The Scavenging Life of the Prodigal God

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Description: Jiuxi Mountain was the place where they met for the first time. At that time, the little boy lost his way and the little girl took him out of the mountain. So the little girl kept saying that he picked it up by himself. The little girl put her hands on her hips, learning to raise the goddess's usual fierce appearance, trying to bluff the little boy in front of her, but unfortunately the tender baby face is a lovely look. Undaunted, the little boy grabbed her and said, "You're lying. The other gods outside say that master is my birth parent every day, but every time I ask them what a birth parent is, they never mention it." The little boy was holding the little girl with two hands, but suddenly a gust of wind blew up his sideburns, and one of them ate one of his own hair without noticing. He quickly pulled out a hand, pulled the hair that had been scattered during the chase, and continued, "If I knew my parents, then I should have called Master the Father God. But whenever I mentioned this, Master was very unhappy and confused me." The little girl patted the little boy on the shoulder as if she had not been caught by the hand of an adult. She did not forget to touch the little boy's face and said, "Since so many gods say such things, it must be reasonable. Your master is not happy that you call him father. Naturally, he has his own reasons." I don't know where to hear the words,empty lotion tubes, the little girl continued to encourage: "You don't care about those adults, just remember that you were picked up by me, they often say that life without brains is the happiest." The little boy thought for a moment and said, "You mean a contented person is always happy?" The little girl curled her lips and said, "The meaning is almost the same. Why do you think so much at such a young age?" "Five thousand years old is not young." The little boy was afraid that the little girl would be angry and argued in a low voice. He remembered that the Goddess of Education had said that human beings came of age very early and could not live for a hundred years. Compared with human beings, they had already lived for several lifetimes. He could not say that he was still young. I haven't seen you for a while, but you have learned to argue with me? See what I can do to you. The little girl threw a few fireballs with spiritual power. The fireballs began to look quite powerful, but they went out with a "sniff" before they flew out a few steps. The little boy did not hide. Anyway,custom cosmetic packaging, even if he stood still, it didn't matter according to past experience. The little girl saw that he was not afraid at all and was even more angry: "You actually look down on me, I … …" I The little girl couldn't say anything powerful for a long time. She cried with a cry of "wow". While crying, she sobbed and said, "I'm going to tell your master that you bullied me." Whoo, whoo.. The little boy looked at a loss. He stood still. How could he bully her? The more the little girl cried, the more sad she became. Finally, he sat on the ground and hurried forward to help her up. As a result, the little girl angrily shook off his hand. Seeing her like this, the little boy could only squat down, took out a hairpin with a pink crystal and handed it to her, saying, "Don't you always envy the goddesses for having beautiful hairpins?"? I have nothing to exchange with them, cosmetic tube ,pump tube, can only do it yourself, you don't cry, how can I be willing to bully you. While sobbing, the little girl secretly opened her fingers to look at the hairpin, and did not pick it up, so she continued to sob, but the tears had stopped, leaving only a dry howl. Seeing that the method worked, the little boy made a gesture to put away the hairpin and said with regret, "You refused to accept it because I made it too ugly. Then I will give it to other goddesses and make a better one for you next time." As soon as the little girl heard this, she grabbed the hairpin and said, "Since it's for me, how can I give it to someone else? Just be ugly. I don't mind. But if you want to make a better hairpin for me, then make it for me earlier." The little boy nodded, as long as she did not cry, let alone a hairpin, ten hairpins are no problem. The seventy-first chapter is one after another. Yueqingmei was aware that the scene in her dream was very good. Just as she was about to continue to look down, she was suddenly disturbed by a spiritual force in her dream. The spiritual platform, which had been somewhat chaotic, suddenly Pure Brightness. She slowly felt the noise around her, and felt bitter in her mouth. A pungent and unpleasant smell of medicine was passing through her tongue and flowing into her throat. Finally, she could not help opening her eyes slowly. "Doctor, please stay. My master is awake. Come and have a look!" Seeing Yue Qingmei wake up, Ruyan hurriedly called in the doctor who had gone to the door, and Feng Huai'an followed the doctor into the room. The Imperial Physician exclaimed, "If the girl can wake up so quickly, it should be no big deal. It's just that she has to continue to drink the medicine. When the medicine is finished these days, if there are no other symptoms, there is no need to fill the medicine again." Yue Qingmei thanked the old doctor, and when Ruyan sent the old doctor out, she looked at Feng Huai'an and asked, "Has it been confirmed that the four princes are going to enter the Kingdom of Li?" Feng Huai An saw that the first thing she did when she woke up was to ask this question. She said coldly, "You left the window open in the middle of the night. Are you so worried about this that you vomit blood?" "Answer me first." "No, my father is still thinking about it. The ministers have different opinions. There won't be a result so soon." When Yueqingmei heard him say this, she knew that the effect of the ghost flower had not yet come into play. She didn't ask any more questions. She leaned back lazily and felt a foreign body sensation on the back of her head. Then she remembered that she had used an aloes wood hairpin before she fainted, and that she probably hadn't taken it off yet. You haven't answered the question I asked just now. Feng Huai An really couldn't ignore the fact that she wanted to be married and vomited blood. She also thought that Feng Mingcheng had told him that the conversation between them was not going well. She once again affirmed the idea that Yue Qingmei was because of Feng Yun. Yue Qingmei only said "no", and then did not answer again, such as smoke to send the doctor back to see the strange atmosphere in the room, pick up the medicine just did not finish to prepare to heat up. Feng Huai An stopped her and took the medicine and said, "You don't have to bother so much. Put the medicine down and go out." After waiting for the smoke to go out, he put the medicine aside and sat down in front of Yue Qingmei and said, "Since it's not because of the younger brother of the seven emperors, why on earth did you do this?" Yue Qingmei thought about it carefully. In fact, she didn't know the reason. At that time,aluminium laminated tube, the force was too overbearing. She was caught off guard. Fortunately, the wooden hairpin blocked most of her at that time. Otherwise, I'm afraid it would be a bad luck.

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