Tengu swallows the sun in online games

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Description: When seeing sixty thousand players dressed in black swept by like a whirlwind, the players of the three major forces who had just wantonly ravaged themselves were swept away, the players of the Demon Alliance could not believe what they saw. They rubbed their eyes and saw that the black-clad players were still slaughtering the players of the three major forces, and the members of the Demon Alliance cheered and joined in beating up the underdog. Black alliance sixty thousand mobile forces are almost a touch away, these sixty thousand people with tacit understanding, they seem to be a whole, long-range attack player Dao method to clear the way, nearly twenty thousand people at the same time display Dao method, the effect is very obvious. After a round of Taoism, few enemies can remain. At this time, close combat players can take down all the enemies in front of them in a round of charge, while the remnants of the enemies a little farther away have to be cleaned up by the players of the Demon Alliance and the Arrow Alliance. Six seven to see the black alliance that with the tacit understanding of the team, the eyes can not help but show a look of envy, so tens of thousands of people like a body of cooperation, the demon alliance absolutely can not do. This time the Demon Alliance and the Arrow Alliance, if you add the Xiaoyao family and the Spring Snow, the absolute number is not less than the three major forces plus the Eagle King Alliance. The loss is that these big forces have veterans of a hundred battles, and they are particularly experienced in combat. They cooperate much better than the Demon Alliance. Six seven know this is not urgent,mobile garbage bin, the most important thing is not this, but to gain a firm foothold in the game. After the Black Alliance joined the battle, the situation on the battlefield was reversed in an instant, and the 67 were no longer worried about the battle. In this battle, the Demon Alliance suffered great losses, nearly 20,000 players died,plastic wheelie bins, but it is still within the scope of bearing, as long as these players can be properly compensated, under the cover of victory, the reputation of the Demon Alliance will only be louder, and the cohesion will be stronger. But this has to be based on a foundation, that is, there are seven things to compensate for the many dead players in the alliance, if there is no accident in this battle, there will be a lot of booty, enough to compensate for the loss of the dead players in the alliance. However, this battle is a joint operation of several major forces, of which the Black Alliance is the most powerful, how to distribute the booty, spill plastic pallet ,euro plastic pallet, this problem is a headache. No dog in the world informs the members of the alliance to collect equipment as much as possible, but in such a collective battle, they may be killed at any time when fighting, and there is almost no time to collect equipment when fighting. Most of the booty is usually collected after the war. At that time, 6 seven need to discuss the distribution of booty with the Black Alliance, the Sky Arrow Alliance and the Spring Snow White. The intervention of the Black Alliance caught the three major forces by surprise, and when they saw a large number of players in black armor and black clothes wreaking havoc on the battlefield, the stars and the sweeping army turned livid. They couldn't figure it out at all. Just now, the six brains of the Black Alliance were still working with them to deal with the mad dog. The six brains of the Black Alliance were all dead in the hands of the Demon Alliance. At this time, the Black Alliance joined forces with the Demon Alliance to deal with them, which made them sweep away thousands of troops and stars in the sky. No matter how carefully the stars and the sweeping army are, it is impossible to think that the Black Alliance will unite with the Demon Alliance. They fall into inertial thinking. In their view, if the Demon Alliance and the Black Alliance have already cooperated, there is no need for the six brains of the Black Alliance to participate in the struggle between the top players, and there is no need to die once. Sweeping thousands of troops were the first to regain their composure. He sighed and said, "There are no eternal friends or enemies in this world. We take it for granted too much. The Black Alliance has been keeping a low profile since it entered Myth. Its overall strength is still not as good as ours. Charm wants to weaken our strength. Mad Dog wants to fight for living space. They do have a basis for cooperation." "Since Charm has decided to cooperate with Mad Dog, why does Charm still participate in the plot task of destroying the Demon Alliance with us?" He couldn't help saying. Sweeping thousands of troops shook his head to show that he didn't know. The stars in the sky who had not spoken all the time suddenly said: "I think I understand the idea of Charm. Charm is an arrogant person. He must also want to have a chance to compete with Mad Dog. So although he has a partnership with Mad Dog, he still participated in this top player fight.". Mad Dog has no great weakness, but he is too rational. He thinks everything logically and thinks that others will be as rational as he is. At the beginning, he thought that after cheating me, let my star pavilion get some benefits, let me accept his love, I would be very grateful to him, but that time I was very angry. This time he must have asked Charm not to participate in the plot, but Charm was more arrogant than me and must have refused his request. He sighed and said, "The mad dog really thinks people are too rational. He forgot that everyone has his own temper. Anyway, we lost again this time, and we lost badly.". Star, give the order to break out of the way, or we will be suppressed by the Black Alliance. The stars nodded and gave the order. The players of the three major forces on the battlefield began to retreat. The last one to receive the notice was the Desert Eagle. When the army retreated, it often needed a team to break back. Stars all over the sky, sweeping thousands of troops, although far away will not take the initiative to ask to leave their own people after the break, and the desert eagle has always been unpopular among them, that moment three people formed a tacit understanding, do not inform the desert eagle when retreating. The Desert Eagle was ready to retreat when the people of the Black Alliance intervened, but he didn't want to fall into the trap of retreating before sweeping away thousands of people. In the direction of the sweeping army, the Desert Eagle asked his men to keep a close eye on their movements. After the sweeping army began to retreat, the chilling Desert Eagle gave a cold hum. Each one is not a thing, really sell me as a fool. The Desert Eagle immediately conveyed the order to break through to his men, and he did not try to get his men out of contact with the people of the Black Alliance like sweeping thousands of troops and others,plastic pallet manufacturer, and then twisted into a rope to rush out. Sweeping thousands of troops and others are shrinking to the south of the mountain, while the Desert Eagle directly uses sweeping thousands of troops and others to shrink their forces to resist the sixty thousand people of the Black Alliance who are responsible for mobility for a short time, and all of them break through in the direction of the messenger. cnplasticpallet.com

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