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Description: "But what if I have a guilty conscience?" Xiao Jian said in a deep voice. Jiang Ziling's body froze. Xiao Jian, you. You know, I like you. And I know you like me. There are no secrets between men and women. Normal men and women are actually very sensitive, except for those stupid and hopeless licking dogs. When a man chases a woman, the last thing a woman refuses is to take you as a spare tire. As for what I have not found before, I have always regarded you as a brother, which is the basic operation of the green tea bitch. It's easy to say anything if you don't hang others. He hanged others and said that he took them as his elder brother. Cheat the ghost? Jiang Ziling knew very well that Xiao Jian's eyes had crossed the line. The actions that helped her crossed the line. If an adult woman can't even tell the difference, she should die as soon as possible. Jiang Ziling suddenly burst into tears. Xiao Jian, you are Tang Jing, you can only be Tang Jing. You are so perfect that only Tang Jing is worthy of you. "I thought so, too, until I met you." Compared with Jiang Ziling's collapse, Xiao Jian undoubtedly retains half of his reason. But Xiao Jian, who had been knocked out of love, was now full of desire and hope-just admit it like this. What's there to be embarrassed about? If we continue to pretend, we will only harm others and ourselves. Zi Ling, only each other knows whether men and women are suitable or not. Women are like shoes. I used to think Tang Jing was the right one for me, but after wearing it for so many years, it still gets in the way. Only with you, I will be really comfortable. If you agree, we will go downstairs and make it clear to Tang Jing now that I will bear the consequences. There is no doubt that Xiao Jian at this moment is very important to Jiang Ziling. As for Tang Jing? At least at this moment, Xiao Jian is not willing to consider. At this point, Jiang Ziling is more conscientious than Xiao Jian. No, Xiao Jian, you can't do this. You can choose to break up with Tang Jing because of anyone, but this person must not be me. How much Tang Jing helped her, Jiang Ziling's heart is still forced after all. Her green tea attributes are not full after all. Unfortunately, it's not full because it's still evolving, not because she's not green tea. Xiao Jian, you are so perfect. After my life was devastated, it was you who stood up, sheltered me from the wind and rain, found me a new job, and helped me take care of Jiaming. Without you, I really don't know if I can survive until now. So, Interactive digital signage , I have a good impression on you, just can not help, that is a woman's dependence on men, is very normal. After this period of time, it will disappear naturally. Jiang Ziling said that he did not believe the words, and Xiao Jian's reaction is very simple, directly kissed Jiang Ziling. Jiang Ziling suddenly opened her eyes wide, and her first reaction was a violent struggle. But Xiao Jian kissed very hard. Jiang Ziling soon sank into it and forgot Tang Jing downstairs. When the kiss was over, Jiang Ziling reacted and immediately broke away from Xiao Jian's embrace. You You Don't get me wrong. I'm just expressing my gratitude to you. Xiao Jian smiled. Jiang Ziling's kindness gave birth to his courage. Now that Tang Jing already knows, this kind of thing, always cannot let Jiang Ziling a woman carry. Zi Ling, come on, let's go downstairs and make it clear to Tang Jing. Jiang Ziling was full of courage just now, but now he is suddenly afraid again. Do you really want to do this? "There is no other way, Tang Jing already knows, she has never been a submissive woman.". I don't care what she does to me, but if she deals with you, I can't say I can protect you. Over the years, Tang Jing's ability and connections have long been no less than mine. In fact, he is modest. Although Tang Jing has finished her apprenticeship and has a small reputation in the industry, compared with Xiao Jian, she is still half a chip short. However, with Jiang Ziling dragging his feet, Xiao Jian is really not necessarily Tang Jing's opponent. The lethality of pig teammates, who has tried who knows. Jiang Ziling was pulled down by Xiao Jian. On the stairs, Jiang Ziling was still expressing his kindness: "Xiao Jian, shall we hide it from Tang Jing first?"? Find a passable explanation. Don't tell Tang Jingzhen now. She won't be able to stand it. ” You can rest assured that Tang Jing's endurance is beyond your imagination. You are the weakest one. For so many years, Tang Jing has been used to facing the wind and rain alone. I taught her. I know her. That's why he dared to hurt her unscrupulously. Because he knows her ability, and he knows her kindness. Jiang Ziling is a woman after all, and there is a man willing to bear the blame for himself, always in front of him, she moved is a matter of course. So her eyes were already full of tears. But their plan has not been implemented. Qi Lin found them. Quiet, look over there. Tang Jing looked, Xiao Jian was holding Jiang Ziling's hand and walking firmly towards himself. Although she had been psychologically prepared for a long time, Tang Jing's heart still felt a heart-rending pain. Brother, drive. "Don't you listen to their wonderful sophistry?" Qi Lin asked as he started the car. "I don't need to. I feel sick when I look at them." Qi Lin raised a smile at the corners of his mouth. It's really a standard female duo. But I like it. When the car started, Xiao Jian and Tang Jing looked at each other, and Tang Jing made a shooting gesture with both hands. Determined and fierce. I don't forgive. Chapter 23 You are weak and you are right [add more for the leader of "Herbal Tea and Liquor Empty Heart"] Tang Jing is ill. Although she was very angry, her anger could not hide the stimulation of her body when she suddenly encountered such a thing. In this respect, Qi Lin has no way. Qi Lin can only ask for leave to accompany Tang Jing to recuperate. Brother, I'm sorry to trouble you again. What are you talking about? My brother just wants to spoil my sister. Besides, whether I go to work or not is arranged by myself. ?

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