The complete novel of Humble Abode

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Description: Haiping will go to her first class tonight. This foreigner is very nice, enthusiastic and patient. Even if he can't express himself, he will try to guess. The two of them gestured by body language all night. When they left, Haiping found that the one-and-a-half-hour class lasted for two hours. Time passed quickly. The temperature in the room was just right, but Haiping was so hot that she was sweating all over. As soon as she went out, she was shocked by the cold wind. Good, at least tonight I learned that there are three ways to say "please say it again" 'Pardon me?'. 'Beg your pardon?', there is also a 'Sorry' with a tone of voice. These three sentences are the most common words in the conversation between the two people tonight, so that at the end of the conversation, the foreigner asked Haiping to write the Chinese Pinyin "Please say it again" in her notes. While Haiping's memory was still fresh, she quickly took out the books in her bag and studied them in the car. There are words in the book, but there is no tone. Now, after listening to the real person, I know something about it. I've spent 10 years learning English, and I feel like I haven't learned anything. Haiping sighed with emotion. Flipping through the books, more than an hour on the road passed quickly. However, the same satisfaction obviously did not happen to foreigners. The old man called Song Siming early the next morning. Song, how are you? Thank you so much! The teacher you recommended came last night. She's very.. Very serious. But can you give me another teacher? Because, because she doesn't understand English at all, I feel very tired. With her, I can only learn sign language. Song Siming laughed and answered in fluent English, "Do you need a teacher who understands English?"? Like me? Then I can assure you that you can't learn any other Chinese except Broken Chinese. My idea is just the opposite of yours. I think if you really want to learn Chinese well, you should put down your posture, move out of your five-star hotel, buy a house in Shanghai or rent a house in Shikumen. Your neighbors are all Chinese,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, and you have no choice but to speak Chinese every day. In this way, you will quickly integrate into Shanghai. How to say in English? The best way to learn to swim is to throw a duck into the water. You can only be said to be floating on the water now. I think this teacher is very good, I am looking forward to seeing you in a while, my old friend, you can already speak Chinese! The foreigner surrendered to the phone with a smiling face: "OK, OK!"! I'll try. I will try to adapt! Putting down the phone, Song Siming pondered for a while and dialed Haizao's cell phone: "Haizao, the foreign friend called specially just now and said that your sister taught me very well. I am very happy. Thank Haiping for her efforts. She helped me solve a big problem." Seaweed was silent for a long time on the other end of the phone and answered softly, "Thank you." As soon as Song Siming heard the voice of seaweed, his heart softened and he couldn't help saying, "Seaweed, I miss you, do you miss me?" Seaweed did not answer at all, 30ml dropper bottle ,oil dropper bottle, and Song Siming felt that he was very reckless and looked very light in front of a little girl. Who knows, after a while, seaweed actually said: "a little bit." Song Siming's heart is flying into the sky. If there is a cartoon at this moment, you will see a few pink hearts dancing happily in midair. Are you free tonight? I want to see you. The other side doesn't speak. Don't say no. Song Siming is a bit of a command. Nope Said the seaweed. Song Siming's tenderness began to freeze. Not today, I will go to see my sister in the evening. Tomorrow! If you're free tomorrow. ?” Okay, I'll pick you up and you wait for me. ” Seaweed put down the phone and immediately called Haiping: "Sister, my friend said, you teach very well, foreigners are very satisfied, praise you are a good teacher!"! You are so great. !” Haiping's voice was filled with excitement and a sense of accomplishment: "Really!"! I think it's very rewarding myself. That old outsider is very good, very patient, I now find time to read English every day, must gnaw down this difficult problem, I do not believe I can not teach! Seaweed sincerely happy: "Sister, come on!" " By the way, seaweed, are there any vacant houses for rent in your area? We were driven out by the landlord. This area is going to be demolished. I'm worried. I don't know where to live next month. "Huh?"? Let me help you ask and keep an eye on it. Do you want to rent a room or a suite? "Obviously one!"! Cheaper is better. It doesn't matter if we don't have any furniture. Anyway, we will move to a new house in a while. "Good." Seaweed, put down the phone. Haizao didn't go to Haiping's house tonight. She lied to Song Siming. She has an appointment with Xiao Bei tonight, and they are going to go shopping. This is a kind of instinct, she can not say why she did not want to mention Beckham's name in front of Song Siming. When Beckham met seaweed, seaweed was absent-minded, and she was not interested in shopping. Beckham asked her, "Why are you unhappy?"? Seaweed said, I want to go back and see if there is a cheap house for rent near us. My sister is going to move. Beckham said, "If she wants to move, don't move to us. How far is it from the unit? It's too inconvenient.". Besides, she still has half a year to live in a new house, which landlord is willing to rent a short guest? Even if you rent it, the price will not be cheap. Seaweed does not give up, said: "Look, we look from the city center to the outside, see a housing agency on the drill, to see if there is no desirable." Running down overnight, seaweed along the intermediary window one by one carefully check, the cheapest is 1000 yuan, did not see a single rental room. Disappointment! Su Chun came to the office with a thick stack of money and handed it to his colleague Xiao Zhao: "Er, sorry, I have raised money here again, so I will return the money to you first." Xiao Zhao smiled and pushed the money over and said, "Su Chun,Serum Bottle With Dropper, aren't you playing with me?"? You said you were in a hurry to use the money, and I ran to get it for you. You just signed the contract and you came back, and you asked me to send it back for you? Do you think I am yuantong Express? It's hard for me to tell others! You have to borrow it for at least a year. ?” ?

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