Wolf God (Yue Guan)

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Description: He finished and plucked a golden pheasant feather from his head. As soon as he rubbed it in his hand, a blue flame burned in the palm of his hand, and as soon as the wizard raised it, the sparks of the fire drifted out, and in the sound of his almost sleep-inducing incantation, the bodies of the fallen soldiers staggered to their feet in a pool of blood. Their eyes were dull, their faces were expressionless, their swords were deep to the hilt, and some of them still had arrows in their eyes, but they stood up after all. They picked up their swords and guns and attacked the enemy. Although they were very slow, the wizard immediately cursed the assassins with slowness. The assassin's speed also slowed down. Nearly a hundred warriors escorted the seven princes, nine princesses and the wizard to the side of the ridge. The wizard raised his sword. After a long string of incantations, a group of flames appeared in the air. It turned into the head of a fire dragon. Roaring into the forest diagonally ahead, where there are still a few magicians hidden, as long as the forest is ignited. There's no place for them. The fire dragon roared, and three wind dragons rushed out of the forest immediately, blowing the fire dragon away, and the flames rolled back. The flames rose on the battlefield for a while, and a large group of fighting undead and assassins were involved. The assassins complained, but the undead did not care, even if the fire,cosmetic plastic tube, still clumsily and resolutely continue to besiege the enemy. The dozens of green-scaled monsters played a role at this time. They form a circle on the periphery, looking at each other from end to end. Ordinary crossbows can't penetrate their thick scales at all, and the fire is shielded by them. They are like a living battle fortress. It's very difficult to break through their protective circle and enter the inside line calmly. Cross the river! Occupying the peak on that side, the assassin will not stay long, and the army of the Tagore Empire will come as soon as they get the news! The seven princes raised their machetes and roared. The barbarian soldiers fought and walked, protecting him from the tight encirclement and moving to the right side of the mountain. As soon as they got on the bridge, a tornado roared out of the forest and rolled up the river under the bridge, setting off huge waves and crashing into the soldiers on the bridge. Hey! It's just right! The seven princes,metal cosmetic tubes, the nine princesses, and the great wizards, who had turned pale with fright, heard the sound and looked up. The huge waves rose and rolled over their heads. But at that moment, they saw two objects with bright and soft white light arc across the sky and stop over their heads. The next moment, the huge waves hit down, although they tried to stand firm, but the strength of the huge waves hit the sky is too big, they were rushed to the right side of the bridge. When the huge wave rolled up to the right side of the bridge, it was blocked by an air wall. With a bang, the huge wave seemed to hit the rocks, surging up a large group of spray, and then broke on the bridge deck. Most of the magic used by the wizard needs various props and drugs to assist, at this time the whole body is wet, plastic laminted tube ,eye cream packing tube, many magic can not be used, he can not help but be surprised and angry. The two milky white luminaries in the air were gone. On the bridge were four handsome men and beautiful women. A blue-haired man and a white-haired girl stood in front of them, smiling at them. The other two blond men and women, each holding a sword, jumped into the jungle like an enclave. Adjutant Jedisaker of the Tagore Imperial City Defense Force has been ordered to protect the envoys of the Sauron Empire, the Seven Princes and the Nine Princesses. If I'm not mistaken, it's you two. Which one is the Seven Princes and the Nine Princesses of the Sauron Empire? Jed said to the drowned chickens with a smile. Clack! Lightning continued to strike, and the sky became gloomy. The sky was covered with dark clouds, and thunder rolled in the clouds. Lightning struck down one by one, bombarding the two men and women with swords. They jumped and dodged, swinging gently, gracefully and nimbly. Lightning always missed their bodies by one step. At the same time, they brandished their swords at Diaoling and were about to rush into the jungle. What a great skill! The seven princes, who had always been arrogant, saw this kind of superior skill, and their arrogance did not stop. "It's not the way to treat guests when we are on a diplomatic mission to your country. I hope the Queen of your country can give us a reasonable explanation!" Camilla, the nine princesses, saw that her party was now in a mess and intended to save face. She adjusted her clothes and came forward to question sullenly. Camilla was a head taller than Jed, but she was trim and slender. Can not see the slightest taste of a simple and crude, her appearance is very sweet, and a little more heroic spirit, plus that slender and handsome figure. There is a different kind of charm, although it is questioned, it looks aggressive, but it is difficult to make people feel disgusted. I think the queen will give you a satisfactory answer to this question. Please cross the bridge at once. They will retreat if their attack fails. We will contact the governor of Narnia to send a large army to escort you to the capital. At this time. Picasso and Celeste were already in the jungle, and once they were in close combat, the magicians were useless. From time to time, there was a terrible sound in the forest. More than five hundred masked assassins, who had lost the cover of the magician, were in turn encircled by officers and soldiers, the barbarian warriors of the Sauron Empire, and the resurrection of dead bodies. Jed led the nine princes and others to the foot of the mountain, where steep inclined cliffs were used as a barrier, even if they were besieged, they would not be attacked from both sides. The seven princes, who had always been arrogant, had not spoken since Jed and others appeared, not because he was frightened by the cold water in the river, but because he saw the little fox girl. As the seven princes of the Sauron Empire. Since he was thirteen years old, he has transformed from a boy into a man under the guidance of a mature and beautiful court teacher. His women have grown exponentially and countless. He also has a special hobby of collecting beauties of all races: orc beauties, fox women, cat women and snake women. It can be found everywhere in the house work he raised. He had never been so fascinated as he was today, and he was completely fascinated by Lolita, the little fox girl. Lolita is a fox beauty, but because she has stayed in human society for a long time, her temperament and expression are different from ordinary fox girls, which alone makes her superior to other beautiful fox girls. What's more,pump tube, she has already comprehended the natural instinct of the fox clan'seduce the soul eye 'and'daughter fragrance', even if it is not deliberately displayed, she can't help showing some charm of ecstasy. emptycosmetictubes.com

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