Zombie Avenue

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Description: The flame was getting smaller and smaller, and Wang Tian's struggle was getting weaker and weaker. The flame had changed from exuberant at the beginning to firefly. Wang Tian had changed from struggling desperately at the beginning to wriggling slightly. The movement of his hands and feet looked more like the wriggling of a conditioned reaction, dull, dull, and without a trace of life. Finally, the faint green flame completely penetrated into Wang Tian's body, and there was no trace of flame outside the body surface, not even a remnant star. Moreover, Wang Tian's body surface was not damaged at all, and his clothes were still intact, leaving no trace of being burned by the fire. The face is still ruddy, without a trace of dirt, but at this time the expression has been dull. How is it possible that Wang Tian's whole body has been roasted by the faint green flame, and now there is no damage at all?! The disciples off the court looked at Wang Tian's situation and immediately exclaimed, their faces were full of disbelief, they could not believe their eyes, the body surface of the people who had been burned by the flame could not even be damaged at all. That's not necessarily true. Look at Wang Tian's expression. Said a sharp-eyed disciple. Dull? No, that's not sluggish, that's?? That is ??? How so How can a normal person have such an expression? Is this still Wang Tian, the hero of the inner door?! The disciples who followed the sound, looking at Wang Tian's expression at this time, were even more shocked. Their hearts were like turning over rivers and seas, setting off huge waves. They could hardly believe that Wang Tian, who used to be majestic and breathless,5 person hot tub, would have such an expression! Ling Fan shook his head and said with a sigh, "Wang Tian, this is the best home for you. In fact, this is also very good. At least there will be no trouble and no hatred." Then his head turned and his eyes looked sharply at Zhang Lei in the distance. Zhang Lei seemed to feel Ling Fan's eyes. He shrank his head with some fear. Now he really saw Ling Fan's power. He and Ling Fan were not at the same level at all. Ling Fan was absolutely able to defeat him in one move! Ling Fan kicked his feet and jumped toward Zhang Lei. But when Ling Fan approached Zhang Lei, a big fellow suddenly crossed in front of Zhang Lei, and then his hind legs, waving a sledgehammer in his hand, smashed Ling Fan. Ling Fan immediately displayed his magic, twisted his body,endless pool factory, and dodged the hammer of the big fellow with a strange gait. Hum, I didn't expect to have a master to protect, but this is not enough?? "Ling Fan smiled coldly, suddenly speed up, toward the big fellow horizontal leg sweep.". The big fellow picked up the sledgehammer in his hand and stood in front of him, blocking Ling Fan's leg, but he himself was forced back a few steps by the strength coming from Ling Fan's leg. Ling Fan's movements did not stop, the figure of a strange flash, the next moment is appeared in front of the big fellow, Ling Fan is not in a hurry to attack, in the eyes of the big fellow doubts under a slight smile, big fellow Zhang two monks confused, he did not know why Ling Fan would smile at him in this case. But before he could figure it out, Ling Fan opened the corners of his mouth slightly, and his gentle voice came out slowly: "Silence!" Then in the eyes of the big fellow, as Ling Fan's voice fell, whirlpool hot tub spa ,endless swim pool, the space in front of him suddenly distorted, like a whirlpool, the center of the distortion slowly emerged a fingerprint. After all, the big fellow is a master, immediately reacted to come over, instantly raised the sledgehammer in his hand, with all his strength toward the distorted space hit down. Hey, your target is wrong. Looking at the big fellow under the sledgehammer, Ling Fan did not have the slightest look of nervousness, but also showed a faint smile, a face relaxed and comfortable. The big fellow was stunned at first, and then seemed to feel something suddenly, but this time it was too late. See in the sky of the big fellow, calm as water space suddenly swing a layer of waves, and then a fingerprint from the center of the wave slowly out, then fingerprint suddenly force, in an instant in the eyes of the big fellow shocked directly on his body. Boom! The ground exploded like a mushroom cloud, raising thick smoke and dust, so that people could not see the situation inside. When the smoke and dust slowly drifted away, people were able to see clearly that the big fellow, who had just had extraordinary momentum, was already dying on the ground, and the blood dyed the black ground unusually red. Ling Fan no longer fell to the ground, but turned to look at Zhang Lei, Zhang Lei touched Ling Fan's sharp eyes, a shiver all over, like a conditional reaction to step back a few steps. The next can be you?? "Ling Fan did not manage the expression of Zhang Lei, marching slowly toward Zhang Lei.". On the other side, Zhang Shaobai also found the danger of Zhang Lei, hurriedly turned over and jumped, quickly swept toward Ling Fan. But how far he jumped, a white figure was in front of him: "Zhang Shaobai, don't forget that your opponent is me." "Feng Xuan, do you insist on making an enemy of me today?!" Zhang Shaobai said angrily. I don't mind. Feng Xuan spread out his hands and said with an indifferent smile, "Zhang Shaobai, don't think too highly of yourself. You can enter the top ten by yourself. Do you still have the ability to let your waste brother enter the top ten?"? You think too much of yourself. "Well, since you want to fight sincerely, I'll see which one of us is better today!" Zhang Shaobai laughed angrily, then took the lead in launching an offensive, and the two men fought together again. Don't look at it. No matter how you look at your brother, he can't save you. Looking at Zhang Lei looking at the other side from time to time, Ling Fan laughed. Ling Fan, don't come over. If you move me, my brother will never let you go. Zhang Lei looked fearfully at Ling Fan, who was getting closer and closer to him. Here, this is not the stage of the weak?? "Ling Fan shook his head and sighed, and then the figure suddenly flashed, instantly appeared in front of Zhang Lei, followed by a sudden kick to Zhang Lei's lower abdomen." Bang! Zhang Lei's body was immediately like a kite with a broken line, flying backwards and shooting tens of meters, and finally falling under the stone platform feebly. Seeing that Zhang Lei had fallen under the stone platform, Ling Fan no longer cared about him. He turned his head and took a look at Ruoxue in the distance. He found that Ruoxue, who was fighting with his opponent,best whirlpool tub, did not show a laborious expression. His heart relaxed a little. Then his body turned and his eyes looked indifferently at Zhang Shaobai, who was fighting with Fengxuan: "Next, it's you!" [Chapter 121 Farewell]. monalisa.com

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