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Description: But Jane Bai said, "What is this?"? I think it's meaningful, and I didn't ask you to do it. Jiang Haiyuan is young and impulsive, saying immediately: "Does this kind of thing still have meaning?"? What's the point of suffering here? What's the point of you, a young lady, being exposed to the sun and rain all day long? Jane's angry face changed a little. Hardship? What kind of pain is that? You, Jiang Haiyuan, can't even bear this hardship? Xu Chengan's family is so well off, but he has been rooted here for half a year without saying a word of tiredness. She thought so, and naturally she said so. Jiang Haiyuan looked at her and suddenly sneered: "No wonder you ran so far here, because Xu Chengan was here." At first, Tang Fei told him that the relationship between Xu Chengan and Jane Bai was a little ambiguous, but he didn't believe it. He thought it was just a rumor. Today, he was credible. The relationship between them was absolutely unusual. Jane was so angry that she could not speak. She didn't want to talk to him at all. She felt that this man was simply unreasonable. The two men did not say a word that day. Jiang Haiyuan returned to Beijing early the next morning. In fact, think about it, this may be the beginning of the gap, the accumulation of distrust bit by bit. After the investigation, Jane Bai went home. During the whole summer vacation,Concealed Flush Valve, Jiang Haiyuan never contacted her again. According to her high school classmates, Jiang Haiyuan went abroad to play. It was Xu Chengan who called frequently. During the trip to Lvliang, Jane Bai changed her view of Xu Chengan and gradually began to understand him. He came from such a prominent family, but he was not infected with the dandy habits of many senior cadres, and they gradually began to become friends. It is also at this time, Jane Bai thought, Xu Chengan said that the first side they met was Xu Chengan's worst side,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, probably true. At least for now, he is a friend who can be made deeply. For many things, Xu Chengan can often point out the key to the matter and put forward constructive suggestions. Gradually, it became common to chat on the phone every two or three days. At this time, Jane Bai's family is still very smooth. Jian Shuda has just received a large sum of money from the state, and many people come to look for Director Jian every day. Jane's mother was very happy to tell Jane Bai that she could buy another house for Jane Bai in Beijing. Jane was taken aback, and there was a faint uneasiness in her heart. It just wasn't long before school started again. The beginning of the new semester is very busy, for a long time Jane Bai did not see Jiang Haiyuan and Tang Fei. But her classmates told her that they often saw Tang Fei looking for Jiang Haiyuan, and they ate and played ball together. Jane Bai didn't say anything, but she was a little angry. Jiang Haiyuan's head, can't he bow his head first? The two men continued to have a cold war. Until October, Xu Chengan came back. The next day when Xu Chengan returned to Beijing, he asked Jane Bai to come out for dinner. Jane Bai looked at Xu Chengan's tanned face and said, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Prison toilet for sale, "Is your half-year exercise period over?"? Where to go next? Xu Chengan smiled and said, "Go to work in the Ministry." In fact, he did a good job in Luliang this time, and this time he went directly to the Ministry and became the director. Because it is in the key departments, it is much smoother than many people who stayed in Beijing at the beginning. Even his father was very appreciative of him. He keeps a low profile, but he doesn't want to play up these things in front of Jane. He ordered: "The shrimp in this restaurant is very good. Try it." Jane Bai smiled and said, "Actually, I don't like to peel shrimps. I think it's troublesome." "Then I'll peel it for you." Xu Chengan is handy. Jane Bai is also not polite, while eating while saying: "Then you stay in Beijing this time?" Xu Chengan looks in a good mood: "It should be like this." Then he asked, "Jane Bai, is your father's name Jane Shuda?" "Exactly.". What's the matter? Jane asked strangely. Nothing. Xu Chengan said. After a pause, he added, "Your father just got a lot of money." He looked at Jane White Doubtful Eyes: "It's nothing, now the face of the funds check is very strict, pay attention to the point on the line." In fact, what he knows is that many people are eyeing this fat meat. But these officialdom matters, he is not a department after all, also cannot say anything. I just want to remind you that Mr. Jian Shuda is also a wise man. Xu Chengan changed the topic and began to talk about his interesting things when he was studying abroad. By the time we parted, Xu Chengan said, "I'm in Beijing. Will I often come to see you? Welcome?" Chien Bai got on his bicycle and said, "OK, as long as I have time, I will accompany you." He really began to come to her often, almost every week. When she came, she didn't say anything else, so she took her everywhere to play. Had a great time. There are almost all the interesting places in Beijing, big and small. Time soon arrived in December, this day Xu Chengan sent her back to the school car, told her that next Sunday his birthday, please Jane Bai to attend the birthday party. Jane Bai readily agreed. It was the appointed time. Jane walked into the warm private room and took off her plaid scarf. She looked around, but Xu Chengan was the only one. "Where are your other friends?" She said? Why don't you come? Xu Chengan gracefully helped her take off her coat and hung it up, saying, "They all have something to do, so today only you can help me celebrate my birthday." Then he looked at her with deep eyes. "Where is my birthday present?"? It's time for me. Jane laughed and took out a small box from her bag and handed it to Xu Chengan. Xu Chengan opened it and saw that it was a very beautiful tie clip. He fiddled with the tie clip in his hand and smiled, "Xiao Bai, you have to wear it for me anyway." With a reddish complexion, Jane laughed and scolded, "Xu Shao, you already have a tie clip on your tie. Do you want to be an upstart?" Xu Chengan took an angry look at his tie and threw it aside: "I should have made some plans in advance." The two men were talking and laughing with great interest. A little cake had been brought up, with twenty-six candles on it. With a smile, Xu Chengan said, "You have to sing a birthday song for me." Jane smiled and began to sing in a low voice. Her voice is not high-pitched,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, but there is a different kind of sexy in it, with a little magnetic, touching. cnkexin.com

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