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Description: "You don't have to argue, I said go alone is go alone!"! It's no use saying more! The Black Tower did not give Dapeng a chance to refuse directly. Forget it, you don't have to argue, you three go together! The voice of the green scales suddenly came, and the three beasts were stunned at the same time. They looked at the green scales, and their eyes flashed with surprise. We're all going. What about here? The black tower always knew that the green scales never said much, but every time he spoke, there was a certain reason, so he asked in puzzlement. Ha ha, there is nothing to do here, not to mention that human monks dare not come, even if he comes, there will be no return! Green scales shake the huge body, eyes burst out a touch of confident light, then between the eyes walk, in the guard in the periphery of a dry monster body swept. Uh? Three beasts still did not understand the meaning of green scales, with the eyes of green scales in tens of thousands of monsters after a circle, a face of confusion. The green scales saw the expression of the three beasts, a faint joy, the scarlet core stretched out its huge mouth, # # # a few times, and finally the eyes narrowed slightly, crossed a cold light, and whispered. If he dares to come, I will let him taste the taste of being bombarded by tens of thousands of monsters, even if he repairs to heaven, it is impossible to go back alive in front of tens of thousands of demons! The voice of the green scales was still soft and moving, but it sounded like a thunderbolt in the ears of several animals, and the body was shaken to pieces. Chen Feng on the ground was so frightened that his liver and gallbladder were cracked and his tongue was shocked. I drop an immortal board, people say that the most poisonous woman's heart, today Lao Tzu is learned,portable gold wash plant, this mother worm is really ruthless enough, unexpectedly in order to kill Hong Zhan at the expense of tens of thousands of Jiedan period monster, collective self-explosion, if this Hong Zhan really came, I am afraid this square circle thousands of miles, nothing can live, but she is not afraid to hurt Megatron evolved in the valley? Chen Feng grew up with his mouth secretly shocked, while praying for pity, do not let Hong Zhan that old immortal run here, otherwise he will have to accompany him to ashes. But After listening to the words of the green scales, the black tower seemed to hesitate,mineral flotation, but before the black tower could speak out his doubts, the green scales had already opened their mouths and laughed. Don't but, back to the big demon domain, with the power of the three of you together, will be able to kill the human monks, and my side is the same, only this way, can guarantee that the demon emperor can be born safely, in no worries, can you only devote yourself to the demon emperor, but I can't? Green scales mouth exposed four sharp fangs, in the air flashing cold light, the black tower looked at the green scales for a while, nodded heavily, then turned around and murmured'go 'into a black light, flying towards the distance. At the same time, the ROC and the white roaring demon baby looked at each other for a while, turned their heads and nodded to the green scales, and controlled the rainbow one after another, breaking through the air, leaving only two faint shadows in the air. The three demons are all the late cultivation of the demon baby, the speed of nature is extremely fast, coltan ore processing ,magnetic separator machine, but in the blink of an eye, they disappeared in the vast sky, leaving only some dazed green scales in the air. After the three demons left, the green scales gazed into the distance for a long time, and then slowly shook their thick bodies and turned to look into the valley. Hey! I hope Lord Demon Emperor can quickly break out of the chrysalis and lead us to the Demon Emperor Forest Heavy Demon and return to the past scenery! A faint sigh came from Qinglin's mouth, followed by a deathlike silence. Qinglin stood quietly in the air, his eyes changing back and forth, apparently recalling the past. Chen Feng honestly squatted in the green grass, bored in the heart, has been more than three days, like a dead man squatting in place, dare not have the slightest action, when is this kind of day the head ah. Thinking of this, Chen Feng not only showed a wry smile, but also scolded Megatron in his heart. Time seems to be eternal in general, static, in addition to the way from time to time will fly to some Jiedan period, demon baby period monster, it seems that there is no change. In this way, the twinkling of an eye is already the seventeenth day of noon, this day in the valley, the thunder suddenly weakened a lot, all over the sky five colors of brilliance also gradually dispersed, there is a faint image of mutation success. Seeing this scene, the green scale face, which has been struggling in the air, is full of joy, like a blooming flower, brilliant and unusual. But at this time, the distant sky suddenly a red light across the sky, crazy toward this side, along with the figure appeared, there is a domineering voice: "Evil animals, do not want to die all go away to me, save the old man to kill.." Volume I Chapter 64 The First Mighty Man in the Western Regions (Seeking Flowers) Chapter 64 The First Mighty Man in the Western Regions (for flowers) The voice was like thunder, the sound shook the sky, the red figure, like a God coming down to earth, with incomparable pressure, roaring, tens of thousands of monsters turned to look at the red shadow, eyes flashed the color of horror. Chen Feng suddenly raised his head, the whole body is cold, should come or come, as expected is Hong Zhan that old immortal. On the same day, Hong Zhan forced two demon babies to explode themselves. The power of the explosion was greatly reduced and the wounded escaped. In order not to be discovered by other monsters, Hong Zhan carefully avoided all the way and cleared all traces, which was the only way to survive. He knew that with his own cultivation at this time, if he was stopped by several monster babies in the later period, he was afraid that his life would be in danger. In desperation, Hong Zhan could only rely on superhuman soul perception to avoid all kinds of monsters and return all the way to the demon cultivation domain. Back to the demon repair domain, Hong Zhan found a secret place, wanted to restore repair, and then entered the big demon domain to find the tomb of the demon emperor, but after a few days of seclusion, the shrewd Hong Zhan immediately found that the atmosphere of the demon repair domain was different from the past. In order to find out what happened, Hong Zhan went out carefully and wandered in the dense forest. Finally, at midnight the next day, he heard the news that made him angry. In a nameless valley in the demon cultivation domain, there was a monster mutation. This beast was very likely to be the ancient demon emperor who fell in that year. Hearing the news, Hong Zhan felt dizzy. If others were not clear about the prestige of the demon emperor, then he was very clear about it, because the fall of the demon emperor was the masterpiece of his ancestors, Emperor Yan and several other emperors. Think of this, Hong Zhan anger at the same time also secretly determined, in any case must just reincarnate the demon emperor obliterated in the bud, if let the demon emperor restore the original repair,sodium cyanide price, then the whole Hong family and even the whole Zhongzhou, will inevitably be under the power of the demon emperor, ashes. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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