War 1938 (World War II through the strong push of the SC)

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Description: Qin Tian stopped lying this time and said bluntly, "I haven't eaten yet, but I'll go back and lie down after you finish eating. I bought something to eat in the old house, so I won't drink porridge. You're sick, and you're not afraid to infect me." Mother Qin had nothing to say. She finished eating obediently. Then she said worriedly, "You can go back later and have a look at our house.." "I know, I know. I have a plan. Don't worry, I'll be back soon." After dinner, let Qin mother continue to lie down to rest, Qin Tian took his coat, and walked around the ward area on the second floor for a while, where nurses, adjutants, soldiers, busy feeding medicine and injections to see the wound to eat, still can not see Augustine. Qin Tian had no choice but to run out of the hospital. She took the subway to the old house to get bread and milk. It was cold and the milk was still drinkable. She gobbled up half of it at once. Then she burped out the door with the rest of the food and rushed to the martial law area. The intersection has no roadblock, it seems that martial law has ended, Qin Tian a burst of joy, non-stop rushed to the blessing building,x60 line pipe, but was shocked by the scene in front of him. Inside the lucky building, the tables and chairs were messy, the broken plates were all over the floor, and it looked like a typhoon passing through. Qin's father and Kang's uncle were tidying up with dustpans and brooms. When they saw Qin Tian, they didn't say anything. Dad, what's going on?! Qin Tian walked in, the ground is rubbish, even the place to stay is hard to find. She even saw shell casings in the debris! Dad,347 stainless steel, are you hurt? Why are there still shell casings? Ah! And blood?! "Bad luck, Ah Tian." Father Qin sighed, "a few French spies hid around here yesterday morning. The German army went door to door to search. They hid in our shop. They failed to persuade us to surrender. Pity my shop.." "Are you, are you hurt?!" Qin Tian touched Qin's father up and down. It's all right. When I arrived, the people in our shop had already been caught, but I heard that there were still a few people hiding elsewhere nearby. They tossed about all afternoon and lifted the ban in the middle of the night last night. Qin's father swept the broken pieces of wood and porcelain into the dustpan and felt heartache. "This kind of thing can't be compensated. Several families in this large area have suffered. I heard that a dozen spies have been caught. I'm lucky. The owner of the bakery you often pass by was hit by a stray bullet and went there on the spot. There's no place to cry.." Where's your grandmother? Qin Tian listens acerbity unceasingly, answer: "Ah Ma worries about you, old house does not have stove again, fell ill." "Huh?" Qin's broom fell down. "Where is she now? Is she all right?!" "I met a friend and sent him to the hospital. Now he's almost well. I don't have any money. Come back and have a look." "Oh, didn't come, you drag first, probably in the evening I and your uncle Kang arranged, your grandmother will not worry too much." Is it really almost ready? "Really, uns s32750 sheet ,x70 line pipe, it's not a serious illness. Just have an injection and take some medicine." I really want to thank your friend. You don't like to take money when you go out. Now you owe someone. How much money do you need from others? "I haven't asked yet." Qin Tian Jiong, how much does it cost to see a doctor? Give it to me first. "My father and mother are in good health, and I haven't been to see them. I don't know. Why don't you take your wallet first? It's still a little bit." If she was in good health, she would get sick in a hurry. What kind of health? Qin Tian took the wallet and opened it. It was only a few dozen francs, but it was too much. She put the wallet away and picked up the broom. What are you doing? Qin's father asked. Help you clean up. Qin Tian a face of course, "will not you two old man here slowly, I am such a strong laborer you want to drive out?" "Strong Labor?"? Hum, charming little girl. You can go upstairs. The second and third floors belong to you. When you're ready, you can go and take care of your grandmother. Don't worry about anything else. "You know I'm a babe and you assign me two floors!" Qin Tian this does not claim to be a strong laborer, while screaming while fart bump fart bump upstairs, a look at the second floor, although the tables and chairs are in a mess, but no big change, "Dad!"? There's nothing to do on the second floor. "Gunfight on the first floor is enough, the second floor and the third floor are German soldiers worried about not finishing the search again, move the tables and chairs back to their seats, anyway, upstairs is not open.". ” "Oh." Qin Tian shrinks back, feels wrong again, shout loudly, "that our home!" "It was done last night." “……” It seems that it has been searched. Do you want to be so meticulous! Qin Tian is full of complaints about the second floor and the third floor, compared to the second floor, the third floor box area is more tragic, several locked box doors are kicked open, not to mention the broken lock, the door also needs to be changed. This is a big loss. It took more than two hours to get it done. Qin Tian went downstairs to wash up and brought a towel and other things to Qin's mother. Qin's father came over, carrying a blue cloth package in his hand. Inside was a big food box. In the other hand, there was also a blue cloth package wrapped in an enamel pot. He handed over the two packages: "Can you carry them?" "Food?" "Well, there's dinner for you two in the food box. There's enough food to eat freely. There's chicken soup in the pot. It's been cooked for more than two hours. It's tasty enough." "How can you finish such a pot?" "Then eat slowly and don't bring it back anyway." "All right.." Dad, take your time and don't be tired. "Ha!" Qin's father laughed and said, "The little girl knows how to feel distressed. It's all right. Your father and Uncle Kang haven't suffered a lot. It's nothing." The author has something to say: Misfortunes never come singly = = Ow! This is the chapter of August 5th. My grandmother came to my house, the elderly mobility inconvenience, have to wait on the front and back, a summer vacation is all-weather strong labor. 65. Dreams When Qin Tian returned to the hospital, he passed by the second floor and couldn't help looking at it, but still couldn't find it. She felt quite aggrieved, even if she did not intend to take care of the whole day, how people do not tell her where, she did not say it does not mean that she is not worried. The heart is hanging and there is no place to say, uncomfortable ah! Back to the ward, evasive said, look at the time is almost the same, such as the nurse gave Qin Mu an injection, two people eat,uns s31803 sheet, but the sick meal is also delivered. Qin Tian helped Qin's mother eat the meal. She took the sick man's meal and the soup pot and went out. Qin's mother shouted, "Ah Tian, don't you eat? Why are you going out?" ? lksteelpipe.com

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