True love of the Titanic is eternal by the sky

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Description: It's best not to sink. I felt the low temperature last night. It dropped from a dozen degrees Celsius during the day to one or two degrees Celsius at night. This unnatural temperature change made me unable to really relax. This means that the ship has crossed the confluence of cold and warm currents, from the warm waters of the Gulf Stream into the Labrador Current, which carries icebergs. If the ship does not slow down today, there is a real possibility that history will repeat itself tonight. All right, it's all right if I say it won't sink. Don't stand there blowing cold wind. Carl came to me, put his coat on me, and led me to the room. He held my hand discontentedly and muttered, "Don't forget to put on your clothes. The temperature is very low now. What if you get sick?" To be honest, Carl is becoming more and more like an old maid, or rather, he actually has a talent for nagging. I looked down at the warmth of his grip on my palm, which was surprisingly reassuring, and then I asked him in a low voice, "Will the ship slow down today?" This is just a responsible repeat confirmation, and there is no suspicion of others. I thought Carl would respond to me immediately with great confidence, but for a moment, I found that he was a little stunned, just like the subtle feelings I perceived when I observed other people's expressions and emotions and used them to evolve into my own dance. He was not sure,digital signage screen, and even paid little attention to the matter. Of course, the feeling just flashed by, and he immediately answered me, "Yes, it will slow down. Don't worry, it's not the Olympic." Of course I knew it wasn't the Olympic. I wasn't sure about Carl's pause. I had to return to my own suspicion and tension. After dinner, I strolled to the deck to bask in the sun,face recognition identification, and as I wished, I saw Mr. Andrew passing by with two women and a man. Wearing a long dress, a wide-brimmed hat of the same color, and long white gloves, I looked like a lady of good family, and followed their footsteps with a smile on my face. Several of the first-class guests were kind enough for me to join them, and Andrew, who was in the front, did not immediately spot me, and he naturally began to introduce all the functions of the ship. Whether it's a railing, or a lifeboat, or a backup anchor, he will say something about the equipment on board when he introduces the history of the ship. And the language is humorous and lovely, touch screen digital signage ,thermal imaging camera, not boring. Soon, of course, when he looked back, he saw me standing at the back as his audience. I made a face when people were not paying attention, and choked back the greeting he was going to say. He shook his head with a smile and continued to lead his guests to the bridge without seeing me. The driving center of the whole ship is on the top deck. Today is Sunday. I know there would have been a lifeboat drill training today, but the captain or the upper deck of the White Star replaced it with a more realistic and more pleasing Sunday activity program for passengers. For me, there is no better Christian Sunday program than the lifeboat drill. These lifeboat frames are new and unfamiliar to many crew members. The drill will make it faster to know how to lower the lifeboat in case of a shipwreck without wasting time. Unfortunately, these small details are more important to White Star than pleasing the passengers. I can only pray that the speed of today's ship is slow enough to find the iceberg easily. The captain stood in front of the bell, saying something to the crew. He saw Andrew move his white beard with relief, and then welcomed us with a smile. A waiter had just hurried up and stopped the captain as he walked towards us, and the captain stopped and asked him in a low voice what had happened. I faintly heard the other side saying iceberg warning, almost instantly found that this is a good opportunity to ask, adjust the facial paralysis expression on his face, tone with some curious innocence, even if asked something wrong, will only get harmless evaluation of the kind of well-intentioned forgiveness, because I have no malice, "When we meet icebergs, will we slow down?"? Captain Smith. Andrew didn't respond to my voice at first, because I made my voice very childish. I hope that with this unguarded tone, the captain will be better able to say the true answer unguarded. And the captain lived up to expectations and reflexively responded to my question without looking back. "Of course not. Don't worry. Icebergs are common this season. The ship has begun to speed up. It's safe." "Speed up.." I stood on the outside and repeated his words in disbelief. Andrew finally realized that there was something wrong with the captain's answer. He told me yesterday that the ship would slow down, but now the captain's answer clearly exposed his lie. Don't you slow down? I asked again in surprise and wonder. Slow down? Why slow down? The captain came over. He seemed to think I was too nervous. He smiled gently and said, "It doesn't matter. There are icebergs, but it's very common. Don't worry.". The last four boilers on the ship have been started. You should have confidence in our technology. Carl said the ship would slow down, and Andrew said it would slow down, but the captain said the ship was speeding up.. I stared earnestly at the expression on the captain's face, unable to resist a harmless smile, and kept confirming, "The ship will speed up, and it seems that we will reach our destination soon." The captain replied confidently, "If all goes well, we'll be there on the evening of the sixteenth." Is there anyone who knows the speed of the ship better than the captain? He said that the 16th was the 16th, and my smile slowly collapsed, and I said to the unknown captain, "Congratulations, your ship will be in the headlines, I promise." With that, I turned around and walked out of the cab. The bright sunshine stung my eyes. I couldn't help blinking my eyes and blinking out the saline. I took a deep breath and tried to tell myself not to panic. I haven't reached the final moment yet. The ship has not slowed down and there is still a chance to stop. Don't worry, I still have time. The pace finally could not bear to speed up, and the anger of gnashing teeth came out from the chest. Carl Hockley, you wait for me. I opened the door of the room vigorously and saw Carl in a light three-piece suit saying to a footman,facial recognition thermometer, "Take those ugly paintings down and put them back in the box, and tell Ruth to pack up her things and I'll give them all to her.." Emily. When Carl saw me come in, he gave me a happy smile.

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