Runaway Bridesmaids Complete

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Description: "Oh, I went to the basement to pick up the car. I don't know who played a prank, but one of the tires was broken." It's so serious. It's too much. Is there any surveillance video? This must be found out, otherwise the guests are too unsafe. "Well, I'll certainly send someone to investigate, but I'm in a hurry now. Goodbye." "In a hurry?"? My car is at the door now. Where to go? I'll give you a ride. "No, I'll just take a taxi." "Take a taxi?"? It's not good. Anyway, I have an appointment with a friend for dinner in the evening. It's still a little early. I sent you. It's just right to go there. "Is it?"? All right, thank you. "General Manager Wei is polite." Two people went to the door, Qianqian from the car rental company for three months of the Audi A6 has been parked in front of the hotel turnstile, Wei Xingxing helped Qianqian gentleman to stop the driver, personally helped Qianqian open the rear door and wait for her to sit in the car, he sat in the front seat, told the driver the destination, the car directly to the Yaya company downstairs, all the way. Until the end, after Wei Xingxing got off, Qianqian rolled down the window and just politely said hello to Wei Xingxing and let the driver drive away. Looking at Wei Xingxing with his cell phone in the rearview mirror, Qianqian knew that the woman who made his brother sad was about to appear, so she ordered the driver to turn around at the second intersection, drove the car to Wei Xingxing's side again, and walked slowly out of the car. Mr. Wei, I'm sorry, I suddenly remembered,juice filling machine, excuse me, what time does the hotel administration go to work? Is it also 9 o'clock? "Generally yes, but it's a flexible working hours, after all, the hotel is open 24 hours, sometimes there is no working hours at all.". First day at work, nine o'clock. OK, can you tell me your mobile phone number? If I think of anything else I need to ask,PET blow moulding machine, I won't have to drive back to find you. "Oh, yes, I was negligent. This is my business card with a mobile phone number on it." "Thank you. Don't bother. See you tomorrow." "Well, I'll see you tomorrow. Thank you for today, Miss Chen." Call me Qianqian. B YE?” Now, finally, in Qianqian's line of sight appeared to stop at the door of Yaya, she was looking at Qianqian and Wei Xingxing with a little doubt in the eyes of a smiling conversation, for a moment do not know whether to approach. Qianqian was very proud, so she ended the last farewell perfectly at the right moment. By the way, she nodded politely to Yaya, and then sat in the car and walked away, leaving only Wei Xingxing, who was a little embarrassed, and Yaya, who continued to have a confused expression. Sitting in the car, looking at the rearview mirror, Beverage packing machine ,Edible oil filling machine, Wei Xingxing walked quickly to Yaya and began to explain, Qianqian could not help but be proud of the first victory. 'Hum, I will certainly break you up smoothly, Tu Yaya, you wait to return to my brother's side and cry for his forgiveness! Ask him to take you in! ' The only error was that Qianqian found that Wei Xingxing was more handsome than in the photo, and was also elegant and charming enough. His eyes were very electric, and when he didn't smile, he seemed to have a smile, and the smile was gentle enough. No wonder he can fight for his brother and take his woman away easily! Handsome is not a reason to rob someone else's wife! Found that the opponent is a little strong, Qianqian immediately decided that we must play a full set, a complete victory is interesting enough, we must get Wei Xingxing in three months, not only let him abandon Tu Yaya, but also let him fall in love with himself and propose. No, on second thought, this marriage is definitely not possible, he has not graduated, Dad will not agree, then the next best thing is to get engaged, Qianqian thought well, the engagement ceremony must be done enough publicity, and then play a game of escape marriage, and play more thoroughly than Yaya, more arrogant. After the play is super boring, Qianqian really no place to go, can only go to harass Chen Shao. So he ordered the driver to drive the car to the downstairs of Chen Shao's company. Asked the front desk Chen Shao where, unexpectedly was blocked back, Qianqian immediately beat the table to play hard, and when she said who she was, no one dared to stop her, Qianqian rushed all the way directly to the big conference room, opened the door and interrupted Chen Shao's video conference, looking at all the people in the room and even on the video screen. Rightly ordered: You don't have to talk to me. I'm just here to listen. Keep going. Rotten pear, I'm here to have dinner with you. You'd better hurry up and finish the meeting early, or I'll be too hungry. My stomach is very delicate, a hundred times more delicate than me. I guess you can't afford to starve my stomach. Eh? Why are you all looking at me? Go on with the meeting! Come on, come on, come on. Looking at this girl who was nestling in the big sofa in the corner, dressed like a lady, and acting like a hoodlum, she was really confused. Several old employees in the conference room who had seen Qianqian did not recognize her for a moment. Only LION saw her identity, but also to Qianqian two days like two people surprised, and he is also the only person who knows the purpose of Qianqian transformation, so he is also the only poor person in the field who is holding back internal injuries. Chen Shaoleng looked at Qianqian's cross-dressing but not too much surprise, this pediatric masquerade, he is also good, but he is already the boss of the company, and his character is arrogant enough, but also rebellious enough to disdain camouflage. He knew that Qianqian was because she wanted to find a good place to practice as a subordinate for three months and cheat an internship recommendation report. It was necessary to pretend to be noble, virtuous and clever. Otherwise, her hot girl outfit yesterday was only suitable for going to nightclubs as a young lady. Chapter 98 Human Scourge (8). Ignoring the lazy Qianqian in the sofa, Chen Shao motioned everyone to continue with his eyes,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, so the meeting continued into a heated discussion, until an hour and a half later everyone compromised on the same goal plan. After assigning the task, everyone dispersed consciously.

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