God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

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Description: The continuous vortex of dozens of Qi movements emerged and appeared horizontally around the Great Devouring Spirit Map, interweaving the vast and majestic power of the Great Heaven and Earth. With a sniff, the Great Devouring Spirit Map, which was formed by the condensation of dozens of Devouring Spirit Maps, was directly torn apart. In an instant, in this killing array, all the dense spirits of resentment disappeared, and the turbulent evil spirit also disappeared together. His eyes were deep and cold, and the light of his eyes moved again. In this big killing array, the dense lines of the array were annihilated in an instant. This, this is really. In the distance, the old Taoist priest could not help shivering, and was shocked by Lin Tian's fighting power at this time. Go against the sky! Go against the sky! The old hoodlum is speechless. Dozens of devouring spirit maps were broken in an instant, and dozens of seventy-two winged strong people joined forces to spend months engraving the big killing array in this place, which was also destroyed in an instant, and all this was just a sweep of Lin Tian's eyes. Destiny eye, controlling the luck of heaven and earth, transcending order, with enough cultivation to support, is simply. yuan Huang's eyes are full of fine awn. On the huge remnant star in the distance, the divine key and the man in Tsing Yi were also shocked. At this time, his eyes rarely moved away from the body without clothes, fell on Lin Tian, fell on Lin Tian's fate eyes, and his eyes were all flashing. Dad, your eyes are so handsome! Ruoxian shouted. Only no clothes is very quiet, with thousands of snow playing the song of reincarnation,tube lip gloss, the long sound of the flute floating in the whole sea of magic stars. These flute sounds, in coordination with the reincarnation forging magic, resonate with each other, making the holy awn outside Lin Tian's body turbulent. You Forty-one strong men with seventy-two wings looked at Lin Tian, all stained with blood, and could not help retreating, shocked and angry. At the same time, these people can not help but look at the distance without clothes, all eyes are showing the color of regret. How did this happen?! Dozens of them, early in the morning from the God key and Tsing Yi man there to get two people's blood,polyfoil tube, with two people's original blood as the medium, to build a strong detention array, and then no clothes forced detention here, thinking of Lin Tian and no clothes family all here to suppress, but never thought, they forced detention over no clothes, strength completely beyond their imagination, completely beyond their expectations. All of them work together, but they can't even get close to no clothes. At this moment, Lin Tian's fighting power suddenly soared to an unimaginable height, and they all thought that it was related to the sound of the flute played by no clothes at this time. Damn, damn, damn! The men clenched their hands. Originally, Lin Tian's previous fighting power has been weakening, if no one interferes, they can absolutely suppress Lin Tian, however, they will be forced to detain here without clothes at that time, directly changed the war situation, plastic packaging tube ,plastic packing tube, the fighting power has begun to weaken Lin Tian, suddenly become strong again, and strong to a point that they are frightened, now once again firmly suppressed them. Even the killing array and dozens of devouring spiritual maps here were easily destroyed. Keng! The sound of the sword clanks, shaking the sea of stars. Lin Tian's eyes were indifferent. After destroying dozens of devouring pictures and the big killing array here, he moved again. The colorful sword in his hand was drawn out at will. In an instant, a large area of sharp sword was cut down toward dozens of people. The sword was much sharper than before, and in a twinkling of an eye it came to the front of forty-one strong men with seventy-two wings. Forty-one people trembled together, and at the moment they tried their best to support the defense of the chain of order. However, it is useless at all. Five hundred times the battle force superimposed, this random sword, will be dozens of people to support the order of God chain all cut to pieces. After that, the trend of the sword did not decrease, and it continued to fall, smashing all the forty-one people. However, after all, these people are the strongest level in the universe. Although their bodies are broken, their spirits are not annihilated under this sword. They quickly retreat with their spirits wrapped in pieces of flesh and blood. In a twinkling of an eye, they are re-condensed into bodies. With a whoosh, someone rushed directly to the God Key and the man in Tsing Yi. They arrived in a twinkling of an eye. With one hand, they quickly made a seal, which made the God Array that trapped the God Key and the man in Tsing Yi suddenly vibrate, emitting a very frightening breath of destruction. They stared at Lin Tian: "Samsara body, captured without a fight!"! Otherwise, we will end them immediately. "Hum!" Void shaking, directly interrupted the man's words, Lin Tian eyes swept, cold and cold, instantly behind the man opened a gas crack, the diameter of about Zhang Xu, straight into the man involved. Nope Frightening screams came from inside, and the next moment, the big crack of luck disappeared without a trace. At the same time, Lin Tian took only one step and appeared on the remnant star. His eyes moved slightly, and the power of Qi was interwoven, which made the divine pattern array trapped outside the body of the divine key and the man in Tsing Yi disintegrate in an instant. It's all right. He said to the divine key and the man in Tsing Yi. Now, his destiny is wide open, five hundred times the power of battle is superimposed, and it is easy to break through this divine array. Thank you, thank you, Lin Tian! The two men's faces were full of gratitude, and then their eyes moved to look at the place where they had no clothes. After looking at the past, their eyes were somewhat evasive. Lin Tian knew that they felt ashamed of Wu Yi, so he didn't dare to face up to Wu Yi. "It's all right," he said. "She won't blame.." "Boom!" Suddenly, the sea of magic stars shook so much that his words were interrupted. Liuli Emperor Furnace, now! Forty-one seventy-two winged strong people did not know when to get together, each with a surge of anger in their eyes, at this moment with the same seal, instantly opened a huge space crack. Among them, the holy light surged, and then a treasure furnace appeared. Inside, the immortal fire surged, nine feet high. As soon as it appeared, it emitted a horrible breath, which seemed to burn all things in the world. Chapter 2253 the most powerful ancestor. Seeing the glass treasure stove, Lin Tian's eyes crossed a touch of fine awn, this treasure stove, extraordinary, very extraordinary. The divine key changed color even more: "The treasure of the town clan!" She used to be the strongest member of the guardian clan of Heaven,plastic laminated tube, and she naturally recognized this glass furnace. She is the treasure of the guardian clan of Heaven, and has been worshipped in the holy mountain of the clan. She needs at least thirty top members with seventy-two wings in the clan to urge her to move, and she has a very terrible power. emptycosmetictubes.com

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