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Description: Under the national policy of mercantilism, the economy of Daqi developed rapidly, and with the strengthening of overseas trade, the economic exchange circle continued to expand. The court of the Great Qi Dynasty made huge profits from it. Because of the expansion of the economy, the money needed increased, and the court continued to increase the production of copper coins. However, the currencies of different countries are not the same, and gold and silver, as the strongest hard currency, are continuously shipped abroad, resulting in a significant reduction in the gold reserves of Daqi. With the increasing number of large transactions, the disadvantages of the inconvenience of carrying money are gradually revealed. If things go on like this, it will certainly affect the current prosperous economic development situation. The emperor has been struggling with this problem recently. Some of the ministers in charge of finance advocated reducing the weight of copper coins, others advocated restricting the flow of gold overseas, but none of them could come up with a proper solution. After knowing that he could not count on his courtiers, the emperor secretly called Mr. Yun and Lian Wuji into the palace. This was the first meeting between the three brothers after Lian Wuji returned to the capital. Chapter 156 night talk with candles. The moon is dark and the wind is high. During the day, most of the magnificent imperial city was plunged into darkness. The palace lanterns hanging at the gates of some important palaces and in the corridors flickered in the night wind. With the rustling of huge trees, the palace showed a bit of eeriness, like a devouring beast lurking ready to pounce on its prey,Belt Filter Press, an indescribable danger. The guard on duty dutifully followed the patrol path back and forth. The emperor did not call his concubine to bed tonight, but went to bed early. Little Xuanzi, the eunuch, was finally free so early one day. He dozed contentedly by the pillar at the door. People like him had long learned to seize all precious opportunities to rest. There is too much mind to waste in serving the master. Closer to the dragon bed, outside the curtain, two little ladies of the court knelt on the cattail mat and fell half asleep and half awake bit by bit. Suddenly, the door rang softly,multi disc screw press, and two figures flashed in. Little Xuanzi immediately came over in surprise. Before he could see it, he gave a low shout: "Who is it?" Entering the emperor's bedroom without notification is a capital crime, not to mention at night, is it an assassin? Little Xuanzi's dazed mind suddenly became completely clear, and when he looked up, he saw two strange men. One was dressed in a dark gold striped robe, with a cold look and a strong murderous look in his long and narrow eyes; the other's gorgeous face was particularly enchanting under the candlelight and scarlet robes. Rao is in the palace used to see the stunning concubine of the small Xuanzi also eyes a bright. Had it not been for the man's obvious man's coat and the flat chest under his thin clothes, he had no doubt that the man in front of him was the most beautiful woman in the world, perhaps, the most beautiful man in the world now? The two men did not answer Xiao Xuanzi's words, which made him a little nervous. Fortunately, the beautiful man gave Xiao Xuanzi a comforting smile in time. He calmed down inexplicably, and a strange feeling rose in his heart: such two outstanding men must not be assassins. Looking at their calm faces in beautiful clothes, they looked like visitors. Guest? Little Xuanzi scolded himself for his absurd idea in his heart. He quietly looked at the red candle with a thick arm. According to the remaining length, rapid sand filters ,fine bubble diffuser, he estimated that it was already past the time. He was sure that the emperor had not told him to summon anyone today, otherwise the emperor would not have gone to bed so early. Now that you're here, come in. Came the faint and majestic voice of the emperor. Little Xuanzi was startled to see through the thin curtain that the emperor was sitting on the edge of the bed and had dressed himself. He could not help scolding himself for his dereliction of duty. Naturally, the emperor did not speak to him, but to the two mysterious men who had just come in. Little Xuanzi did not dare to ask more questions. He cleverly woke up the two confused ladies and drove them out. He gently closed the door. He saw Yang Hao, the commander of the door, staring at them with a bad look. He could not help but feel a chill in his heart, knowing that there were some things he could not know, hurriedly dragged the two little ladies far away, and told them in a low voice not to say what they saw, the two little ladies kept nodding. You have a big score, but we came to the palace in the middle of the night. Seeing that all the servants had gone out, Mr. Yun walked to a short table and poured himself a glass of imperial wine. He had already prepared two pots of the best wine and five or six dishes of exquisite cakes. Accustomed to his rudeness, the emperor strode out and held Lian Wuji's hand excitedly. "Second Younger Martial Brother, we will meet again in seventeen years!" In the evening, the emperor changed into casual clothes, less dignified and more cordial. Yes, after many years of separation, Big Brother, you have finally become a qualified emperor. Lian Wuji said with relief. Neither of them seemed strange at all because of the gap between them more than ten years ago, nor embarrassed by the opposition over the years, as if nothing had happened, but the blink of an eye was still fleeting. Hum Mr. Yun glanced at their intimate hands, suddenly felt very unhappy, and remembered that he should be lying comfortably in bed now, but was called over by someone in the name of missing, so he was even more unhappy. Lian Wuji smiled, calmly and quietly pulled out his hand, sat opposite Mr. Yun, and motioned for the emperor to sit over. The emperor sat down with pleasure and said, "Tonight we must hold a candle and talk happily." If there were outsiders here now, they would feel a chill at the emperor's words. Three men, including two men with extraordinary appearance, and one man who could be called stunning, were talking happily with candles in the bedroom late at night. Second Younger Martial Brother, knowing that you came back to the capital from Mongolia, I (when I was three people, the emperor abandoned the arrogant self-proclaimed "I") had long wanted to find a time to get together, but I was too busy these months to get out during the day, not to mention Zhongyun's identity, it was too eye-catching to meet during the day, so I had to trouble you to come over at night. The emperor hurriedly explained, trying to calm Mr. Yun's anger. Lian Wuji nodded his head to show his understanding. Since he broke away from Mengula and returned home,filter nozzle, the emperor really had a lot of things to do. He was busy taking the opportunity to beat up Mengula, busy dialing out Mengula's spies in Daqi, and busy introducing a series of business reform measures. He must have not slept well for a long time. He had a faint black eye under his eyes.

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