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Description: "Pinch the cat master, the cat master scratched me three claw marks, I should make an appointment with the doctor for vaccination, but my eyes can't move from the video at all.." The number of bullet screens gradually increased, as if to vent the shock of being frightened just now. The number of bullet screens in the live broadcast increased at the rate of thirty or fifty per second, and the number of people in the live broadcast room jumped again from the calm period, from 1000 to 1500, and then to 2000! Li Cubic looked at the growing number of people, happy and afraid, with a heart in his chest dangling like in the water, but could not stop. The audience chatted rapidly in the video, and one did not pay attention to it, and could not keep up with their words: "How long was the battle on the air?" "The judge said three minutes." Damn it, I don't believe it. It definitely feels like more than three minutes! "It's really only three minutes. If you pay attention to the time in the lower right corner of the computer, you will know." "The fight was so intense that it didn't look like it was made up after rehearsal.". I have a bold idea, is this a real shooting? Think too much! Didn't you see the speed of No.4, which is comparable to that of the Hot Wheels motorcycle? Didn't you see Number 4 fly up into the sky completely against gravity? Don't you fall to the ground and fall to the sky in actual combat? "You cow,car radiator cap, you cow, how do you think they made the video so real?" "Idiot, of course, is the credit of the constantly improving film and television special effects." The next second, the owner of the bullet screen was banned. All kinds of bullet screens continue to be brushed in the live broadcast room. The person who sprayed the dirt was caught by the big pliers. "Anchor peep screen Ing." "Discuss harmoniously, comment civilly, drink herbal tea and continue." "I said,die casting parts, the live broadcast came to the beginning of the anchor milk tea escape and suddenly changed the content, and obviously always online but has been silent, it is too suspicious.". I really have a bold idea. Li Cubic felt nervous and annoyed. If I had known it earlier, I would not have banned the people who spew dirty words. Blame the usual live broadcast, see the spray dirty on the conditioned reflex! He nervously watched the bullet screen and saw the user who sent the bullet screen continue to say: "The bold idea is that the anchor has been hijacked by aliens, and what we are watching now is not a native video, but an alien video!" Li Cube: "… …" Bullet screen flying, just the tension was diluted, everyone began to ha: “6666666” "Slightly, slightly, slightly, slightly" "The brain hole is as big as the universe." "Not to mention, Magnetic Drain Plug ,die cast light housing, the actors on the screen are quite alien. Maybe the octopus with a big round head and eight tentacles stays inside when the cloak is taken off." "I remind you that the video speaks our language." "According to the conventional setting of the technological level of foreign stars in various works, making a temporary translator to communicate with each other is as simple as a child piling up a building block." "The alien not only wants to build a translator, but also wants to learn Sanda. Judging from my 30 years of professional experience in teaching Sanda, No.4 definitely has a deep foundation in Sanda." "The master is here, no respect, no respect." "Number 4 is OK. No one thinks her retractable claws and leopard-like speed are really great?"? I've decided to invest in her and live a little longer! As he spoke, the angle of the bullet screen became crooked again, and no one paid attention to how the video screen appeared, just as no one paid attention to how the air and water appeared. Li Cubic, who was peeping at the screen, heaved a sigh of relief. It's really tiring to have a secret. I was scared to death just now. No, this live video broadcast is over, I must cancel the number, cancel the number to ensure safety! At this time, a long string of words appeared again in the video, and the little green word came out again. Green character analysis: "From the battle just now, No.3 and No.5 help each other and cover each other, they may indeed be companions; No.4 is the fastest, the most obvious intention to kill, it can be seen that he is a very confident person;"; No.1 made a small move. He hid behind everyone and pushed No.2 out, causing No.2 to be injured under the attack of No.5, prompting the nervous No.2 to collapse completely. His malice was directed at No.2 and No.5 at the same time. Considering that No.2 was about to abstain, the most likely target of his malice was No.5, which was also proved by the subsequent throwing of No.3. The little green letter just crossed, followed by the little red letter: "There are two scientific violations in the video.". No.1 and No.4 fly into the sky in violation of physics. When No.2 and No.4 attacked No.5's neck, a layer of water vapor appeared on No.5's neck. "Irresponsible analysis, fantasy version of the dark please close your eyes, each contestant has a unique ability, and do not know the ability of anyone other than themselves." The analysis of red and green fonts has just fallen, and the live broadcast has changed again. In the bullet screen, someone exclaimed: It's getting dark! It was dark this time, and it didn't seem to be quite the same as the previous one. I couldn't see anything before, but this time I could see something. Chapter 46 Rules Darkness falls. It's killer time again. The anesthesiologist moved his hands and feet carefully. The thick darkness faded in his eyes, and the vague outline reappeared. He looked around and found that the people who had been mixed up because of the battle had been separated. No.2 was still at the scene, probably because of the failure of abstention. No.4's claws were no longer extended to No.5. No.3 and No.5 were also separated. No.3 came down from No.5's arms and stood alone. No.6 and No.8 also went farther. The anesthesiologist did not hesitate. He walked in the direction of No.3. Number 3 could be a cop. No.3 and No.5 are allies. Number 3 gave the killer too many reasons to kill him. At arm's length, the anesthesiologist started at Xige! In the darkness, Xi Ge is waiting idly for things to come. Shortly after dark, he felt a surge of strength binding him, his hands and feet were moved and straightened,titanium machining parts, and then he left Rhine's arms and stood on the ground again. He was sure that it was not a mysterious force that had done all this, but the black cloak he was wearing. Obviously, it is the silver mask on the face that creates darkness and silence.

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