Reappearance of the Legend of Online Games

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Description: At the moment when I urged my mind, a miracle happened. The four prawns suddenly appeared in the house. The funniest flying catkins may have been sitting on a stool just now, but they sat on the ground as soon as they appeared. Four people did not know what had happened and looked at me and Xiaojing, who were already overjoyed, in amazement. Boss, this is amazing. What magic did you just use? To be able to transport us directly here, my God, if you use this trick from time to time in the future, then we have to be on guard against falling like flying catkins? Cried the prawn loudly and excitedly. Haha, it's not magic. Every one of you can do it. I deliberately kept them in suspense and aroused their desire for knowledge. Monkey, do you mean that we can also move a few living people from one place to another like you? It's amazing. It's incredible. Asked the spirit, with irrepressible excitement in his face. You see, this is the thing that brought you here. I took off the memory suit and handed it to them. Memory suit? Walker, can this thing really carry us from one place to another? I can't believe it. With this thing, who will we be afraid of when we fight in the future? First, Walker flew over with a teleportation ring, and then passed a large number of people over with a memory suit. Haha, we are simply invincible. Feitianxu said with a wild laugh, holding a memory suit in his hand. Walker,side impact door beams, I think if this thing is used when monsters attack cities, it will be very effective. If we organize a group of people to attack monsters with memory suits, it will relieve us a lot of pressure. The spirit thought for a long time, and then said. Haha, I also thought so. I wanted to try this thing first to see if it was so easy to use, so I sent you here first. I didn't expect it to be so easy to use. As long as you are in the same group, you can send it here,stainless steel tube 304, and the speed is very fast. There is almost no pause and reaction time. I saw the ghost and I thought together and explained excitedly. Walker, I think we can use this thing now. Haha, it can be used not only when monsters attack the city. Don't we have no equipment now? So from now on, we will use the memory suit to kill BOSS. Think about it. You use the transmission ring to fly outside the home of BOSS first, and then use the memory suit to get us all over. If you kill a BOSS like this, we don't have to waste time on the way to and from. How much faster will it be? Feng suddenly took the words and said. Haha, yes, we were worried about the equipment just now, but we didn't expect to be able to solve it so soon. It's so cool. Boss, you are so awesome. You can play out such abnormal things. I can't think of anything you can't do. It seems that I follow the boss. This step is right. Haha. The prawn heard the crowd say so and laughed excitedly. However, I think even if we keep killing BOSS from now on, the equipment is still not up to the number we need, not to mention that we have a lot of other things to do, aluminium coated tubes ,Cold Drawn Tubes, so the equipment, we can use the memory suit to solve part of the problem, but there is still a large part of us to think of other ways. Said the spirit worriedly at the mention of the matter of equipment. Then we have to think of another way. Boss, we want you to borrow a batch of equipment from other guilds to save the emergency. When the monster siege is over, we will return it. What do you think? I think with your reputation, it should not be very difficult to borrow some equipment. The prawn saw that the memory suit still could not completely solve the problem of equipment, and the voice became depressed. "Prawns, ghosts, how much equipment do we still lack? Have we not solved the problem of equipment after such a long time of preparation?"? Without good equipment, it is very difficult for us to gain a foothold when the monster attacks the city. After all, in the game, if you don't have good equipment, you are like a soldier on the battlefield who can't wear good armor and is as passive as a broken kitchen knife. You can't resist the impact of the ferocious monsters at all. When I saw everyone saying this, I vaguely knew that the lack of equipment in the guild should be more serious, otherwise everyone would not mention the word "equipment" and look so depressed, as if they had been beaten up. Walker, after our two guilds came together, we set up a new guild. Originally, there were more than 5000 members. When the news spread, many players came here again. As a result, the number of players in the guild has reached more than 8000, and it is still increasing. I estimate that if this trend continues, our guild will wait until the monster attacks the city. The number of players may exceed the 10,000 mark. After listening to my question, the spirit explained. My God, ten thousand people, what kind of concept is this? Ten thousand people each have a set of equipment, this is a huge project ah. So how many people's equipment can we provide now, or how many people's equipment can meet the requirements of resisting monster siege? I asked, my heart has begun to tremble, do not tell me that you still have seven or eight thousand people without equipment, in that case, I, the leader of the guild, will have to commit suicide by jumping off a building to solve the immediate problem. At present, the equipment has met the requirements of more than 4000 people, at this rate, even if we use the memory suit to play equipment, it is estimated that only about 6000 players can meet the equipment, so there are 4000 people without equipment. Replied the spirit, with a furrowed brow. As soon as the words came out, the whole hall fell into silence. The equipment of 4000 people, such a large number,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, is a heavy burden on anyone's shoulders. < a href = > Qidian Chinese Network welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! Chapter three hundred and six guild territory.

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