Wolf God (Yue Guan)

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Description: Qin Ruoqing turned around with a red face and tidied up on the table. A bottle of magic potion fell to the ground and smashed. A purple fire burst into flames. The smoke choked her and she coughed repeatedly. She used to be very strong, rarely have the opportunity to see her in front of their own so embarrassed, if the original Qing Qing, now this look should be very moving, right? As fate would have it, as far as this is concerned. Chu Wenlou is absent kungfu, Qin Ruoqing singing magic last coda raised high woke him up, Chu Wenlou startled to see Qin Ruoqing's fingers congealed in the air, a string of light blue light flashed from his fingertips, like ripples rippling, from small to large into a light blue circle of light. He looked up, and the pale blue watery halo fell on his head in circles and disappeared into the air. What is this idiot doing? Chu Wenlou thought in surprise. Who are you calling an idiot? Qin Ruoqing said angrily. "Do you know what I'm thinking?" Chu Wenlou's two wolf eyes stared round and round. Qin Ruoqing also reacted and cheered: "I succeeded!"! It was just a ripple of the soul, and now I can communicate with you! Chu Wenlou also jumped up excitedly, but he turned around twice on the ground and said, "It's too unfair. You know what I think, but I won't understand until you say it." Do you have to choose? Qin Ruoqing said triumphantly, "If you think I am willing to use this magic, the magic of the caster will be reduced by one level. Since this magic was invented, I am the first user.". All right,whirlpool bathtub, let's not talk about it. What do you want to see me about? "Of course," Chu Wenlou sat down. "Now, we have a chance to go to the Duchy of Norman. I just found out that the duchy of Butanni is trying to start a war against this kingdom, and the king here sent the prince to the duchy of Norman for help. I think you can find a reason to travel, visit friends or ask to go with the prince. Qin Ruoqing thought for a moment and said, "a palace magician asked to leave the palace to travel around the world. This reason doesn't work. As for visiting friends, the king knows that this magician has no relatives or friends in the Duchy of Norman.". And How can you leave with me? You are Princess Leia's familiar. If I go with Prince Martin,China spa factory, you can't become invisible, can you? Chu Wenlou was startled. He lowered his head and pondered for a moment. His fiery eyes suddenly brightened. He raised his head and asked Qin Ruoqing, "What are Princess Liya's interests and hobbies?"? Maybe we can start with her. The castle is built on the cliff facing the sea. Under the high stone wall, there are waves beating against the reef. The sky is blue and blue. There are countless seagulls flying and singing in the sky. The little Princess Leah was lying on the ancient battlements, holding her chin and looking out to sea. On the shore was a three-masted galleon, full of canvas like white clouds in the sky. Blonde hair was blown up by the sea breeze, the tip of the nose, beautiful lips, soft clothes were blown against the chest, the slight bulge is also very obvious. Physically speaking, she is already a slim and graceful girl. "Your Highness, we are leaving," said Gong Jin, a maid. Oh, jacuzzi suppliers ,hot tub wholesale, has Helen arrived yet? Asked Leah, turning her head. Her Highness Helen will be here shortly. Chu Wenlou wanted to take advantage of Prince Martin's visit to the Duchy of Norman to leave with the mission, which was not difficult for Qin Ruoqing, because she was a magician. But Chu Wenlou's identity is different, he is Princess Leia's familiar, he wants to grandly go to the temple of Daji, which is not too famous, only let Princess Leia go with him. So Chu Wenlou instructed Qin Ruoqing to ask His Majesty the King to go to the Duchy of Norman with the prince, and then intentionally or unintentionally revealed to her female disciple Leah that in the place where the Daji Temple was located, there was a spring of youth with magical effect. As long as she drank it on the spot, for women, the old could become young and the ugly could become beautiful. He remembered that little Princess Leah had complained that her breasts were not as attractive as those of her sister, Princess Helen, which showed that women's attention to appearance was unusually strong, whether or not they were otherworldly, no matter what her status was. So, since in their own world, women can go under the knife in order to be more perfect, it should not be too difficult for an active little princess to go to the mysterious fountain of youth. In fact, not only was Princess Leia moved, but she was excited to tell her sister. Princess Helen's beauty at this time is like a ripe peach, is the most attractive time, so also more worried about the passing of time, the news made her more moved, so Chu Wenlou's goal was achieved, but it was not the little princess Leah who proposed to the king to visit the Duchy of Norman, but Helen. Fortunately, this time Prince Martin's visit to the Duchy of Norman did not inform the other country in advance, and his actual intentions were kept secret, so His Majesty King Priehel thought about it and agreed, but asked them to set out first on the grounds of going to the southern villa to relax, and then turn halfway to the harbor to join Prince Martin. Leah arrived at the harbor first, but Princess Helen was far behind. There were so many of her followers that the noble knights saw her off warmly and reluctantly. If Princess Helen hadn't refused, they would have been sent all the way to the southern villa. All right, then let's get on the boat. "Princess Leia jumped down the stone steps, looked around, and said strangely," Where is my familiar? Diana, do you see the blue lightning? The waitress leaned over and said, "Blue Lightning is with Sorcerer Andy. They're down in the harbor.". Leah shrugged and said, "My familiar is probably the weirdest blue wolf on the continent. He signed a magic contract in my name, but he always likes to be with my teacher." This is not strange, your Highness,american hot tub, after all, your teacher used magic to summon it, "Di Aina accompanied her as she walked down the hill.". monalisa.com

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