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Description: Seeing Xiuhe looking at himself in puzzlement, it seemed that he didn't know why he had to save this hateful disciple. Xiao Qingxuan's face flashed a look of puzzlement. Then he pinched Xiuhe's fist tightly. His face was full of anger: "I can't spare him so easily.". Find him, and then I'll, I'll kill him myself. She said the last sentence, took a few sharp breaths, then turned her head and said nothing, her eyes were dull, and she did not know where she had fallen. Lin Wanrong dived far away from the surface of the water in one breath, and from time to time sneaked close to the water grass and dived out for a breath. Xiao Qingxuan's cry, he did not hear a word at all. Even if I heard it, I would never go out. Are you kidding? Are you playing like this, and then go out and let you fish? The pain in the chest is better than a while, and the sharp weapon on the shoulder goes deep into the flesh and blood, which is painful. This little girl's skin is really cruel. My good intentions are not rewarded. Lin Wanrong scolded angrily. Lin Wanrong knew that what Xiao Qingxuan finally gave himself was completely subconscious. She must have thought that Lin Wanrong was taking advantage of her again, so she gave him this blow. After all, an arrogant and conceited girl like her, whose ass is more precious than gold, is absolutely untouchable. It turned out that the girl had always left room and held a sharp weapon in her hand. It seemed that she really didn't want to kill herself. Otherwise, the hidden weapon in her wrist alone would kill her at any time. Lin Wanrong felt lucky. But why did she give herself such a blow in the end? Could it be that my last action was too much like a lady-killer, so this chick gave me a hard time? Lin Wanrong muttered in his heart. Think of here,push back racking system, Lin Wanrong in the heart a burst of bitter anger, you this little girl skin, this gifted scholar looks so like a lady-killer? I always thought I had a sense of security. The whole body has been almost numb, Lin Wanrong himself do not know how to climb up the bank, in a hidden grass constantly breathing heavily. A long golden arrow pierced the flesh on his left shoulder. The wound was no longer bleeding. Wherever he saw it, his skin was black. Although Lin Wanrong did not know much about medicine, he could see that it was poisoning. The little girl actually smeared poison on the arrow, and Lin Wanrong was very angry. I don't know if this toxicity will kill me. At this time,radio shuttle racking, more and more boats in the lake, most of them are big men dressed up, they constantly jump into the lake to search for something. Lin Wanrong knew that these must be Xiao Qingxuan sent to find their own people, did not expect this girl so vindictive, early know so, in the lake should not let her go. Baidu search bubble book bar to read the latest and most complete novel/novel t-xt paradise Chapter VIII "Three No Products" (1) Whoo, brothers, you have to vote to read a book, so I can write it vigorously. There are too few votes now. I need votes. Those who vote are small, heh heh. Although Lin Wanrong was a little angry, he did not regret what he had just done. Killing a beautiful woman was obviously not a pleasant thing. If it was "dry" death, he could consider it. Lin Wanrong gave full play to the spirit of a Q, the heart of this Xiao Qingxuan a good YY, comfort their injured soul. But now he was wet all over, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,heavy duty metal racking, his body was burning like fire, and he was seriously injured and poisoned. Even if he wanted to kill her, I'm afraid he only had that heart, not that strength. Fortunately, the landing place was not very far from where Lin Wanrong was now temporarily living, and it was getting dark, so there was no need to worry about anyone discovering his whereabouts. Lin Wanrong looked around and saw that there was nothing unusual, so he gritted his teeth, dodged all the way, and insisted on walking to his residence. Along the way, no one paid attention to him, the girl surnamed Xiao did not seem to search for him in the city, Lin Wanrong was relieved. As soon as he arrived at the door of his home, Lin Wanrong could no longer hold on to his breath. He collapsed on the ground and gasped for breath. An old dark figure walked slowly up to Lin Wanrong and said in a hoarse voice, "You're back." His pupils were empty, as if they had been gouged out, revealing two empty ones, which looked a little horrible. Lin Wanrong had been with him for nearly a month, and he was not so afraid at the beginning. He nodded and said, "Yes, Uncle Wei, I just went out for a walk, but I didn't expect that I almost lost my life." Since he got along with Uncle Wei, he has always been honest with each other. Except, of course, where he really came from, because that's too hard to accept, too hard to imagine. Uncle Wei did not speak either. He crouched down slowly and put his fingers on Lin Wanrong's pulse. He frowned for a moment. Then he took off his wrist and replied, "You've been poisoned. It's chronic soft tendons. Although you won't die, you'll be black and purple all over within two hours. You'll be weak and weak. It will take twelve hours to recover." When Lin Wanrong heard that the poison was not fatal, he heaved a long sigh and said to himself, "Your little girl hasn't done anything yet.". But think about the situation in the water just now, if the poison broke out at that time, wouldn't you die? Think of here, the heart is also some fear. As for the internal and external injuries you have suffered, you only need to recuperate for a few days before you can recover. Uncle Wei went on. Although he could not see, he touched a few times and knew about Lin Wanrong's trauma. Hearing that he could save his life, Lin Wanrong was in a much better mood. Those external injuries were also secondary, and the pain seemed to be reduced a little. Of course, this was most likely a psychological effect. Uncle Wei pressed Lin Wanrong and said, "Bear with me. I'll pull out the arrow from your body." This book is the only one published by Qidian Chinese website. Please go here to support the author. Lin Wanrong was stupefied for a moment and said with a bitter face, "Uncle Wei, isn't there any anesthetic?"? Such a rude way is not suitable for civilized people like us. Uncle Wei was stupefied and asked, "What is an anesthetic?" Unexpectedly, the world's science and technology is still so backward, is it possible that Li Shizhen and Hua Tuo have not appeared yet? It seems that we will suffer a lot. Lin Wanrong is unwilling to ask: "Let my shoulder part temporarily lose consciousness,automated warehouse systems, and then you start to pull out the arrow, so that I will not feel pain." Uncle Wei shook his head and said, "I've never heard of such medicine.". There is a sweat medicine. Would you like to try it? ?

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