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Description: Wu Chengyi was unmoved: "What to do is my business. Sister, don't bother. I can't say the specific action plan. I'm not going to say it not only to you, but also to Jiang Zhengliu and any other leaders.". I will ask the comrades handling the case to be responsible for me, the deputy director in charge, and I will tell you in time when I can. Anyway, you just wait and see the show! Ye Zijing understood that in such a complicated situation, secrecy was absolutely necessary, so she did not ask any more questions, but said: "Director Wu, I wish you and your comrades a smooth action!"! If you need our cooperation, just open your mouth! Driving home, the head of the criminal police detachment, Lao Sun, happened to arrive at the same time. The two of them sat down in the living room of the house. Without saying a word, Wu Chengyi immediately issued instructions, asking Lao Sun to personally command with him. Under the premise of strict confidentiality, with lightning speed, they split up overnight and detained the owner of the Paris Swimming Center, Wang,Pietra Gray Marble, and Su Afu's younger brother, Su Aqiang. And all the important people who have been in close contact with Su Afu in the past, one must not be missed. Thirty-one On the night of this huge turning point in the case, Jiang Zhengliu was being pestered by his wife and sister crying. My sister-in-law works as a civil judge in the Municipal Intermediate People's Court. Her relationship with her husband Wang Xiaofeng, who is the deputy director of the Zhonglou District Bureau, has not been very harmonious. Her marriage has long been on the verge of breaking down. She has said several times over the years that she has not divorced. As soon as Wang Xiaofeng had an accident this time, his sister-in-law, out of consideration for face,Grey Marble Slab, started working for Wang Xiaofeng everywhere. Knowing that the case had been actively transferred to the procuratorial organ by Wu Chengyi, he came to cry and scold him, asking him how the director could not even control his deputy director? His wife also followed his sister-in-law and asked Jiang Zhengliu to think of a way for Wang Xiaofeng. Is there any way to think? Wang Xiaofeng became Su Afu's brother. The evidence of accepting bribes is conclusive. It is not the bribes of Su Afu and the rich family, but the bribes of other entertainment units. The amount of money involved in the case has been verified to be more than 300,000. The Party Committee of the Bureau has discussed Wang Xiaofeng's problem twice, and it is sooner or later to transfer it to the procuratorial organ. Even if Wu Chengyi does not intentionally make trouble and actively transfers, he, the director, has to passively transfer. Send the past to be businesslike, especially now this time, Ye Zijing and the procuratorate can never make an exception. Wife younger sister but regardless: "Brother-in-law, anyway you..." You have to find a way for me. The child can't live without his father! Jiang Zhengliu is really angry: "Why are you talking like that, second sister?"? You also work in the court! The amount of money involved in the case was 330, Marble Granite Price ,white marble mosaic,000 yuan. He was in charge of the security work of the sub-bureau, but he created a red-light district. He had to be sentenced as he should be. No one could save him! If you really don't give up, go to President Hong of your court and see if he dares to break the law! Wife sister cried again: "I … …" I'm an ordinary judge, and if I want to find it, you have to help me find it. Jiang Zhengliu does not pick up this stubble: "Second younger sister, I think you still divorce, this is the best way out!" As he said this, the doorbell rang for a while. Jiang Zhengliu was so eager for the visitor that he stood up slowly and prepared to open the door. At the same time, he said in a good voice, "Second Sister, there's a visitor here. Don't cry. Wipe your tears back quickly."! It's not that I speak in a bureaucratic tone. You must have the concept of legal system when you work in the court. Don't look for people everywhere for Wang Xiaofeng. This influence is too bad! The sister-in-law wiped her tears and stood up reluctantly. It was when his wife and sister went out that Section Chief Wang of the Public Security Department of the Bureau came in and said that he had something important to report. Jiang Zhengliu decided that the section chief Wang would not have any big event, but he still made a look of a big event and solemnly answered, letting the section chief Wang into the door. As soon as the door was closed and his wife and sister were shut out, the solemn expression on his face disappeared. He fell down on the sofa and asked carelessly, "Xiao Wang, it's so late. What's the matter?" Section Chief Wang said in a mysterious way: "Director Jiang, I.." I have something important to report to you! Jiang Zhengliu had been crying all night by his sister-in-law. He was very upset. He just wanted to be quiet for a while. He didn't want to listen to any report. He said, "Xiao Wang, didn't you go to the case handling team of the Public Security Hotel these days?"? Isn't Deputy Director Wu still in charge of handling cases? If you have anything to report to Deputy Director Wu, ah! Section Chief Wang stressed: "Director Jiang, this matter is related to Director Wu. You can't report it to Director Wu!" Only then did Jiang Zhengliu become alert and sit upright: "Oh?"? Xiao Wang, what's the situation? Make a long story short! Section chief Wang hurriedly reported that from Liu Yanling's strange food improvement to the conversation between Wu Chengyi and Liu Yanling, it finally came down to one point: Su Afu was still alive, Liu Yanling was the insider, and Wu Chengyi was deliberately covering up the situation! Jiang Zhengliu listens, the backbone is cold, but the face is a relaxed and natural look: "Hey, I thought it was a big deal!"! I know that. Old Wu just talked to me on the phone. He's right not to talk to you. Case strategy! Now that you have seen it, don't talk nonsense everywhere. You must pay attention to keeping it secret. Section Chief Wang breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good, Director Jiang. I'm worried that Director Wu is deliberately hiding it from you, so.." Jiang Zhengliu patted section chief Wang on the shoulder kindly: "So, you have this kind of vigilance very good, want to praise!" After thinking about it, he kindly explained, "Director Wu has a heavy burden now. Sometimes he may not be able to take care of it. Some situations may not be reflected in a timely manner. You can also reflect them directly to me!" But Section Chief Wang put it bluntly: "Director Jiang, even if you don't say it, I know that Director Wu is not in the right position these days, and he is making trouble with you.". So, I have a more mind, I will be responsible for you in the future! Jiang Zhengliu said with a smile, "Hey, Xiao Wang, it's normal for Director Wu and I to have some differences of opinion in our work. The comrades below you must not talk nonsense. This is not very good!" Then he reminded me again, "You can report directly to me.". However,grey marble slab, we must pay attention to confidentiality and not cause any misunderstanding to Director Wu! "" Section Chief Wang was a wise man. He understood everything and answered again and again: "Good, good, Director Jiang.." ?

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