his intestines were mixed with the flowers all over the ground. At last I was too timid to go there. "Then I had no choice but to go to the drugstore in the city." "Is that the money manager?" Wan Sufei exclaimed, so it was no wonder that Zhou Rong hated him so much. Zhou Rong smiled silently and looked into the distance for a long time before he continued, "It's him.". At that time, I was full of hope that he could be as kind as my mother and give us medicine in the same business of curing diseases and saving people. But soon, I was disappointed and even desperate. No matter how much I begged him, he only said that it was natural to take money with one hand and deliver it with the other. Later When Zhou Rong said this, his body suddenly trembled slightly, his hands clenched into fists unconsciously, and his voice became sharp. Later Later No matter how I beg him, I can't. Just, just kneel down. When Wan Sufei heard this, he suddenly felt that the tip of his heart was gripped by something. Men have gold under their knees, kneel down to heaven and kneel down to their parents. What is such a thing? Despite Zhou Rong's efforts to narrate in a plain way, she felt the humiliation that was unforgettable but difficult to express. "But it was no use. He closed the gate and let me beg in front of the cold animal's head." Zhou Rong went on, "Later, someone told me, don't kneel down, or you can't even see your mother for the last time.". I suddenly woke up, got up and ran home. "My mother is waiting for me." "She can't speak, but she can still hold my hand." "Then I felt her hands relax and grow cold in my hands.." "If you don't understand, I wish you a lifetime of not understanding the feeling that the life of a loved one is passing away in your hands, but nothing can be done." Wan Sufei clenched her lips and looked up at the sky so that tears would not come out of her eyes. She didn't understand, but she already understood. Then it was dark, the room was dark, and my mother's hands were completely cold. "I sat in the house until midnight, and I wanted to die, and I thought it would be better for a useless person like me to die." "But no, I have to take care of my mother's funeral." "In the days of war and chaos, there are many strange things. I heard that there are people who steal and dig the graves of young women in order to marry'ghost relatives' nearby. I don't think so. I can't let my mother have this danger." "And I have no money to buy a coffin." "So I carried my mother to the river, found a board, put her on it, and let her float down with the White Dragon River." "I don't know what day it was, but there was a light on the water.". A few lotus lanterns, burning small candles, gathered around my mother in that way, reflecting her last appearance beautifully. The earth is so dirty, but the water is clean. My mother should have such a clean ending. Then I looked up, and there was such a cherry field opposite. That year, the weather was very strange, and the cherry blossoms opened in the Mid-Autumn Festival. "I looked at the flame cloud and suddenly laughed, and suddenly I didn't want to die." "Medicine Wang Ji,indoor endless pool, the medicine Wang Ji who saved the world all her life, finally died of sinking throat because of lack of medicine.". And that medicine grows so far across the river. God is blind! The world is black and white! "At that moment, I said a thousand times in my heart that I would never touch the medicine box or be a doctor again in my life." ?

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