Bright Moon Heart

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Description: "Well, shall I give you food and shelter for free?"? I stay in that big house, in fact, is very lonely, you do not refuse ah! He looked up at the sky, to take her hand: "Do not say these, the time is not early, go, see me off!" " "I'm not going!" She turned away in a fit of pique. He did not come to pull her, standing in the same place: "You ignore me, I can really go ah!" " She still did not move: "If you want to go, go, cut the crap!" " "Zifei, I will miss you." His voice seemed to drift away. Murong Xiang stood quietly for a long time and felt that he was not right. Hey, did he really leave? Turn around, in the woods, empty, where there is his figure! It was not until she heard the clank of the horse's hooves, one after another, galloping into the distance, that she realized that he was really gone. Leng Junyi, you damn. She sobbed and burst into tears for a moment. The twenty-eighth chapter is a broken mirror Murong Xiang returned to Qingping Villa, did not find the wind royal court, asked Uncle Yue, but said that the childe went out that night, never came back, I do not know where he went. She thought he couldn't see,inflatable amusement park, and she was worried, but then she thought of what he had done, and she was a little angry. She hardened her heart and left him alone. Anyway, he was a big man and would take care of himself. Besides, she was not his exclusive nanny. Why did she care so much? If you want to manage, you should also let Shuilinger take care of it, after all, the relationship between people is different. Ha ha, she stroked her face with a wry smile, in the final analysis,large inflatable water slide, she had a grudge against their past love affair! Just as she was in a trance, the little green outside the door called in a low voice, "Young master, Miss Linger is here. Would you like to say that you have gone out?" Shui Linger? Speak of the devil! She also knew her gender, so it was okay to come in. Besides, as soon as she returned to Qingping Villa, she was afraid that the wind royal court would take things too hard, so she accompanied him all the time, but she didn't have time to talk to her. In fact, there were still some questions in her heart to ask face to face. Ask her to come in! Murong Xiang's body did not move, still leaning on the couch. Hearing the sound of someone coming in, she said lazily, "Sister, come in and sit down quickly. Why did you come to see me today?" "My cousin has been busy outside for the last few days and hasn't even come back at night. I'm bored, so I came to see you!" Smiling, Shuilinger entered the door and saw the beautiful girl with loose clothes and long hair hanging down her shoulders. Rao was prepared and surprised. Murong Xiang, who had not seen her for a few days, became more delicate and moving. After a while, she did not know how beautiful she was! Thinking, inflatable bounce house with slide ,Inflatable outdoor park, the tone can not help but some sour: "Sister, you go out for several days, what do you do?"? Didn't your brother Ting come back with you? Murong Xiang said grumpily, "What else can I do? He was looking for wine everywhere. When he got drunk, he fell down. We played our own games. I don't know where he went later." It was a half-truth, but he did not dare to mention that he had kissed her by mistake. "Well, why don't you keep an eye on him? What if something happens?" When Shuilinger heard this, he walked around the room anxiously. "Uncle Yue is the same. Why don't you look around? North Jincheng is so big. Can you still lose a person?" "I'm too busy to take care of myself. How can I take care of him?" Murong Xiang pointed to his red chest and complained, "I haven't been back for a few days. This cloth belt has almost strangled me. If I don't come back to the village, I'll just hope to die earlier." Shuilinger stopped and looked at her bare breasts. She was angry and amused. "I'm not ashamed to be dressed like this. Fortunately, it's in the house and no one sees it. If it doesn't get out, how can anyone dare to want you in the future?" Murong Xiang saw him dressed in a lake-colored silk dress, with a few wisps of gauze hanging from his waist. As he walked and stopped, he was like rippling waves. He was very moving. He had a woman's bun on his head and a phoenix hairpin slanted on his head. He thought he had dressed up deliberately. His makeup was light and bright, and his eyes and teeth were bright. Compared with the young girl's appearance in the village, I had a bit of mature and charming charm. "Sister Linger, you are so beautiful," she said! Originally, getting married can also make people beautiful! Shuilinger listened to the first half of the sentence, very happy, and then listen back, but his face is sinking down: "This marriage, you know I am not happy, but also make fun of me to do what!" Murong Xiang looked at her and asked in a low voice, "Why, is Lord Feng not good to you?" Is not the night of the bridal chamber did not see her fall red, the heart of resentment ah? Shuilinger paused, caught a glimpse of her concerned eyes, some forced smile: "No, my cousin is very good to me..." Be that as it may, he looked very lonely. Murong Xiang wanted to ask again about the night of the bridal chamber, how did she prevaricate? Now see her this lost appearance, afraid to mention this meaningless affair, make her touched by the scene, and add a sad, but where dare to ask! Had to guess in the heart, may be just the arrival of the moon, pretending to fall red, that Feng Cantang love in her, will only gently comfort, also no longer suspicious of it. The two of them were silent, each thinking about something else. After a while, it was Shuilinger who sat down on the edge of the bed and took her by the hand. First of all, she opened her mouth and said with a straight face, "Sister, I want to talk to you about Brother Ting. Listen to me carefully. Don't refuse.." Murong Xiang was very clever. In just a few words, he could already hear her intention of entrusting her. He immediately said, "Sister, don't say anything. I treat him like a brother and have nothing else. Please rest assured." Shui Linger opened her lips for a long time before she said decisively, "Sister, I already have a husband. I have lost the posture of a willow. My fate with my brother Ting is over. I have nothing to do with him any more.". Brother Ting has a sad life experience and an eye disease. I hope you will take good care of him in the future. Don't let him be sad again. I wish you.. Speaking of the hurt, for a moment, tears splashed down, which made people pity. Murong Xiang said hurriedly, "Sister, don't say that. Your brother is not the lover in my mind. I, Murong Xiang, swear that there will be no intersection with Feng Yuting in this life. If there is any violation, I will be bitten by a snake when I go out and be bitten by a snake when I walk.." Just as he was about to say it again,Inflatable indoor park, he was covered up by Shuilinger. He sighed in a low voice, "Well, what kind of oath is it? Can't my sister believe you?" ?

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